Flames of Blue and Green

A Secret Meeting


The day had gone by quickly after bumping into Haruka, the woman from the goblin attack. After my little breakdown we had parted ways with sad smiles. Zuriel had asked how I knew her, but I didn't care enough to give him an answer. It's none of his business honestly. We had continued to wander the city after that, covering more ground than I thought we would. I hadn't even noticed the setting sun when Zuriel had said that we should head back. Upon arrival at the tower I was given a room to stay in and left alone for the night.

So, now I'm sitting on a large windowsill, watching the rest of the sun disappear below the horizon. The room I'm in is big, like, really big. Much too big for just one person. The bed is a queen with silk sheets and pillow cases. The blanket is white with even whiter lace strung into it, creating intricate patterns and designs. There are also small, clear beads sewn into it, only adding to intricacy. There is a dresser in one corner of the room, filled with clean, white clothes.

"Do they have enough white in this place?" I mumble to myself as I stand and walk to said dresser. I pick out a plain, white nightgown and head to the private bathroom to my right. There are clean towels stacked on the shelves along with shampoos, conditioners, and any other toiletry you could ever need. I set down the nightgown next to a clean towel and pick out some cleaning supplies before stripping down and stepping into the shower.

I let the water pour down my back for quite a while before doing any actual washing, taking peace in the feeling of it. The last time I had showered was at True Cross. I sigh at the thought, sadness overcoming me. As I wash my hair I remember everyone there in an attempt to cheer myself up. Bon, with his stern face, always seeming to worry about Rin's grades. I wonder if maybe he has a crush on him and then laugh at the thought. I remember Shima, the flirty pinkette who's afraid of bugs, and Miwa, the short, nerdy kid with a bald head and a big brain. Then I think about Shiemi and Izumo, a kind, blonde girl who only wishes to make friends and a purple-haired girl who is nothing but attitude, though she is quite talented in summoning. I remember Amaimon's bored expression, lollipop stuck in his mouth, and Yukio's serious face when he is teaching. I even think about Mephisto, but only for a split second.

Finally, I think about Rin, the raven-haired boy who has stolen my heart. I think about his smile when he looks at me and the way he gets flustered around me. I think about how flustered I get around him and the heat that reddens my cheeks. I think about how he twirls his short hair when he's nervous and how he always fumbles over his words. I think about how he sleeps in class and the way he shoots up from his seat when the bell rings. I think about how he's always late and how his clothes and hair always look like a mess. I think about how his lips felt on mine that first night I was there, how they were soft and smooth and tasted sweet.

I sigh and shake the memories from my head, coming back to the real world. I step out of the shower and quickly dry off and get dressed, ready to sleep. I hadn't noticed how exhausted I am until now. It makes sense that I would be tired, though, considering the day I'd had. I clean up the bathroom and head back into the bedroom, only to find someone else in there.

"Hello, Brie," the girl says with a smile. I recognize her as the pink-haired girl from earlier, but her name slips my mind at the moment.

"Um, hi, uh-"


"Mattia, right. What brings you here?" I ask curiously.

She pats the spot on the bed next her. "I have something interesting to tell you."

"Interesting, huh?" I reply as I sit down as instructed.

"It's about your memories," she says slowly.

I shake my head. "If you came here to try and convince me to stay, you've got another thing coming."

"No, no," she laughs. It's a beautiful sound, like bells tinkling. "I understand that you don't want to remember a certain part of who you were."

"That's right."

"Unfortunately, I do not have the power to do that," she says with a sigh. "I am not yet strong enough."

I raise an eyebrow at her. "So you came to tell me something I already know?"

"No, I came to tell you that I may know someone who can help you with this task," Mattia says quietly. "You see, like many angels of power here, I was trained by someone. I believe that my predecessor may be able to erase that part of you."

"Really?!" I yell excitedly.

"Shhh! You mustn't let anyone know," she says sternly. "No one is happy that you wish to get rid of that part of you, especially Zuriel. He doesn't want there to be any chance of you leaving."

"Bastard," I mumble, causing Mattia's eyes to widen. "What?"

She shakes her head. "It's just those words you use. How did you even learn them? Angels do not normally swear."

"I don't really know," I answer with a shrug. "Anyway, how do I find your teacher?"

"She resides in a small house outside of the city. If you wish I can take you there tomorrow," she says. "I'm sure she will help you for she is a very kind woman."

I snort. "And an angel. Don't they always want to help people?"

Mattia shakes her head. "That is not true. Haven't you ever heard of fallen angels?"

"You mean that actually happens?"

"Indeed. You said that you met Lucifer, correct?" she asks. I nod in response. "He was the very first to stray from the path of God, and was cast down into Hell for doing so."

"That's a bit harsh," I say.

"There are still some today who do not have pure intentions," Mattia says gravely. "I fear for them, and for those close to them."

I nod and stand to open the door that exits into the hall. "Well, thanks for the information, Mattia, but I think it's time for me to go to bed now. I'm exhausted."

She smiles and stands, making her way to the door. "You're very welcome, Brie. I will see you tomorrow. Good night."

"Night," I reply with a yawn. I shut the door behind her and shut the light off before climbing into the huge bed. With all of the blankets and pillows, it's like laying on a cloud. I giggle at the comparison and lay my head on the pillow, falling into a deep sleep in no time.

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