Flames of Blue and Green

Memory Loss


Brie stares at me, her face a mixture of doubt and shock. She stares at me like I'm crazy for a full minute before speaking.


I point at her. "You. Are. An." I put my hands into prayer position. "Angel."

"What the Hell do you mean I'm an angel?" she snaps.

"What do you mean what do I mean? I mean you're an angel!" I shout, growing more frustrated by the second. "When did you become so thick-headed?"

"Sorry, but things have been a bit hard to understand lately, ya know with being somehow transported to Hell and all!" she yells back.

I sigh and lean back in the chair. "This is getting us nowhere."

"I'm not an angel, and I'm not from Heaven," she says. "I'm a human being from America."

"Oh yeah?" I ask. "Tell me about your life back in America, then."

She glares at me. "Fine, I will."

I cross my legs and arms, gesturing her to start. "Go on then."

"Before all this happened, I lived in America with-"

"What state?"

She glares at me for interrupting her. "Excuse me?"

I lean forward and rest my elbows on my knees. "What state did you live in? In America, I mean."

She huffs and opens her mouth to answer, but she shuts it again when nothing comes out. She makes a confused face and I lean closer to her in my seat.

"Tell me about your parents," I say.

"My parents are Bethany and Jonathon Tenors," she says, looking proud.

I nod. "Alright. What do they look like?"

"That's easy. My mom has..." she trails off, confusion once again clear on her face.

"What about your school? Classmates? Friends? What's your neighborhood like?" I fire question after question at her, knowing already that she won't have the answers.

"I...I don't know," she whispers. She looks me in the eyes. "Why don't I know?"

Looking into her eyes, filled with sadness and loss, I feel bad for her. It pains me to see her like this, questioning her own memories, even if they are false ones. She is my sister after all, and I care deeply for her. All this time I had been worried about her, and all I had wanted to do was find her. I hadn't thought about what I would tell her when I did. Her eyes are filling with tears now, making my heart ache.

"Oh, how tragic," the demon, Mephisto, says. "The two siblings separated, and when finally reunited, one has lost all her memories."

"Shut your mouth, demon," I snap with a glare in his direction. I had tolerated him up until now, but only because he had helped me get to Brie. "I don't want to hear your sarcastic comments."

"Oh, don't go and get offended," he pouts. "Besides, it's not nice to be rude to the headmaster when you're standing in his own school."

"I don't care what you think is nice or not. The opinion of a low-life like you doesn't matter to me," I say.

Mephisto stands and looks down at me, face serious. "Don't go thinking you're all high and mighty, you halo-wearing freak. This is my school, and you will respect me."

"How about you make me, clown?" I growl, standing to meet him.

"Stop, please."

I look back to Brie. Tears are now streaming down her face and dripping onto the bed sheets under her. She looks so broken, I just want to embrace her until she feels better. I can't though, to her I'm just a stranger claiming to be her brother.

"Why don't I remember any of this?" she asks quietly.

I sigh and sit back down in the chair, pushing aside my anger at the demon for a moment. "Well, you were sent on a mission, a mission to destroy Gehenna and all of its residents, including Satan."

"Kill Satan?"

"Yes," I reply with a nod. "You see, you're one of out strongest warriors...oh as if, you are our strongest warrior. So when the mission went into action, you were clearly the best option." She doesn't say anything, only stares at me. I continue, "You've been training for quite a long time, Brie. Nearly 150 years, I think."

"Wait," she stops me, "did you say 150?"

"Of course. How old do you think you are?" I ask her.


I can't help but laugh. "You haven't been that young for a long time. You're actually 213."

Her eyes widen and she looks horrified. "I'm so old!"

I roll my eyes. "Not really, at least not according to an angel's lifespan. Most angels live for about 1000 years, so you're still just a kid really."

"How old are you?" she asks. The tears have stopped flowing now, and she seems more curious than sad.

"376," I reply.

"How old does an angel live until they start looking aged?"

"Wait, wait. We need to get back to the subject of your memories," I say with a smile. "I can tell you all about the lifespan of an angel another time."

"Oh...right. Sorry," she says and looks at her hands.

"Anyway, you were sent on that mission, and we thought it was going to be a huge success. But unfortunately there was a traitor among us, and when you were flying there, you were intercepted. Whoever intercepted you changed you into a human temporarily and gave you false memories," I say and then take a deep breath. "I was so worried when we lost connection with you. It was like you had just disappeared. I didn't even know if I would be able to find you. Because of your human state I couldn't sense you, making it impossible to track you.

"But then I felt something, I sensed your power for just a second and was able to pinpoint it. I was so relieved, it meant you were okay. So then I found my way here and started asking people about you," I say.

"And that's when he met me," Mephisto says with a smirk. I glare at him but he continues anyway. "I had been making my rounds around the town and had seen him asking about someone, showing your picture around. I was curious, so I approached him, although he gave me a rather nasty look when I did. Still, he asked me if I had seen you-"

"I was desperate."

"-and I told him I had," he continues, ignoring my comment. "I brought him to the school and he explained who you actually are. I was somewhat upset though when he told me that you are an angel. I had been hoping to keep you here and make an exorcist out of you. But then again I suppose you already are, being an angel and all."

She looks at us both, an expression of calculation on her face. She sighs before speaking, "So, what now?"

"We're leaving and going home," I say, not sure how that wasn't obvious.


Well, here you go, another chapter. I'm actually happy with how this plot line is working out. I was wondering if maybe I should reply to reviews, or have characters reply to reviews, in the author's note in each chapter? I'll answer questions, or I can have the characters answer them. Let me know if I should. I'm officially on spring break. Yay! I'm gonna chill all week and probably update a few chapters...Brie's old lol. Review please!

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