Three Kings, One Girl, One Decision

A Weekend Without The Brothers? Nope!

It's been a week since the boys joined Pismo Beach High. They seem okay most of the time, but they never stop being annoying. They're always trying to walk with me or talk to me. Amaimon is always trying to kiss me in front of everyone, which is totally embarrassing. It's worse when his brothers are around to see it. They look like they're about to outright kill him. Kage is probably the most normal of the three. At least, that's what I thought until I saw him watching me. Everywhere. It seems as if every shadow I look at, he's there. It's kinda creepy...okay it's a lot creepy. Egyn is polite and all, but he can get annoying. He's always smirking and looks so smug all the time. That smirk is always there. It's like his politeness is just a cover up for what he's really like. When he isn't smirking, he's scowling at his brothers. He really doesn't like them. He especially dislikes them when they're around me. Overall, they are all just annoying as hell and I wish they would leave me alone.

Luckily, it's Friday. Which means the weekend is right around the corner. A weekend without that bothersome bunch of brothers, I think to myself with a grin. I look at the clock that is hanging over the band room door. 2:30, ten minutes until I'm free of school and of those obnoxious boys. I play my sax happily at the thought, overpowering the rest of the section. They all look at me in confusion and I just continue to play my sax, toning it down a bit so as not to overpower again. Amaimon plays along next to me on his tenor sax. He's actually pretty good, to my surprise. All three of the boys are good actually. Egyn has got a trumpet solo in one song and it gives me chills every time. Kage is fantastic on snare and never misses a beat. Their musical skills are one of the few good qualities about them.

"Alright," says Mr. Grant as we end the song. "The game tonight has been canceled due to the storm that's on the way. So since I won't be seeing you tonight, I wish you a happy weekend. Get lots of rest, it's supposed to be nice on Monday so we will be marching. Pack up!"

The class cheers at the first half of the news and groans when we find out we're marching on Monday. Sometimes I don't understand people in our band. They joined marching band, and yet hate when we have to march. I shake my head as I begin to take my alto sax apart to put it in the case. I couldn't care less when we march or not. I am happy that we don't have a game though, it means less time with them. When I'm done packing up my sax I take it to the storage room and put it in its cubby. Walking back into the classroom, I grab my stuff and head to the door to wait until the bell rings. I look at the clock. Five minutes. Five minutes and I'm free. I scan around me, checking to see if any one of the boys is near me. I don't see them and sigh in relief.

But, to my displeasure, I sighed too soon.

"Hey Cici," says Amaimon as he walks up and kisses me for what seems like the millionth time.

I push him back and scowl. "What did I tell you about doing that?" I say, looking around to see if anyone saw. Luckily, no one was looking our way.

"You said not to do it," he says bluntly. I nod at him and am about to speak when he beats me to it. "That doesn't mean I'm going to stop though," he finishes with a smirk. He then kisses me again, earning a glance from some of the other students. He laughs as my face turns red from embarrassment.

"I'm serious! You need to stop doing that!" I quietly yell at him.

"Why? You know you like it."

I blush even darker at his accusation as he smirks at me. I open my mouth, ready to tell him off, but he speaks first.

"So," he begins, looking a bit nervous, "I was wondering if you had any plans this weekend?"

I look at him in confusion but shake my head no.

"Well, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out or something..." he finishes, looking down with a light blush on his cheeks. I look at him in surprise. I'd never seen this Amaimon before. He looked so cute and shy, it was hard to believe it was even him. He looks back at my face, clearly nervous. This is going to be fun, I think evilly. I give him a small smile and he smiles back in hope.

"Hell no."

"What? Why?" he asks, his face getting redder with embarrassment.

"Because, you're annoying as hell and won't stop kissing me in public," I state simply.

"Oh please! I'll stop bothering you so much!"


"...I'll...I'll stop kissing you..." he finishes sadly. I laugh and almost don't hear him whisper, " public..."

I sigh. This is going to be the best I can get. At least he won't kiss me public at least. A small smile tugs at the corners of my lips.



"I said 'Fine'. I'll go out with you."

He grins widely and embraces me in a strong hug.

"Dying," I choke out as I struggle to breathe.

"Oh sorry," he says and lets me go with a small smile. I smile back at him and then notice our surroundings.

"Oh, it looks like the bell rang," I say as Kage and Egyn walk over.

"Yeah, it rang a couple minutes ago. Where have you been?" teases Kage.

I blush. "I've been here the whole time of course."

They look at me in curiosity and then look to Amaimon. "What did you do?" they ask simultaneously.

"Nothing," he says as he winks at me. "I'll pick you up later today," he finishes as he walks away. Egyn and Kage watch him as he leaves the band room, not seeming to hear the last part. Once he's gone they both look at me.

"What did he do?" they ask again.

"Nothing," I say with a blush.

"Did he kiss you again?" asks Kage.

"Well yeah b-"

"I'll kill him," he says as he darts after the green haired boy. I look to Egyn, waiting for him to get angry also. Besides a slight scowl, he shows no reaction.

"Cici," he says, "I was wondering if you would accompany me to dinner this weekend?"

I look at the ground and shuffle my feet. "I can't."

"Why not?" he asks, not giving in.

"I already have a date..."

"...with who?"

" see..."

"Just tell me already," he says irritably.

"...mon," I mumble.



"Spit it out Cici!"

I sigh. "Amaimon."

He looks at me in confusion, and then I watch as realization creeps onto his face.

"Amaimon? You're going out with Amaimon?" he asks with a blank stare.

I nod slowly, slightly afraid of his reaction.

"I need to go now," he says suddenly and begins to walk away.

"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know yet," he says. "But it isn't going to be pretty."

"No! Please don't!" I yell at him.

He turns on his heel and looks at me, anger showing on every aspect of his handsome face.

I sigh. "I'll go out with you," I say, knowing it's the only way to save Amaimon.

Egyn's face softens and he walks back to me. "Really?" he asks.

"Yes really. But it'll have to be on a different night than my date with Amaimon."

"When is that?"


"Then how about tomorrow night?"

"I guess that's alright," I say. He smiles and hugs me softly, unlike Amaimon's bone-crushing embrace.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow around seven," he says as he leaves the band room to catch up with his brothers.

I stand there for a minute and stare at the door, thinking about what I just did. I sigh and leave the band room, heading to my locker. The hallways are almost empty by now since the bell rang a whole ten minutes ago. As I round the corner to the hallway my locker is in, I collide with someone else and fall to the ground.

"Owww," I groan.

"Oh, sorry Cici," says the person I ran into. A hand is offered to me and I gladly take it. I look to see who the owner of the hand is. Not really surprised by who it is.

"Oh, hey Kage. It's no big deal," I say as I begin to gather the things I dropped on the floor. He leans over and helps me pick up the many papers that fell out of my folder. Once everything is cleaned up, we stand and face each other.

"So why are you still here?" he asks.

"Oh, I got caught up with something."

"I see. Mind if I walk with you to your locker?"

"If you want," I say blandly. He nods and we make our way down the hallway to my locker. I put in my combination and begin to exchange my things for other things I need to take home.

"So, Cici. I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me this weekend?"

"I would b-" I cut myself off when I look at his face. His face is red and is eyes are big with hope, he kinda looks like a puppy. He looks like he might actually cry if I reject him. Dammit, I can't say no to him. He's too sensitive.

I sigh. "Yeah, sure. Pick me up on's the only free day I have left," I say and then mutter under my breath.

He smiles brightly and nods in excitement. "Okay!" he says and begins to leave. "Bye! See you on Sunday!"

I finish up at my locker at begin to head outside. While walking to my car, I get hit by realization.

I have three dates this weekend.

With the three most annoying boys I have ever met.

What have I done!?

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