Flames of Blue and Green

The City of Angels


A scream rips from my throat as I hurtle to the ground. I hold my arms out and try to grasp at anything, when in reality I know there's nothing there. I don't want to look down, don't want to see the ground coming toward me, so I look up instead. Caleb is still there, not moving, not diving down after me, only watching as I fall. I squeeze my eyes shut and take some comfort in the darkness of behind my eyelids. I can still hear the wind whistling past my ears and I know I'm going to hit the ground soon.

I know what he's waiting for, that son of a bitch. He's waiting for me to yell for help, for his help. I don't want to give him what he wants, but I don't want to die either. I peek my eye open and look down, regretting it as soon as I do. The ground below is coming toward me at an alarming rate, and soon I'll hit it with a splat. I squeeze my eyes shut again. I don't have a choice anymore. If I don't ask for help I'll die. So, I take in a deep breath and scream.


I keep my eyes squeezed tight and hope that I'm right, that he'll save me. I continue to fall and feel panic spread through me. What if I was wrong? What if he doesn't save me? But my worries dissipate when I stop.

"I recommend you don't ask me to let you go again."

I look up into his face, giving him a glare that would kill if looks could. This winged man, this angel, has been nothing but trouble for me since I met him. I could've been happy at True Cross, but no, he has to show up and ruin everything. He took me from the only place I have solid memories of.

"Point taken," I snap at him.

He doesn't reply, only shakes his head and begins flying back up. We are both silent for a minute or so, and I pray that he doesn't try to talk to me. But, of course, he does.

"I know you hate me right now," he says quietly, "but that's just because you don't understand."

"Have you considered the outcome of me choosing to go back?" I ask. "What if that happens? I'll still remember everything that happened, still remember Rin..."

Caleb looks at me and shakes his head quickly. "No, that won't happen."

"But what if it does? What if once I remember I go back and stay there?" I reply.

"Shut up, Brie..."

"But what if-"


I jump at the sudden yell that comes from Caleb and look at his face. He doesn't look angry, but instead he seems scared. I can't help but feel a little bad for him, even though I don't want to. I try and put myself into his situation. His sister has been missing for a couple of days after going on a dangerous mission. And then, when he finds her, she has lost all of her memories of anything before the mission. She doesn't remember anything about the many, many years she's spent with him. I continue to look at him as he flies up and up.

"I'm sorry."

Caleb looks at me in surprise. "What?"

I sigh, "I can guess that this is pretty hard for you. I know you just want your sister...well, me back." I pause and look into his eyes with determination. "But that doesn't mean I'm just going to give in. I still stand on what I want."

Caleb's gaze softens and he bends his head down to kiss my forehead. "I wouldn't expect anything else from someone as stubborn as you."

I give a small smile and he smiles back. It is only now that I notice he's stopped. I look at him in question. "Why did you stop?"

"Because we're here," he answers. He points at a point in the air in front of us. "See that?"

I follow his finger and squint at the spot. "No?"

"Well, there's a portal there. There are many of them on Earth, all scattered in the sky. This is the closest one to True Cross. Right through there, is our home," Caleb says.

"Our home..."

"Yep, so let's go."

"Wait," I say quietly.

"Brie, it won't hurt to just go back and see it," he replies. "Please. Just look at it at least."

I look at his sad expression and sigh. "Alright, fine."

Caleb nods and moves forward. I close my eyes as I feel us move through the portal, glad that at least this time I go through a portal I can't fall. When I feel that we're all the way through, I slowly reopen my eyes, which widen at the beautiful sight before me.

"Welcome back to Heaven," Caleb says.

The city before my eyes is utterly gorgeous. Unlike Gehenna, which was made up of red stone, this city is built from cleanly cut marble. It towers high up into the sky, reaching into the clouds above. From where we are I can see small rivers running through the streets of the city, sparkling and clean. There are people walking the streets, laughing and talking. Just outside the city is a large piece of land of grass and trees. There is a large pond that forms into a waterfall, and the water falls off of the edge of the land. Yet the pond doesn't seem to drain, and the waterfall merely disappears into the sky. The city is flying, floating, far above the Earth. At the very edge of the land stands a large golden gate. A long stone pathway leads from the gate to the entrance of the city. I can't help but be amazed by this sight. This truly is Heaven.

"It's...it's..." I say, but am unable to finish the sentence.

"Yeah," Caleb finishes for me, "I know."

Caleb flies down to the gate on the edge of the land and lets me down. I stare at the tall gate in awe as I follow Caleb. He goes to the right where there is a small booth with a man inside. He looks young, but he could be thousands of years old for all I know.

"Hey there, Caleb," the man says with a grin. "You got Brie back?"

Caleb gestures to me. "Yeah, she's here, Tyrone. The only problem is that her memories have been wiped."

"Ooh, that's not good," Tyrone replies with a frown. "I'll let you guys in right away."

Tyrone picks up a small hammer and taps a bell. The sound resonates through the air and fills my ears. The gate swings open, slowly and smoothly. Caleb nods at Tyrone and heads through the gate, me following close behind.

"I hope you get your memories back, Brie!" Tyrone calls to me. I turn and give a small smile to the gatekeeper and continue on my way.

Caleb leads me along the stone pathway that leads to the city silently. Soon enough, we are at the city entrance. Caleb tells me to stick close to him and not to get lost, and then we begin our journey to wherever it is we're going. As we wind our way through the colossal city, people around us glance at me and whisper to each other. Funny, I didn't angels gossiped.

"Here we are."

I eye the huge tower before us. It is clearly the tallest tower in the city, reaching high above the others. It must be important. I follow Caleb inside where a group of people are waiting, all different ages and races. One, a young, black-haired man, looks at me with excitement in his eyes. A smile spreads across his lips as he steps towards me.

"Oh, thank God. Brie, you're okay," he says with relief and happiness. I open my mouth to tell him that I don't know who he is, but don't get the chance.

Because he kisses me on the lips.

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