Flames of Blue and Green


"Hurry up," Shura, one of the instructors at the cram school, snaps over her shoulder.

I sigh as I jog to catch up to her. It's Saturday, which means no school, and I had been hoping to sleep in. Unfortunately my hopes were crushed when the spunky instructor had barged into my room, scaring me shitless and causing me to fall off my bed. All she told me was that I needed to get dressed and follow her. When I questioned why she only gave an annoyed look. So, without much choice, I did as she said.

So now here I am, following the under-dressed exorcist through the campus of True Cross. Eventually we reach a small outdoor training area and Shura turns on her heel, facing me. She puts her hands on her hips and eyes me up and down, frowning. Finally, she sighs and begins to talk.

"There are five types of meisters," she begins. "The types are tamer, knight, dragoon, aria, and doctor. My job today is to find out which type of meister you are."

"You don't seem too excited to have that job," I say with a smile tugging at my lips.

"I want to be out here on a Saturday about as much as you do," she replies with another sigh. "But unfortunately Mephisto wants me to do this."

"Sorry about it," I say with a shrug.

She rolls her eyes and hands me a piece of paper. There's a small circle made of intricate designs on it. When I look to her in question she speaks.

"The first meister type is tamer," Shura says. "Tamers use demons, also known as familiars, to fight for them. To summon a familiar you need a magic circle, that paper in your hand, your blood, and an appropriate appeal."

"Appropriate appeal?"

"You must be strong," Shura says seriously. "If your familiar feels that you are weak, it will turn on you. If that ever happens, rip the magic circle up, it will break the summoning."

I look at the paper in my hand and then back to Shura. "You said I need my blood?"

The red-head nods and holds out a needle to me. I take it and prick myself, watching as a drop of blood escapes through the hole in my skin. I am about to attempt to summon when Shura interrupts me.

"You have to put the blood on the magic circle," she says with a sigh. "Baka..."

"Oh," I say and smear the blood onto the paper in my hand. "Now what?"

"Just call out for a demon," she says, the tone in her voice making it seem like I should've known that.

I'm not sure what exactly I'm supposed to say, but decide I better say something before Shura gets impatient. "Um, hello?" Shura groans and I try again, attempting to sound strong and confident. "I am Brie Tenors, and I am calling to any demon willing to be my familiar. If you believe you are worthy of me, and I am worthy of you, show yourself."

I wait in silence and stare at the paper, hoping it will work. After a few moments of silence, though, I hang my head in defeat. Shura shrugs and puts a hand on my shoulder.

"Well, it looks like-"

The instructor is interrupted when a whirlwind forms around the paper in my hand. I look on with wide eyes as something small and agile appears from nowhere, landing on the ground in front of me. I am too shocked to speak, but Shura laughs and pats, or rather hits, my back.

"Would you look at that?" she laughs rather loudly.

I stare at the demon, the demon I summoned, in front of me. It's a small cat with horns on its head, like Kuro, but this one has pure white fur and dazzling blue eyes. It looks at me and sits on its hind legs.

"I am Ren, and I will be your familiar, Brie Tenors."

I gasp when the voice enters my head. Any other time I would have brushed it off as hearing things, but this cat was looking straight at me, and it had said my name.

"It talked in my head!" I squeak.

Shura smiles. "That's natural with a familiar. Usually only demons can communicate telepathically, but when a human has a familiar, the demon creates a link with it so that they are able to communicate."

I nod at her explanation and kneel down to the cat in front of me. "Hello, Ren. I'm glad to have you as my familiar."

"You know," Shura says, and both I and Ren look up at her, "you guys look like a match. Blue eyes, light hair, kinda angelic if you ask me."

I look back to Ren, trying to see the connection Shura does. My eyes go wide when I realize she's right. If I had white hair, or if Ren had blonde fur, we would be almost the same. I smile and reach my hand out to the cat demon cautiously, stopping not far from her head. She smiles and I hear laughter resound in my head.

"It's alright to touch me, Brie."

My smile widens and I reach farther so that my hand reaches her head. As I pet her I begin to wonder how this tiny demon will help me in a fight. She's not very big and not very intimidating, so how will she help?

"Um, just wondering, how do you fight?" I ask, hoping I don't offend her.

"I grow much larger than this."

"Can I see?"

She nods and I stand and back away from her. I watch as she grows from the tiny cat she had just been, to a much larger one about eight feet in height. Her horns have also grown in height and sharpness, looking more menacing than before. To add to the effect she puts on a feral snarl, making her a tiny bit scary.

"That's awesome!" I yell up at her.

"Thank you," she speaks into my mind as she shrinks back down.

"Alright then," Shura speaks up for the first time in a while. "We need to test and see if you have potential in any other meister type. Let's go."


"So, in the end, you are potentially capable of being a tamer and a dragoon," Shura says, hands on her hips.

The sun is low in the sky now and the blue is beginning to fade, instead making way for the colors of the sunset. We had trained all day, testing my abilities for each type.

"Overall though, you aren't too bad," the spunky instructor continues with a smile.

"Thanks," I reply and return the smile.

"Now get out of here and relax for the rest of the day," she snaps with a glance at her watch. Walking away I hear her mumble to herself, "Or what's left of it, that is."

Slowly, I make my way back to the dorm. Once inside I find Rin and Yukio at one of the tables in the cafeteria, eating dinner. Rin seems to not notice me, too wrapped in eating, and Yukio is grading tests. I figure I'll just go to bed now and see them tomorrow, but then Rin notices me and waves. I wave back and make my way to the table.

"Hey Brie! I heard you were training today," Rin says with a grin. "Anything exciting happen?"

"Well, Shura took me to find out what kind of meister I am," I say.

"Ooooh! Are you a knight like me?" he asks excitedly.

"No, sir. I'm a tamer and a dragoon," I say with pride. As I say this Ren jumps up onto the table, observing Rin and Yukio. I gesture to her. "This is Ren, my familiar."

"She's like Kuro!" Rin shouts with a smile.

"A cat sith, huh?" Yukio says, looking from his papers. "That's great, Brie. She even has two tails, which means she's lived for awhile."

"Is he calling me old?" Ren asks me as she glares at Yukio. I laugh and the boys at the table look at me. I give Yukio a scolding look.

"Never bring up a woman's age, Yukio," I say seriously, but can't help to laugh.

"Oh, sorry," he says with a small blush. "You said you're also a dragoon?"

I beam at him and nod my head. "Uh huh! Shura says I have really good aim."

"Let me know if you ever need extra help," Yukio says with a small smile.

I nod and we continue to talk for awhile. Eventually I begin to get tired and my eyes are drooping shut as we talk. Rin notices this and walks me to my room, saying I need to sleep after working so hard today. Halfway there I collapse from exhaustion, the events of today taking a harder toll on me than I thought. Rin sighs and picks me up, carrying me bridal style. I would usually blush from this, but right now I'm too tired to care.

We reach my room and he takes me inside, not bothering to turn the light on. Carefully, he lays me in my bed and covers me with a blanket. I snuggle deeper into the comfort of my bed and begin to drift. Before I'm fully gone, though, I feel Rin kiss my forehead.

"Goodnight, Brie."

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this chapter! And get ready for the next one because there's gonna be...you guessed it! Plot! In the next chapter I'm hoping to get the plot line developed finally. Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Review please! Byeeee!

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