Flames of Blue and Green

Flames of Blue and Green

The speed at which Rin and Zuriel flew at each other would have been too fast for human eyes to follow. I suppose they would have looked like blurs flying through the air. Following closely I was able to make out Zuriel drawing his dagger and quickly shouted a warning to Rin.

"He's armed, Rin!" I yelled. "Be careful!"

Rin's voice travels throughout the room as he replies. "Why don't you give me a hand here, Brienna?"

I sigh but hold my arms out, feeling my bow materialize in my hands. The weight of it is comforting after not holding it for so long. Many would not believe me if I told them I was born to fight, but there's a reason I was the one sent to kill Satan. If I had the ability to kill the devil, I would have no problem killing a corrupted soul like Zuriel.

Once my bow was solid in my hands, I reached back for an arrow, knowing that one would appear in my hand. I settled the arrow onto the bow and drew the string back until my fingers slid against my own face. I followed the blurs of movement and the sparks of metal clashing, waiting for the chance to shoot.

Zuriel and Rin were going at each other madly, neither of them holding back. Each fighter had their own strengths and weaknesses, and they were apparent now. Rin had the advantage of having a longer blade than Zuriel which meant he could make hits from farther distances, but Zuriel had the advantage of having thousands of years of fighting. He knew every strategy in the book. But somehow that was also a disadvantage. He knew strategy, that was true, but he was fighting Rin.

And Rin's strategy, is not having a strategy.

I could see Zuriel's eyes watching every part of Rin's body, trying so hard to figure him out. Rin was wailing on Zuriel's dagger with his sword, slash after slash after slash. But despite his attempts, he hadn't even made a mark on Zuriel yet. Too be fair, Zuriel hadn't marked Rin either, but if this went on any longer Zuriel might find a pattern and be able to make a move.


I turned around quickly, aiming my bow at whoever had creeped up on me. I lowered my stance slightly after finding that it was Amaimon. Of course, I didn't lower it fully. I had only really spent a day with Amaimon and had never really gotten to know what kind of demon he was. I didn't trust him. Not yet.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, keeping my voice down so that Zuriel was not alerted to the Demon King's presence.

Amaimon shrugged and lazily eyed the ongoing fight above us, a sucker stick moving back and forth out of his mouth. "I got bored. I saw the fire. Figured something interesting was going on." He paused and glanced back and forth from the fight and me. "Who's that? Up there."

"Zuriel. He was an angel like me, but," I pause and sigh. "But he's no angel anymore. He's corrupted."

Amaimon lets his full gaze rest on me. "You know him?"

"You could say that."

"What is he to you?"

I glance back to the fight, seeing that neither fighter has made any progress, and then look back to Amaimon. "He was...my fiance." Amaimon stays quiet and I continue. "I know he seems bad now, but he used to be a much better person. I used to think I loved him and that-"

"I don't care," Amaimon interrupts, gazing at the fight. He looks back at me, his eyes staring straight into mine. "I don't care about what he was to you. What is he to you now?"

I look at the fight, both still relentlessly going head on at each other. I can still feel each fighter's underlying emotions as he fights. Rin's rage at what Zuriel had done to his school and home. His anger that Zuriel was trying to claim me like I was property when I had chosen him. Worry for his friends and the hope that they were okay. And finally the sense of love toward me and the feeling of the need to protect.

In Zuriel, I could feel emotions similar to Rin's but also completely different. He was angry at me and Rin for being together. He was enraged that I had fallen for anyone else besides him and he hated Rin for falling for me. I couldn't feel an underlying feeling of love in him, but instead I felt a tangled web of obsession and at the center was me.

Zuriel's emotions had become so dark, but that feeling of obsession seemed so familiar to me, like I had sensed it in him before. He had never even loved me, he had just wanted me. He had just been obsessed with me. He had never seen all my traits and flaws, he had just seen a pretty prize. The beautiful warrior, truly I would be the perfect girl for him.

I shut my eyes and held back the tears that threatened to roll down my face. I wouldn't cry over him anymore, he wasn't worthy of those tears. He was only of one thing. And knowing that, I answered Amaimon's question and let all of my emotions be shown in my answer.

"He's a problem. A problem that needs to be eliminated immediately."

Amaimon's eyes glint with the light of mischief, intrigue, and...anger. Even Amaimon, who had known me for a day or so, was angry at this corrupted angel for the way he had treated me and the residents of this school. I think he might also have been mad that he hadn't been getting to fight until now, but I could be wrong.

"I'm going to try to take him by surprise," Amaimon said, crouching into a fighting stance. "When you see your opening, shoot." And then he jumps up and into the fight.

Zuriel barely flinches.

I curse under my breath. He must have sensed Amaimon before he held touch him. Zuriel dodged Amaimon's attack and sliced at him with his dagger. Amaimon doesn't react, but I can see his blood splatter onto the floor. Even with his odds being lowered he's making headway. Watching the three fight I abruptly feel a pair in my head and remember something from days ago, something that had hurt my head when I had tried to remember. A dark place, where blue flames and green flames fight for dominance.

At least, that's what I had thought.

Now, instead of being forced to keep at a distance without a clear picture of the flames, I am able to walk closer. And the closer I get, the more clear I can see what is happening. I see the blue flames begin to die down, only to jump back to life when the green flames die down. And then I notice something. That the darkness around the flames is moving. The darkness is what's causing the flames to flicker, and just as the darkness is engulfing one pair of flames the other fights back to save them.

The flames had never been fighting each other.

They had been fighting together against the darkness surrounding them.

And that's what was happening now with Amaimon and Rin. When Rin would begin to tire out and give, Zuriel would take the advantage and try to make a move, only to have Amaimon deflect the attack. And then when Amaimon would tire out Rin would do the same. And suddenly I felt a very clear feeling from Zuriel. The feeling of hopelessness. He knew that they could keep this up for far longer than he could.

He was afraid. And he had hesitated.

I took my shot.

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