Flames of Blue and Green

Dinner at Rin's

"Here we are," says Rin with a grin.

I look at him in confusion. "You live in an abandoned dorm building?"

"Well, yeah. You see, I'm a half-demon, meaning my mom was human and my dad is a demon. Not just any demon though, I'm the son of Satan," he says a bit sheepishly while pushing his hand through his hair. "When I first found out I didn't have much control over my flames, so they stuck me in here so that I wouldn't cause trouble. It's just me and my brother."

He seems to look at me in expectancy as I calculate all this in my head. He probably thinks I'm gonna reject him as a friend...

"So, you're the son of Satan?" I ask. He nods and I'm about to tell him that I don't mind because I've met Satan, but then I remember my cover story. Instead, I smile and say something else. "Hey, we can't choose our parents right? And it's not like you're following in his evil footsteps."

His eyes sparkle and he looks at me in adoration, like I'm the first person to have said that. "R-Really? Nobody's ever just accepted me on the spot like that. They avoided me for a long time..." He gets a distant look in his eye, as if remembering that time. The look goes away after a few seconds and he continues. "Thanks, a lot. You don't know how much it means to me."

"Shall we?" Rin asks, gesturing toward the door. I nod and Rin opens the door for me with a bow, causing me to giggle. I walk inside and find a large cafeteria area.

"Alright, you can stay out here while I cook," says Rin, walking by me and heading toward a door on one side of the cafeteria that I'm guessing leads to the kitchen.

"You don't have to do that," I protest.

"I know, I want to," he says with a grin.

"At least let me help."

"No can do, it would be rude of me to have my guest cook," he says and then disappears into the kitchen. I walk over to the large serving window next to the door, peeking inside at Rin. He's talking to a small demon.

"What do you think Ukobach?" Rin asks the demon. It looks to be in thought for a minute before it makes noises, which I assume means it's talking. Rin's face brightens at whatever the demon said. "Good idea!"

He then sets straight to work, grabbing ingredients and cooking utensils. The demon makes more noises and Rin shakes his head.

"No Ukobach, I can't let you help with this one. This meal is a special gift to her from me," Rin says to Ukobach. Ukobach pouts for a second before grinning and making more noises, this time it sounds like teasing.

"What? N-No I don't like her. I just, uh, wanna do something nice for her, since she's new and all," he says, trying to hide a blush from the little demon. The demon seems to catch his flushed cheeks and laughs. "S-Shut up! So what if I like her? What's the big deal?"

I walk away from the window, a dark blush staining my cheeks. So Rin likes me, huh? We just met, how can he already have feelings for me? I sigh and shake my head, attempting to clear my mind of what I just heard. I decide to try and distract myself by exploring a bit. I walk around the large room in curiosity, looking for anything that is in any way interesting.

"Excuse me, but who are you?"

I turn around to see a boy maybe about the same age as me. He has black hair and is wearing glasses. He's looking at me with a stern look that's betrayed by his scrunched up eyebrows, showing that he's confused.

"Oh, uh, hi. I'm Brie," I say.

"Hello, Brie. May I ask why you're in my dorm?" he says, still confused.

"Rin invited me over for dinner. I tried to turn him down but he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer."

He nods in understanding and his face softens into a smile. "I see. Well it's nice to meet you Brie. I'm Yukio, Rin's twin brother."

"Twin brother? So then are you both...?"

"Demons? Yes. Although my demon side wasn't revealed until about two years ago," he says. "So are you new to True Cross?"

"Yeah, I just transferred here from America," I reply with a smile. He seems nice.

"Well, I'm glad we can have you here."

"I'm glad to be wanted."

We smile at each other until he looks at his watch and says, "Well, I gotta go. See ya around Brie."

He smiles and nods a goodbye before walking off, leaving me alone in the room again. I sigh and continue to walk circles around the room. As I walk around I see something move near the entrance. I turn and see a small black cat. It looks at me and cocks its head as if asking a question. I move toward it and it tenses up. Sensing its discomfort, I speak soothingly to it.

"Hey there kitty, I'm Brie. Rin invited me over here for dinner," I say, feeling a little silly for explaining myself to a cat. At the mention of Rin the cat visibly calms. It trots over to me and I reach out my hand, which it sniffs before leaning into it. Up close I can see that it has two small horns that curl out of its head.

"So you're a cat demon, huh?" I ask. It looks at me with big eyes, as if afraid I'll hurt it. Are all demons afraid of rejection? "That's cool. I've never met a cat demon before. What's your name little guy?"

"That's Kuro, he's my familiar," says a voice from behind me, making me jump. I spin around and see Rin, that goofy grin on his face. He laughs and continues, "I'm surprised he's letting you touch him. He doesn't usually adjust to strangers that fast."

"I guess I'm just special then," I say with a grin. Kuro makes a noise and hops up onto my shoulder, causing Rin to laugh and me to yelp.

"I guess you are special, he only ever does that to me," he says. Kuro looks at Rin and makes a few growling noises, making Rin blush.

"What did he say?" I ask curiously, causing his blush to deepen and Kuro to snicker.

"N-Nothing. Come on, let's go eat," he says quickly as he turns around and walks away. I shrug and follow him to a table that I see now has food on it. There are two plates on the table, each set in front of chair. Next to each plate is a cup filled with some type of beverage. I sit down at one of the set places, Kuro jumping onto the table, while Rin sits at the other. I look at my plate curiously. There are what look like gray noodles on the plate, a set of chopsticks sit next to the plate.

"They're called soba noodles," says Rin, answering my unspoken question. I nod and pick up the chopsticks, trying to hold them correctly, failing with every try. I give out a sigh of dissatisfaction and set the chopsticks down rather loudly. Rin laughs and gets up, walking to my seat. He takes the chopsticks and puts them in my hand, the interaction causing me to blush.

"Like this," he says softly. He shifts my fingers until I'm holding the chopsticks correctly. He then uses my hand to open the chopsticks, picking up a noodle and closing the chopsticks around it. "See?"

I blush and nod as he lets go of my hand and takes his seat. I bring the chopsticks up to my mouth and eat the noodles attached to the end. My eyes widen as I chew the noodles and swallow.

"These are so good, Rin!" I exclaim, looking at him.

"They aren't that good," he laughs.

"Are you kidding? This is probably, like, the best thing I've ever tasted!"

"T-Thanks," he stutters, looking at his own food and blushing. I smile and continue to eat my food, desperately trying to make each bite last. Once I've cleaned my plate I reach for the steaming cup of...whatever it is. I take a small sip and sigh in delight. It's green tea, my favorite. I sip on the tea when a thought crosses my mind.

"Hey Rin, what day is it?" I ask. When he makes a confusing face I make up an excuse. "I'm just not sure with the time difference and all."

"It's Friday," he says, seeming to believe my excuse. "You're lucky to have gotten here today, means you have two days to settle before actually starting school."

"That sure is lucky," I agree with a smile. I finish my tea, wondering if I'll actually have to attend school here.

"Well, seeing as we're both done, I guess it's time to clean up," says Rin. I nod and help him take the dishes to the kitchen. Rin's about to start the dishes when I push him out of the way and turn on the faucet.

"What the Hell?" he exclaims in confusion.

"You cooked, I'll do dishes," I reply, filling the sink with soapy water. As I begin scrubbing at one of the plates, Ukobach appears on the counter next to me. I smile at him. "Hello."

"This is Ukobach, he's the master chef around here," says Rin with a grin.

"Hello Ukobach, I'm Brie. I hope you don't mind me in your kitchen," I say with a smile. He smiles also and makes some noises. I look to Rin for a translation, who's blushing.

"He said he doesn't mind because you're special to me. He also said that he'll do the dishes," he says with a blush, running his hand through his hair. I also blush and turn to Ukobach.

"It's really okay, I can do them."

He shakes his head and makes more sounds, grinning after he's done. Rin says, "He said that he will do the dishes, end of discussion. But he thanks you for wanting to help out, others usually just eat and leave."

"Alright, fine. Jeez, there's just no arguing with you two," I say in defeat, earning matching grins and nods from each of them.

"Come on Brie, we should probably get you to your dorm, it's getting pretty late," Rin says, heading toward the exit.

"Alright. Bye Ukobach, bye Kuro," I call out to the little demons. Ukobach waves a soapy hand and Kuro gives out a small meow. I follow Rin out the door and we walk toward the other dorm buildings.

"So which dorm is yours?" Rin asks.

"Oh, I haven't actually been assigned one yet."

"Well that's a problem. I'll walk you to Mephisto's office and you can talk to him about it."


We change direction and head to the main school building. We walk in silence for a while, only the sound of the city keeping us company. The sun is halfway below the horizon, the moon glowing nearby it. Oranges, reds, yellows, blues, and purples create a watercolor painting in the sky. Where purple meets the night sky, stars are beginning to show, twinkling like tiny lights. Without fully realizing it, I stop and stare at the beautiful scene. To see the sun, moon, and stars at the same time, mixed with all the colors of the sunset, is breathtaking.

"Brie?" calls Rin. I don't even look at him, afraid that if I look away from the scene before me, it'll disappear.

"It's so beautiful," I reply with barely a whisper. I hear his footsteps grow closer and stop next to me.

"It sure is." We stand and gaze at the scene in silence, admiring its beauty. I've always been drawn to the natural beauty of things like this. The ocean, the forest, the night sky, and even just a plain and peaceful field. "Hey Brie."

I turn to find Rin's face very close to mine, surprising me. What surprises me more though, is the fact that I don't back away. Instead, I lean closer as he copies the movement. Our lips touch and I close my eyes, reveling in the warmth. The kiss is soft and light, like a breeze on a spring day. We pull away from each other and I open my eyes, spotting a blushing Rin that's probably as pink as me at the moment. We stare at one another's eyes before Rin breaks contact, hiding his dazzling blue eyes.

"We should, uh, probably get going," he says sheepishly. I nod and we continue on our way. As we walk he reaches out and wraps his hand around mine, grasping it lightly. I blush at the contact and we walk hand in hand. We reach the building and are soon at Mephisto's office. He lets go of my hand and looks at me.

"Well, I'll see ya later. Maybe we can hang out tomorrow or something," he says quietly. I smile, "I'd like that."

He nods and waves as he walks away, leaving me alone. I sigh and look at the door. I have a lot of things I need to sort out. I knock on the door and wait for a reply.

"Come in," I hear Mephisto say through the door. I open the door and walk in, closing it behind me. Mephisto looks from his paperwork and up to me, smiling when he sees me. "Ah, Brie there you are. I'm assuming you're here to find out where you'll be staying correct?" I nod. "Of course. Come, take a seat."

I make myself comfortable in the seat in front of his desk, facing him. He grins at me and I give a smile of my own in return.

"So," I begin, "I won't have to attend this school will I?"

"Yes actually. You'll start on Monday at True Cross Academy. Congratulations, I don't usually give out scholarships to strangers I've just met," he says with a smirk. "You'll also be attending the cram school to train to become an exorcist."

"What?! I can't be an exorcist!" I exclaim.

"Ah, but you can, and you will," he continues. "I've also decided to stick you in the same dorm as Rin and Yukio."

"What am I? An undesirable?!"

He laughs, "Not at all. Anyway, it's come to my attention that you will be needing new clothes since you clearly didn't bring any belongings to Gehenna with you."

Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about the fact that I don't have anything but the clothes I have on. "So when am I going to get this stuff?"

"I'll be sending you with Amaimon this weekend, along with a credit card linked to my bank account." He frowns. "You're lucky my father favors you or else I wouldn't be giving you a dime."

"Gee, thanks."

"Anyway," Back to smiles, "have you remembered anything?"

"Oh, yeah actually," I recall the vision I had had. "I remember green and blue flames. They were almost fighting, for dominance. One would almost engulf the other, but then the other would grow and it would start over."

"Hmm, interesting," he murmurs with a calculating look. "You may be on your way now."

I get up and mumble a "rude clown" as I walk to the door.

"I heard that~"

I slam the door and walk away, heading to the place I had literally just left. This place is already exhausting...

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