Keeyle Cornick has always been a strange werewolf. Any Alpha would kill to have an omega in their pack, however no alpha seems to want Keeyle in their pack. Is this because her father is the Marrok, who rules all the werewolves in North America or because she is too difficult to manage? Of is something really wrong with her wolf? Or is she simply more powerful than anyone ever thought? Asil is an old wolf, a very old wolf. He has almost given up on life and came to the Marroks pack to die, thinking that Bran Cornick would be the only werewolf powerful enough to stop him. Could two broken wolves help each other to find a reason to continue to exist?

Fantasy / Action
Beth Burke
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Keeyle Cornick walked down the Manhattan street heading to work, wondering what strange cases or situations await her on today’s shift. When she had taken the promotion to detective she had been placed in the Special Victims Unit and was warned that the cases might be a little strange. Since coming to the unit she had though several times that they didn’t know what strange really meant. Keelye was a Werewolf and had been born to a Celtic clan many years ago, and in that time she had seen some very strange things.

The public knew about werewolves now, they had come out nearly a year ago. It had been an interesting year, but not all werewolves were out. Keeyle was not a known wolf and she wanted to keep it that way for now. Her father was the Marrok, the leader of all the wolves in this part of the wolves and she did not want to explain this to anyone, also none of her family was out as wolves to the public so she also stayed in the shadow. She also had not spoken to her father in nearly half a century. They had something of a falling out after an altercation with his mate.

She had thought about reaching out to him over the past few months as she had felt her control had begun to falter. Her Captain had even tried to get her to go talk to someone because he had seen some changes in her behavior.

The truth was, there was something wrong with her wolf, she just had no idea what that something was. She didn’t want to admit it to her father that something was wrong for the fear that he would have no choice but to put her down, and she knew it would destroy him. She believed that it would hurt him a lot more than her blocking him out. Bran Cornick could talk to his wolves and that had always included his children no matter where they were. Keeyle had a special relationship with her father and had always been able to speak to him. She could also speak to her brother Charles, but only when they were within eye sight of each other. She had shut down the connection with her father when they had their fight all those years ago and had kept it shut down for all of these years.

Keeyle was always a little different from other wolves, but now she felt like her wolf was being pulled apart from the inside. She felt as though her wolf was going crazy. Her human side seemed to be just fine. If she kept the wolf suppressed everything was just fine, but any extreme emotion and things could get a little interesting. This was not a feeling that she was used to, she was an Omega wolf and normally this would mean she would be more stable than other wolves and could help to calm and sooth other wolves. Most alpha werewolves want an Omega in their pack. However several Alphas had told Bran that she was too difficult to deal with. She didn’t know what exactly that meant, but it was odd.

When she choose to use her omega power she could in fact calm wolves down and help them center and control their wolf. There was, it seemed, another part of her wolf that bothered alphas. What this part was she didn’t know or understand.

Over the past few months her overall control had been getting worse, normally her control was very good. A few days ago she has noticed her eyes begin to lighten to the light blue of her wolf in the two way mirror while interrogating a suspect. Her human eyes were Green, not ice blue. She had to focus for a moment on pulling her wolf back as to not tear the suspect apart as he finally admitted what he had done to the young girl. Not that he would not have deserved it in the first place as the man had molested, tortured and then raped a 10 year old girl. She was not sure if anyone in her squad had noticed the change of not, but no one said anything about it.

Walking in to the squad room there was a lot of commotion and it looked like the whole squad was heading out.

“Saddle up Keeyle!” said her Captain. She merely nodded and followed them out of the room and back out of the building.

They went to a mostly abandoned part of the docks that were once filled with working warehouses, but now was just a ghost town. As they came up to the building the Captain indicated Keeyle had the strange feeling that something was wrong. She couldn’t put her finger one what was off about the situation, so she took a deep breath and sniffed the air, and smelled nothing.

That in and of itself was odd. They were on the docks, in a old commercial and industrial part of the city there should be hundreds of scents and there was nothing. She could not even smell her own squad and she obviously knew they were there. As she thought of what could causes this the only thing she could think of was magic. Normally she could smell magic and even feel magic. She was witch born on her father’s side and had mystical magic on her mother’s side, so she was normally sensitive to magic of all kinds.

Her partner Fin looked over at her, noticing that she had frozen, and mouthed “Are you ok?“. She nodded and mouthed back “Something is off”. He then nodded as if he too felt something was wrong.

It happened all at once, the squad had silently entered the warehouse and the mask on the building came down. The feel of the magic came pressing down on Keeyle bringing her to her knees and the smell of blood, death and black magic filled the air. Fin came over to her and asked what happened just as all the doors slammed shut and she could feel rather than see the magical locks or force field go over them. So they were not leaving that way, at least not until the witch was dead.

Keeyle smelled the air again now that the shield had been broken. This time she got the hint of a werewolf and a Fea. What in the world was going on here? A witch, a werewolf and a fea? Sounded like the beginning of a bad joke.

Unfortunately the joke was on them. She had to think fast, she was in a warehouse with 5 humans with a black witch, the other two didn’t worry her as much as the witch. She knew what a black witch was capable of and she didn’t like the thought. This was way over their heads, and she could not take one all of these things by herself. She was a good fighter, when she had no other choice. She didn’t like to fight and she hated to have to kill. She was still a wolf, and enjoyed a good hunt on the full moon, but not a fight. She got up and told Fin that she had just tripped.

Captain Cragen looked around "What just happened?"

"Magic" Keeyle said "there is witch magic or blood magic and fea magic here"

"How do you know that?" asked Olivia

"I can feel it" Keeyle answered

Not able to think of any other way to get help, she did the last thing she wanted to do, but to save her friends she would do it. She opened the pack bond to her father and hoped he could help them.

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