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Zootopia Part 1


Nick and Judy are relived of work with a 2 week break, and decided to visit each others parents. A long the way, they discover their feelings for each other.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

Tuesday,July, 18 2018

It’s been 2 years since Zootopia’s attack by the night howlers. Judy and

Nick we’re on break from the ZPD ,at Bunny Burrow, getting ready to go on a motorcycle ride they had rented by friends,Speedy and Max. Nick had promised Judy a blueberry ice cream cone if he could drive first.

Judy was talking to Max while Nick was picking out a motorcycle.”That one.” said Nick as he pointed to a purple motorcycle with orange flames.

Speedy said ”I’ll go get Judy.”

“Okay, just don’t forget to bring her back. Sometimes she can get people really lost in conversion.” said Nick smiling. Speedy left as Nick found helmets and put his on. Speedy came back with Judy a while later, “Told ya’.” Nick said to Speedy as he handed Judy her a helmet and she put it as walking towards the motorcycle.”Great choose Nick. Like the purple.”

Nick and Judy got on and he started the motorcycle.

When they were on the road Nick asked where they should go.”I don’t know,maybe the Everfroe....”said Judy being interrupted.

“I was thinking maybe…….Oh! We could go...neh let’s go to the Ever place instead. Nick said interrupting Judy. “

Ugh!! Nick,it’s the Everforest. Will you ever listen?!?”. Judy said annoyed. “Yeah,yeah,big deal.” replied Nick with a smirk. Judy laughed for a minute and then said “You do own me an Ice cream don’t you”. Nick was quiet for a moment and said “Was going I going to buy you a ice cream?” Nick replied.

“Yes,yes you where.” Judy said.

Nick was driving like crazy when Judy convinced him to let her drive. She pushed Nick off playfully and got on. Judy was driving peacefully when Nick asked “Are all bunny’s bad drivers, or is it just you?”

“Har,har” said Judy stopping really fast so Nick’s paw cycle flew in his eye. “Very funny, Carrots.” Nick replied as pulling the cold object off his face and blinking.

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