Flames of Blue and Green




We all turn our heads to the voice and see someone standing in the door.

"Rin," I say quietly.

"You're leaving? Why?" he asks, his face sad and confused.

I'm about to answer, but Caleb speaks before I can. "Because she needs to go back home, where she's around people like her," he practically snarls at Rin. "Not around a bunch of filthy demons. It's none of your business anyway, spawn of Satan."

I feel my face redden with anger. "You can't talk to him like that! He's my friend!"

"More like boyfriend," Mephisto says with a smirk.

Caleb is out of his chair and in Rin's face in an instant, grabbing him by his shirt. "How dare you deem yourself worthy of my sister! If you laid one hand on her I will make sure you regret the day your pitiful existence began!"

"All we did was kiss," I say with an eye roll.

Caleb slams Rin into the wall. "You kissed my sister!? I am going to-"

"Knock it off!" I yell. "Get your hands off of him!"

"He's a demon! A violent, cold-blooded murderer who will stop at nothing!" Caleb yells.

"The only one acting like a demon right now is you," I spit venomously.

Caleb flinches at the insult and lets go of the young demon in his grip. With one final glare at Rin, Caleb turns and sits back down in his chair. He eyes me with confusion and annoyance. "What's up with you? You would defend a demon?"

"Yeah I would."

"Brie, you hate demons," he says slowly. "All angels hate demons."

"Well, I don't hate demons," I snap. "At least not anymore."

Caleb looks irritated now. "You will when we get your memories back. Trust me, you have good reason to hate demons."

"And what reason is that?" I ask.

A hint of pain flashes into his eyes. "Because they killed our parents, Brie."

I pale, shocked at his words. "What?"

"Demons kill anything they want, whether it's necessary or not," he says quietly, eyes distant. "Even if the people they kill have a family and a life to go back to."

An image of the woman from town flashes through my head, blood-covered and empty. She had had children, two of them. Their names are Senji and Haruhi, ages 15 and 6.

"How did it happen?" I ask.

"You'll remember soon enough, and then everything will be back to normal," Caleb sighs.

"Maybe I don't want to remember," I whisper.

"What?" Caleb asks.

"Maybe I don't want to remember!" I shout, surprising everyone. "If I remember who I was before this, I'll hate some of the friends I have now," I mutter, quiet now. "I don't want to hate Rin, or Yukio, or Amaimon, or Ren, or Kuro, or Ukobach."

"Or me," Mephisto chimes in.

"I already hate you," I say dryly and continue. "Can't I just choose to not hate demons? Can't you just erase that part of my memory?"

"Brie, erasing that part of your memory will change your entire person," Caleb says, obviously not in favor of the idea.

"Then I guess all you angels up there are gonna have to get used to a different me," I say and cross my arms.

"You're being ridiculous!" he yells, standing from his chair. "I won't allow you to change who you are just so you can be friends with demons!"

"It's not your decision!" I yell back, also standing. "It's my life and my memories, not yours!"

"Stop being so childish!"

"I'm 17!"

"You're 213!"

"I don't care!" I scream. "17 or 213, it's still my life! And if I can't erase that part of who I am, then I won't remember at all!"

He takes a step back, shocked. "You wouldn't do that. You wouldn't ever remember everyone you've known. You wouldn't remember me, or mom or dad..."

The mom and dad comment causes a slice of pain to cut through my heart, but I ignore it. "I can make new memories. I don't need you or my memories. I have new friends to help me."

He stares in shock for another moment and then his face hardens into one of anger. "No. You're going to remember everything, whether you like it or not."

After he speaks he surprises Rin, Mephisto, and myself by suddenly sprouting huge white wings. I'm so distracted by the magnificent wings that I don't realize he's reaching toward me until he's already wrapped his arms around me, tight.

"You're coming home," he says, and then he takes off, crashing right through the large window of the infirmary.


I look back toward the window and see Rin reaching through the shattered window. Tears prick at my eyes as I look back at him, at the entire school. I may not have been here long, but it's the only place I have solid memories, memories of new friends and new experiences.

"RIN!" I scream back. I consider it for a moment and then scream, "MEPHISTO! HELP ME!"

"They can't help you, Brie," Caleb says as he flies straight up into the clouds. "If anything I'm the one helping you."

"You just took me away from my friends!" I yell, pounding my hands into his chest. "How is that helping me?!"

"You'll understand once you get your memories back."

"I don't want them back! So let me down, you son of a bitch!"

Caleb freezes midair and looks me in the eye. "What did you say?"

"I said to let me the fuck down!" I repeat. I notice that he flinched when I say fuck.

"Fine, you want down?" he asks.


"Alright then."

And then I'm falling.

Wow. Such fall. Very scare. So yeah here's another chapter. I'm at a school lock in right now so I figured I would write a little bit. Caleb's not a very nice brother lol. Hope you enjoyed! Review!

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