Flames of Blue and Green

I Won't Let Him Down

"We have organized this meeting in order to address the issue at hand. That issue being that our fellow angel, Zuriel, plans to kill the half-demon son of Satan, Rin Okumura."

I wring my hands together anxiously as Urim speaks. He looks around at all of us in the Circle and continues on. "As members of the Circle, it is our duty to make a plan of action," he says.

"Isn't the plan of action obvious?" I blurt out. Everyone looks at me but I harden my expression and keep talking. "We have to stop Zuriel before he hurts Rin!"

Caleb doesn't meet my eye as he replies. "He's the son of Satan, Brie. Why should we help him?"

"And also," Mattia adds quietly, "Rin is the son of Satan. Don't you think he can handle himself?"

"Angels are the original exorcists, Mattia," I say, frustrated that even she would side against me. "They can kill demons. Why aren't you all agreeing with me?"

Urim looks at me with pity. "Brienna, if Zuriel killed Rin, it would be less trouble for us."

"Fine. If I can't appeal to your emotions, then let me try logic. If Zuriel kills Rin, Satan isn't just going to turn his head to it. I met Satan, in case you've forgotten. He screamed at me just because I was there. If we kill his son, I guarantee we aren't going to get away with just a scolding," I finish with a glare at all of them.

A woman with short, blue hair speaks up. "But we aren't killing him, Zuriel is. And once it's over we will simply banish Zuriel as punishment for his corruption," she says with a stern look.

"Do you really think if it happens that way that we can all just move on? Zuriel is technically part of the Circle, and if he kills Rin, Satan will track it back to us. We may be enemies now, but that's only because of species and stature. If he thinks that we are responsible for his son's death, we will be making a personal enemy of Satan," I counter, looking into the woman's eyes.

The rest of the group stares at me with uncertainty. I give an exasperated sigh and throw my arms into the air. "If you don't want to help Rin, fine! I'll go stop Zuriel with or without your approval!" I shout at them, my face heating up. I turn on my heel and begin to storm off but am stopped by a hand on my shoulder. I turn back around and am shocked when I see Caleb.

"I don't love the idea that you want to help a demon," he says with a shake of his head. But as I watch, I see his mouth turn up at the corners into a small smile. "But I'm your older brother. I'm supposed to stick by you when you need me. I know I haven't done that lately, and I'm sorry, Brie."

I can't help but smile at him, but wipe away the smile as I cross my arms and turn away with a pout. "Well, I'm still mad at you, but I guess you can help me," I say, my smile showing through as I look back at him. He smiles widely and pulls me into a quick hug. As we turn to the others, Mattia steps forward with a smile.

"I hope you don't plan on going without me," she says sheepishly. "Last time I let you go on a mission alone you got your memory wiped."

I grin at her and take her hand into mine, holding Caleb's in my other. I look at the rest of the Circle and give them each a hard stare before I speak. "Meeting adjourned."


I stand at the edge of the floating island that holds the city with Caleb and Mattia. Darkness has fallen and the stars are bright in the night sky. I look down below us and can see the twinkling lights of cities and towns. I glance at the two at my side's and they each give me brief nods. With a nod of my own, I step forward and plummet off the edge of the island.

I hear the others fall with me and spread their wings. I, however, continue to nosedive toward the ground, taking pleasure in the feeling of the wind in my face. I can't help but grin as I fall. It feels like it's been so long since I last flew. It isn't until I hit the cloud barrier that I open my wings to catch the wind.

"Just as crazy as ever, Brie," Caleb says as he and Mattia catch up to me.

I smirk at him and raise my eyebrow. "Jealous?"

"You wish. Who was the one who taught you to fly?" he scoffs as we land on the outskirts of Academy Town.

"Who's the one who has won every race we've had since then?" I reply, crossing my arms.

"That's because you're a cheater."

"No it's because I'm better "






"Alright you two, you're both spectacular fliers," Mattia interrupts, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

I grin at her and shut my eyes, holding my head up high. "Yeah, but I'm way more spectacular than him."

Caleb rolls his eyes but doesn't say anything more on the subject. His expression sobers and he looks up toward the academy. I follow his gaze and my eyes widen in horror. There, at the school, a fire is blazing, torching the entire campus.

"He...he couldn't have," I stutter, struggling to hold myself up. "Not Zuriel. He wouldn't put all those innocent people at risk like that...right?

Mattia rests a hand on my shoulder and I look at her. He eyes are hard as she searches my own eyes. "Brie, you need to realize that this is not the same Zuriel you fell in love with. He's...different now. He's corrupted. If you're feelings for him are going to get in the way of this rescue, then you should just stop right now. You should just go home."

I stare at her in surprise. Mattia has always been so kind, so caring. I've never seen this side of her, not even when we had gone on other missions together. I had always thought that if anyone would jeopardize a mission it would be her, not me. I'm supposed to be the strong one, the one that never fails. And here I am now, being told off by Mattia about jeopardizing a mission.

I can't even suppress the tears as they come to my eyes. Or the laughter that escapes from my throat. "Look at me, I never thought I would be so useless in a time like this."

"I'm sorry, Brie, I just don't want you to get hurt because of your own emotions. I can't lose you again. It's not that you're useless. We all have our weaknesses," Mattia says quietly.

"Mattia's right, Brie. If you can't handle it, it's okay. We can save Rin without you," Caleb says.

His words hit me like a ton of bricks. He's right, though. They don't need me. They're both extremely capable angels of the Lord. Each of their own powers giving them strength.


They both look at me. "What?"

"No. I won't leave. Zuriel is my problem. And protecting Rin is my problem, too. It's my fault that Rin is in danger. I can't just let him down like this," I whisper.

Mattia and Caleb share a glance before looking back at me. Mattia smiles at me and Caleb nods. "Well then," Mattia says, "let's go save your demon."

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