Flames of Blue and Green

First Day



I hate them with a passion.

I groan as I hit the alarm clock next to my bed, silencing the annoying beeping sound. I push myself up off of the bed and drag my feet to the closet, grabbing one of the clean uniforms. I had complained to Mephisto about the way too short skirt, but he wouldn't give in on it. Pervert.

I leave my room and make my way to the shower room. Once I get there I set my things down, undress, and hop into the shower. I turn the water to cool, because it's a bit hot this morning, and let the water run down my body. I feel it rinse away the sweat and grime of the weekend that had gone by in a flurry of shopping and settling. I grab the shampoo bottle and squirt some into my long blonde hair, scrubbing away the grease and dirt. After scrubbing for a while, I rinse out the soapy bubbles and grab the conditioner. As I lather it into my hair I come to the realization that this is the first shower I've had since coming to True Cross. I rinse out the conditioner and am about to grab the soap when I hear a shout from in the hallway. I turn off the water and listen closely, hearing some footsteps outside the door. The sound of the door opening and the shuffling of feet causes me to peek around the shower curtain. I see Yukio. Undressing. Shit.

"Y-Yukio?" I speak up, causing him to jump and spin around. His eyes widen as he spots me.

"Brie! W-What are you doing here?" he asks, averting his gaze from my naked body.

"W-Well when I went to see where I would be staying, Mephisto told me I'll be rooming here," I say with a tinge of embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I was so busy this weekend with settling in and all that I forgot to tell you. I am so sorry."

"It's fine. Really. I'll just, uh, leave you to your shower," he says quickly, grabbing his things and rushing out the door. I shrug and turn the shower back on, washing my body with lots of soap. I turn the water off and get out, drying off and getting dressed. I leave the shower room and walk to my room, passing Yukio in the hallway. He nods and blushes, causing me to giggle.

When I get to my room I blow-dry my hair and straighten it. Then I take two strands of hair from either side of my head and braid them, connecting them in the back. I then put some foundation on my face, followed by mascara and black eyeliner. I finish with red lipstick and smile at myself in the mirror, happy with my work. With a wink at my reflection I grab my bag and head out to the cafeteria.

"Hey Kuro," I greet the cat demon with a smile. He raises his head and meows before jumping from his perch on the table to my shoulder. I laugh and pet his head, causing him to pur in delight. I walk to the kitchen window and peek through to see Ukobach on the counter, cooking breakfast. "Hi Ukobach."

The little demon looks up at me in confusion, raising an eyebrow as if to ask 'what are you doing here?'. I smile and explain to him how I'm rooming here now, to which he smiles and nods. His smile soon disappears as he looks down at the food he's making and then back at me. He makes a series of noises that sound as if he's scorning me. By the way he keeps gesturing to the food and me, I'm guessing he's saying something like 'why didn't you tell me sooner? now I have to make more food!'. I giggle and give an apology.

"I'm sorry. You don't have to cook for me, I can just get something myself," I say. He waves his hands and shakes his head as if to say 'nonsense!'. I giggle at him and he shoos me away so that he can cook. I walk to the table and take a seat, Kuro jumping from my shoulder and back onto the table. I look at the clock hanging above the entrance. It's almost seven. School doesn't start until seven-thirty so I have plenty of time. I look around the room, humming a tune to pass the time. After humming the first verse I start singing.

Monster, how should I feel?

creatures lie here,

looking through the windows.

That night he caged her,

bruised and broke her.

He struggled closer,

then he stole her.

Violet wrists and then her ankles,

silent pain.

Then he slowly saw their nightmares,

were his dreams.


how should I feel?

Creatures lie here,

looking through the window.

I will,

hear their voices.

I'm a glass child,

I am Hannah's regret.


how should I feel?

Turn the sheets down,

murder ears with pillow lace.

There's bath tubs,

full of glow flies.

Bathe in kerosene,

their words tattooed in his veins.

When I finish I hear a shuffling from behind me. I turn and see Yukio, mouth gaping open. I laugh at his appearance which seems to snap him out of his dazed state. He blushes and clears his throat.

"You have a beautiful voice," he says as he looks toward the ground. I smile at his shy composure.

"It's not all that," I say with another laugh. He shuffles his feet and then looks up at me.

"Sorry about earlier," he mumbles, a blush tinging his cheeks.

"You don't have to apologize. It's my fault I didn't tell you I was here," I reassure him. He smiles at me and is about to speak again when a bell sounds from inside the kitchen.

"Looks like breakfast is ready," Yukio says, walking to the kitchen window. I follow him and find two plates of pancakes and a plate of toast sitting on the window.

"The pancakes are for us, the toast is for Rin," Yukio explains, grabbing a plate of pancakes. I nod and and grab the other plate. I walk over to the table and sit down. I grab the fork that's sitting on my plate (Thank God, a fork!) and take a bite.

"I didn't know people ate pancakes in Japan," I think aloud through a mouthful of food.

"Most people don't, but Ukobach likes to experiment with food from everywhere," says Yukio.

"Oh. So, why does Rin just get toast?" I ask.

"Rin is always late, so he eats a breakfast-on-the-go," he replies as he finishes his food. He gets up and takes his plate to the kitchen before turning back to me.

"Well, I'm off," he says and waves a hand before walking out the door. I wave back and then finish off my food. I take my plate to the kitchen.

"Thanks Ukobach, it was really good," I say with a smile. He looks up from the dishes he's doing and smile back. "Well, see ya later."

I walk away from the kitchen and head out the door, waving goodbye to Kuro who only yawns in reply. I laugh and make my way to the school, spotting lots of other students on the way. When I get to the school I go to the main office and they give me my schedule. I wander around the school for a bit until I find my class. Once in class I take a seat near the back, trying not to be noticed. Class starts and the teacher calls me to the front of the room.

"Class, this is Brie. She's a new transfer student from America," says the teacher as I reach the front of the class. "Please introduce yourself Brie."

"Hi, um, I'm Brie. It's nice to meet you all," I say with a small smile to the class. They all stare at me, some smiling at me kindly and others looking on with bored expressions. Some of the guys are checking me out. Jeez.

"Alright, you may take your seat now Brie," says the teacher and I gladly go back to my seat. Just as the teacher is about to start lecturing, a frantic Rin bursts through the door, panting and trying to catch his breath. He looks at the teacher apologetically, to which she only frowns. "Ah, Mr. Okumura. Nice of you to join us this morning."

Rin looks to the floor guiltily and walks to the empty seat next to me. He looks at me and smiles sheepishly. I giggle and turn back to the teacher, who has started her lecture. I grab my notebook and start to take down notes, grateful for something normal in my recently screwed up life.

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