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Is It Love or Weakness


17 year old Damian Wayne and 14 year old Jon Kent have a crush on each other. Once they get together they have to fight a series of challenges and there is one question that is yet to be answered. Is love a weakness or is it a strength.

Romance / Action
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Today is probably one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen. The sun was out and the grass was an amazing shade of green. The grass actually made me think of Damian and his piercing gaze. His eyes were probably one of the best things I have ever seen. That’s not to say his eyes are the best thing about him I mean if you have ever seen his lips you would agree with me. Every time I see them it takes all of my will power not kiss him. But, I know if I did it would ruin everything I would lose my best friend, and my partner. So I just have to live with the fact that I am so hideous that he could never love me. I tried to stop it but the tears just started flowing to the point where I couldn’t see. Suddenly someone wrapped their arms around me and held me. “Jon what’s wrong?” Lois asked even though she already knew.

“I am so hideous that’s what’s wrong.” I said still crying my eyes out.

“Oh Jon you’re not ugly at all, you’re my handsome son.” She said trying to make him feel better

“Then why can’t I get the one person who I want?” I started crying even more.

“And who would that be?” She asked

“Mom first I need to tell you something.” I said

“What is it Jon?” She asked with a concerned tone.

“I am gay.” I admitted scared to death that she would hate me.

“I already knew and I accept you Jon.” She said hugging him tighter

“Thank you mom.” I said

“So who is he?” She replied

“It’s Damian but I know someone who is as hot as him could never love me.” I answered

“You want to bet?” She said smiling as if she knew something I didn’t.


It was a warm day in Gotham that surprisingly wasn’t gloomy. The bat family were all out and about or just relaxing at home except Damian. Damian was in Batcave training to get his mind off his crush Jonathan Kent. He took a quick break and instantly all his thoughts were about Jon. How beautiful his eyes are, how cute his smile is, and how he could smile in the darkest of times. I am an assassin I am not supposed to have feelings, especially not of this nature. I am so disgusted he is only 14, and I am a 17 year old.

“What’s on your mind Dami?” Asked Dick who was standing in the doorway.

“Nothing just taking a break.” I said with a straight face.

“Nice story now tell me the truth.” He said

“I just did!” I said in a raised voice

“No you didn’t I am not dumb Dami.” He replied “Yes you are.” I said and turned away from him.

“Tell me the truth is it about Jon?” He asked

“N-No why would you ever think that!” I yelled defensively

“Are you two dating?” He asked

“I wish.” I said under my breath and somehow he heard

“Dude just ask him out he clearly has a crush on you.” Dick informed me

“Ha bullshit I am a hideous freak.” I replied

“No you’re not. Damian you’re an amazing person.” He said

“Tt just let me get back to training.” I said annoyed.

“Mind if I join?” He asked with a smirk

“I guess not you seem to need it.” I said with a devilish smirk. We trained and sparred for an hour until I decided to take a shower because Jon was coming over soon. The shower in the manor is amazing the water is just the right temperature. Unfortunately I am left with only my thoughts which are mainly about Jon. Halfway through my shower there was a noise that interrupted the silence.

“Dami Jon is here.” Dick yelled and I only had time to dry myself and tie a towel around my waist.


I knocked on the door of the manor and the door opened. The person who was standing there was Dick which was kinda weird cause usually Alfred gets the door. “Hey Jon do you want me to tell Damian you’re here?” He asked

“Yes please.” I said smiling.

“Ok come in and I will get him.” He said and disappeared as I stepped inside and closed the door. In a few minutes Dick reappeared but this time he had Damian with him. Damian was wearing nothing but a towel and I could see his six-pack. I turned away blushing.

“D-Dami can you get some clothes on p-please.” I said stuttering

“See I told you Damian just look at him.” Dick said and I looked at the two.

“S-shut up Dick!” Damian said and elbowed Dick in the side. I am not sure but I thought I could see a hint of a blush on his tanned face.

“You know it’s true.” Dick said smirking

“Whatever. Jon just wait here while I get dressed.” He said and disappeared up the stairs.

“Hey Jon you know you can put your bag down.” Dick said.

“No I need it.” I said

“Why?” Dick asked.

“I have a gift for Damian.” I said

“Aww that’s cute Jon.” He said smirking and within a few minutes Damian had returned, and we went to his room. I don’t understand how his room is so clean when mine is such a mess. I mean most teenagers rooms are messy right?

“Jon you could’ve left your backpack down stairs.” He informed me.

“Actually I have a gift for you in here.” I said and pulled out a sketchbook and the best art supplies I could find then handed it to him. This is it, this is the day I ask him out. On the first pace of the sketchbook I wrote Damian do you want to be my boyfriend?

“Aww thanks Jon” he said and hugged me. Damian actually hugged me the one man who I have ever loved. This must have been a dream.

“D-Damian open the sketchbook.” I said blushing and he did. As soon as he started reading the message his face went blank. Oh, god what have I done I ruined it all.

“Wait really?” Damian asked with a hopeful tone.

“Yes I know I am hideous but I love you so much it’s driving me crazy.” I admitted

“Of course I will be your boyfriend and Jon you’re not hideous you’re the hottest guy J know.” He said and put his hand to my cheek and our faces got closer when there was a knock. “Come in” he said after slightly moving away.

“Master Damian and Jon your presence is required immediately in the batcave.” Alfred said.

“Thank you pennyworth.” Damian said and the two of us walked down to the dark depths of the Batcave. It was weird because the whole bat family except Batman were in the batcave. ” What’s going on and where is father?” Damian asked.

“He had a business meeting.” Dick said.

“Ok but why did you need all of us here?” Damian asked.

“Because the joker escaped, and we have quite a few leads to where he is.” Dick informed us.

“Ok just tell me where we need to go.” Damian ordered and dick showed us on a map of Gotham. So we the Super Sons went to kick some ass!


“Haha they actually fell for that this might just work.” I said laughing

“So much for master detective.” Tim said rolling his eyes

“Yeah but the little shit is going to be so pissed.” Jason added.

“Not if he is too in love to care.” Stephanie teased.

“Everyone shut up and let’s see how this unfolds.” Barbara said as the Super Sons entered the abandoned warehouse. Little did they know that Damian and Jon are not only best friends but also boyfriends.

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