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I Want To Touch The Sky ( Aizawa x Reader )


Y/n was accepted to become a teacher at the renowned school, U.A High! Excited to finally have a chance to start over, Y/n tries her best to make a good reputation for herself, at least, that was her intent but, a certain yellow catapillar seems to have other plans. Will you overcome your neglected past mistakes that you try so hard to coverup? Or will others around you that you’ve grown to love fall victim to your jeopardously ugly past?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1 ”School, START!”

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEE-* “Ughhhhh.” you groaned as you tiredly open your eyes to look at the time. It read, 9:55. ‘SHIT I’M GONNA BE LATE!’ you screamed internally. Then in a burst of adrenaline, you hopped out of bed, er, well, more like flopped, and rushed to get ready.

‘Man this is what I get for not sleeping well,’ you admonished. You had suffered from Insomnia since you were a child because of a traumatic experience that you REALLY didn’t feel like digging back up at the moment. You had to focus on the task at hand. Why were you in such a hurry you might ask? Well, it was your first day at your brand new job of course!

After countless hours of paperwork and interviews, you had finally managed to achieve your dream of becoming a teacher! But not just at any old school, it was at UA High, the most prestigious school in the region. You remember as a child you had dreamed of going there and becoming a hero! But unfortunately those dreams had died long ago *cough* Along with my will to live *cough* Your family was very supportive but by the time you had mastered your quirk you were too old to attend the school.

But nevertheless this was your chance to change all that. ‘This is a new place, new people, no one knows me there. This is my chance to make a good first impression!’ you thought. ‘Although being late on my first day isn’t a good start...’ You shook out the negative thoughts and focused on getting ready.

You walked into your bathroom to get a quick shower and dry your hair which you ended up throwing in a messy bun. You threw on a darkish brown sweater that was a little too big for you, black skinny sweat pants, and a pair of white converses. Of course along with your usual bandages wrapped around your arms and feet. I know it sounds complicated, just roll wit it. You slid through the kitchen with a Nutella sandwich in your mouth, pet your cat Kip on the head, and sprinted out the door.

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