Three Kings, One Girl, One Decision

A Walk in the Forest

When I wake up the next morning, I'm still tired and want to go to sleep. Sadly, that's not what Gabe has in mind.

"Hellooo little sister~" he says in a singsong voice. I groan and put my head under a pillow. I hear his muffled laughter through the pillow. At least it's Gabe and not Gabriel, I think.

"Come on, Cici. We're going for a walk," he says and rips the covers off of my body. I groan again and curl into a ball. He then picks me up and carries me to the bathroom. Once inside he sets me down, hands me some clothes, and leaves.

"Shower and get ready," he says. "I'll be waiting in the living room~" I sigh and quickly get in the shower, knowing I can't just refuse him or else Gabriel will come back. I shudder at the thought. Once done in the shower, I get out and dry off. I put on the shorts and t-shirt he gave me and put my hair up into a ponytail. I leave the bathroom and walk to my room, grab my tennis shoes and sketchpad, and head to the living room. Gabe is waiting for me on the couch. When he sees me he gets up and heads out the door, me following close behind.

"Where are we going walking?" I ask.

"Through the forest," he says, which lightens my mood a bit. I love the forest probably as much as I love the beach. We make out way to the woods, which is a little ways down from our house. We walk in silence, not wanting to ruin the peace and quiet of the morning. When we get to the edge of the forest, Gabe gets a phone call. He has a quick conversation and then hangs up. He looks to me, somewhat sad.

"Sorry Cici, that was my boss. I just got called in because Riley is sick. Looks like I won't be walking with you," he says sadly.

"That's okay, I understand. Maybe another time," I say. "But, I think I'm going to do a little walking on my own. If that's alright."

"Yeah, go ahead," he says as he begins to walk away. "See ya later."

"Bye," I say, and then begin my trek into the forest. It's nice here, that's why I like it so much. Sometimes I come here and draw because it's peaceful and I'm able to concentrate. As I walk through the woods, I listen to the birds and sounds of other animals. As I listen I hear something else. It sounds like...humming? I listen closer. Yep, it's definitely humming. But I don't know of any animal that hums. So that means someone else is out here. I listen and follow the sound.

After walking for a couple minutes, I come to a small clearing. There's a large rock in the middle of the clearing. On top of the rock sits a boy. He's not facing me but I can still see a strange characteristic about him. His hair. He has green hair which is darker on the bottom and lighter on the top, where his hair is fashioned into a single spike. I watch him curiously as he hums. For some reason, I get the feeling that I shouldn't mess with him and begin to leave the clearing silently. Until I step on a stick and it cracks. Damn, I curse myself silently. I look back to see the boy's reaction, but he's gone. I quickly try to escape the clearing, but turn back to find the boy in front of me.

I gasp and stumble backwards, falling on my butt. I look up at the boy, who is simply looking at me curiously. After staring at me for a bit, he offers me his hand. I cautiously take it and he pulls me up without effort.

"S-Sorry for intruding," I say, stuttering. "I'll be g-going now." I begin to walk away quickly, but he stops me by grabbing my hand. I look back at him, blushing a deep red. He drags me over to the rock and sits me down. He let's go of my hand and sits on the ground in front of me crisscross style, elbows on his knees and hands holding his head. I sit there, blushing like crazy, not sure what to do. Finally I decide to speak, trying hard not to stutter.

"Is there a reason you're keeping me here?" I ask quietly.

"I'm bored," he says matter-of-factly. I look at him in confusion and shock. Bored? So because he's bored he's keeping me here against my will?

"I don't see why my brothers are interested in you. You seem normal enough," he says observantly. I simply stare at him in confusion as he continues to speak. "I suppose you must have something in common with them or something. I'm guessing you love the ocean and enjoy staying in the shadows?" he asks me. I nod slowly.

"Can I go?" I ask, starting to get slightly annoyed. He shakes his head. "Well, can I at least walk around while you try to suppress your boredom?" He thinks for a moment.

"I suppose."

I get up and walk out of the clearing, making my way deeper into the forest. He follows my silently, trying to figure me out I suppose. I try as best as I can to ignore him as I walk around the trees. I listen to the sound of the forest again, this time there is no humming. As I listen I hear a wrapper crinkling. I turn around and see the boy unwrapping a lollipop. He shoves the wrapper in his pocket and pops the lollipop into his mouth. I roll my eyes and continue to walk, him following close behind.

After walking for quite some time listening to nature (and the sound of the boy unwrapping several more lollipops), I reach my destination. I look up at the ancient tree towering over me. Close by there a basket tied with a rope, and I set my sketchpad inside. Then I walk back to the trunk of the tree, and begin to climb.

"What are you doing?" I hear the boy ask.

"What does it look like I'm doing? Deep-sea fishing?" I say sarcastically and continue to climb. Once I get to a specific branch, I grab the rope looped around the branch, and pull up the basket with my sketchpad in it. I take the sketchpad out of the basket and set the basket next to me on the branch. I get the pencil I keep in my pocket out, open my sketchpad, and begin to draw. I draw a dark, shadowy cave with a boy standing near the entrance. I continue to draw until I notice that something breathing on my neck. I slowly turn my head around and see the green haired boy standing on a branch slightly lower than the one I'm on.

"W-When did you get up here?!" I yell in surprise. "Better yet, how did you get up here?!"

"I jumped," he says, staring at my drawing. I look back at the drawing and realize who I've been drawing.

"Hey that's-"

"My brother," he interrupts me.

"Huh? You're one of Kage's 'annoying ass brothers'?" I ask in surprise. I then mutter, "I see what he meant by annoying."

"How do you know Kage?" he asks.

"Um, I met him last night at a party. He had to leave when he got a call about one of his brothers getting into trouble."

"So that's why he was irritated when he had to come back," he says with a smirk. "He wanted to stay and talk with you."

"Huh? But we just met."

Before he says anything else, he snatches my sketchpad and jumps to a branch above me. He flips through the pages, a look of interest growing on his face as he looks through the sketchpad.

"Hey! Give that back!" I yell angrily. Even though I hang most of my pictures up, there are a few in there that I prefer not to show people. He's smirking now, which is kind of creeping me out.

"I see why they're interested in you now," he says. "You're different than other people. You have demon sight."


He jumps down and turns to one of my drawings.

"Do you know what this is?" he asks. I shake my head.

"No, I just saw it out here in the forest one day and drew it."

"This is a hobgoblin," he says. "A demon."

He then turns to another page, a drawing of a little green man made of flowers. I had seen a lot of those in the forest, but I didn't know what they were.

"These are greenmen, also demons." He licks his lips while he looks at my reaction.

"Demons?" I ask in disbelief.

"Yes, you can see demons. You are quite interesting Miss Evans," he says with a possessive look that resembled how a child looks at his toys. I didn't like that look.

"Well, um, I must be going now," I say and snatch my sketchpad back from him. I put it in the basket and lower it down. Then I walk down the branch to the trunk, and slowly begin to climb. When I get to the bottom, I turn around and he's there. He pins me to the trunk of the tree and smirks. His face gets closer to mine until his nose is touching mine.

"I think I am now interested in you, Cecilia," he says seductively.

"Oh gosh, well, that's great, but, um, I really need to le-" I'm stopped when he presses his lips onto mine. I feel the deep blush on my face and struggle to get away, but he's too strong. When he pulls away, he looks deep into my eyes and I look back into his. They're a deep green, about the same color as the dark part of his hair.

"I will see you again, Cecilia," he says. "I can promise you that."

With that, he lets me go and strolls away, humming again. I stand there shocked, unable to move. He just kissed me. I don't even know him and he just kissed me. I quickly walk over the basket, grab my sketchpad, and run through the forest towards my home.

"What the hell just happened?!" I scream as I run.

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