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It's All Your Fault! (Villiandeku)


What happens when Izuku Midoriya happens to talk to his all time idol All Might and his dreams of becoming a hero get shattered to pieces. After All Might told Izuku that becoming a hero without a quirk is impossible, Izuku's life changes. He becomes so depressed that one day he decides there's no point in his existence. After trying to commit suicide and failing, Izuku wakes up in the league of villains hideout and through some convincing he gets recruited as a villain.

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Chapter 1

Izuku watched in horror as Katsuki blew up his hero analysis book and threw it out the window. "H-hey!" Izuku yelled running over to the window to see where his book fell.

"You should do everyone a favor and go take a swan dive off the roof of the school. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get a quirk in your next life." Katsuki laughed with his "friends" as Izuku flinched. Izuku slowly turned around to face Katsuki with a horror mixed with anger like expression on his face. 'What!?'

"You got a problem Deku?" Katsuki said with a smug look, flashing off his quirk. Izuku jumped and looked away. "Thought so. Let's get out of here." Katsuki turned and walked away, his "friends" following him. Izuku slowly made his way out of the school to find his hero analysis book in a fish pond.

"Stupid Kacchan. You can't say things like that! And look my book is now being used as fish food." Izuku grabbed his book out of the pond and made his way home lost in his thoughts. He didn't realize the villain following him in the abandoned streets until he walked under a tunnel like bridge and heard someone behind him.

"Heh, I didn't think you would ever notice me. Ah but it's too late for you to do anything don't you think?" The villain lunged toward him with a knife and hand and as he drew closer Izuku let out a little scream and tried to turn away. The villain was able to slightly job the knife into Izuku's shoulder before All Might came from nowhere and punched the air blowing the villain away and knocking him out. The knife fell out of Izuku's arm and clatter away into a dark corner. Due to the sudden pain in his arm Izuku passed out despite his idol being there. All Might tied the villain up then notices Izuku's hero analysis book. He picked it up and look through it seeing Heroes of all kinds in it. 'Jeez! This kid has info on every hero out there.'

When Izuku woke up, the first thing he noticed was a throbbing ache in his left shoulder. Groaning and clutching his shoulder he slowly got up and saw All Might standing in front of him. Arm quickly forgotten he stared up at him amazed.

"Oh thank God! Thought I lost you there. I must apologize for not being there before you could get injured young man. But I patched up your arm there so you should be fine, but I recommend you go get it looked at at the hospital anyway."

Izuku stared in awe before remembering about his book. 'Oh I should get a signature!' Izuku flipped through his books if I refresh page only to see that all might already signed it.

"Well if that's all I must take this fellow here to the station. So I'll be on my way." All Might said grabbing the knocked out villain and preparing to jump.

"W-wait All Might! I have something to ask you! Can you spare a quick m-minute p-please!?" Izuku cried as pain shot up his arm.

"I- um- sure. But make it quick cause as I said I've got to take him to the station."

"Right right!" Izuku swallowed and prepared himself for what he was to say.

"I-s it possible to become a hero even if you don't have a quirk? You see I was born without a quirk so everyone told me it was never possible for me to become a hero. But I never gave up and still tried to do the best I could. And now that I'm talking to the guy that I've always looked up to I thought I'd ask you if it was even worth doing all this." Izuku asked a light blush appearing on his face.

"..... What's your name kid?'

"Oh right um it's Izuku Midoriya All Might!"

'I shall remember this name' ".... To..... To become a hero..... I'm sorry young man but it's impossible for one to become a hero without a quirk. It's okay to have a dream, but make it one you can actually achieve." All might said smile wavering ever-so-slightly. Now if you please I must go. All Might adjusted his grip on the villain and jumped off and away.

Izuku stood there his whole world shattered yet again as he clutched his left shoulder and let tears fall to the floor. After subconsciously crying for 10 minutes, Izuku composed himself and continued to walk home. As he was walking back through the tunnel bridge a glimmer caught his eye and he walked towards it. He picked it up and saw that it was a knife. Upon closer inspection he realize that it was a knife the villain was carrying. Despite knowing he got stabbed with said knife, Izuku decided to keep it because it looks cool and he could use it to defend himself next time. When he got home he told his mom to take him to the hospital while explaining what happened leaving out what All Might said to him. They got to the hospital and Izuku got checked out with a sling because when he got stabbed the knife hit a pressure point that's going to make his arm immobile for a week and a half.

After coming back home for the second time Izuku found a knife holder to put over the blade of the knife. After a long day and being nice by his mother for every little thing, Izuku was finally able to go to bed.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The next morning when Izuku got to class all eyes were on him making him anxious. He quickly made his way to his desk. After sitting down he noticed that everyone but Katsuki was looking at his arm. Izuku tried to ignore the stares so he stared at his desk thinking about nothing until the teacher walked in. The teacher continue to teach his class without saying anything about is Izuku's arm. Once everyone finally looked away he took out his notebook and started to take notes. Once he finished he decided to take out his hero analysis book. He was going to update a page on someone when he accidentally came across the page All Might signed.

'If what All Might said is true, then why am I continuing this? There would be absolutely no point. But I guess it's a habit that that I gradually put upon myself. I guess I don't need this book anymore then since it's not going to help me anymore. All Might was right. What is a quirkless loser like me going to do trying to become a hero? I should have just listened to everyone when they said it's not possible and for me to give up-'

"Midoriya! I guess that you might be a little distracted with your arm but you might need to know some of the stuff in the future." Izuku blushed and muttered a quick apology while everyone laughed.

Once lunch time came around Izuku was eating his lunch quietly while adjusting the sling on his arm to make himself more comfortable.

"Oi Deku. The fuck with your arm?" Katsuki asked out of the blue putting everyone's attention onto izuku.

"I- um- wh- um" Izuku stuttered. "I um... I got stabbed." Izuku swallowed and scratched his cheek.

"Really?! By who?" One of his classmates asked.

"Oh- um, by- by some villain on my way home yesterday." Everyone stared at him eyes open wide with shocked and some people turned away to start side conversations.

"Tch. Stupid Deku. Can't even stop himself from being fucking stabbed." Katsuki muttered.

Izuku look down and continue to eat his lunch. Once he finished he put his lunch box away and pulled out his hero analysis book. Izuku stared at it for a while before flipping through it one last time. With a small frown, Izuku stood up and walked towards the door throwing the book away as he walked out and towards the bathroom, unaware of the Ruby orbs watching him the entire time.

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