The Forgotten Kingdom


Flora wasn’t sure how long she had been laying on the floor, but the stone cold floor had left her body numb from the chilly surface. Her body screaming for her to find a source of warmth. Wiping her eyes that she was sure were red and puffy from the countless tears she had shed. She sat up and slowly got to her feet, wrapping her arms around herself then rubbed her sides and arms to get some friction going to warm herself up.

Taking in her surroundings Flora expected to see a small room with gray dank walls maybe a toilet and a shabby bed, but surprisingly the room was spacious and posh. Not far from where she was lying was a plush dark red velvet rug with an intricate golden design, a double bed with a red and gold luxurious comforter piled with pillows to match. There was also small tables on each side of the bed. At the back wall sat a mahogany vanity with a mirror and a stool with a red lush cushion. Next to the vanity was a matching armoire. The room was dimly lit by tiny glowing orbs on the ceiling it looked like little golden stars. She would have felt like a princess in such a nice room if it wasn’t for the fact that she’d been kidnapped and now being held against her will. On her right was a golden curtain curious as to why it was there she walked over to it and moved it aside. Behind the curtain was a small bathroom with a toilet sink and small shower. Well at least they let her have a toilet and a private one at that.

“Are the accommodations to your liking?” A deep voice asked from behind her.

Gasping Flora turned around quickly. Standing a small ways behind her was King Adonis.

“My apologies I did not mean to frighten you.” He said.

“Frighten me?” She said softly, “You abducted me, put some strange crazy collar around my neck and toss me into a dungeon and you apologize for startling me just now.” Her voice rising a small octave after each thing she listed.

“A very lavish dungeon.” He added coolly. “And your collar is to keep you alive there is no nature here and without nature you can’t survive.”

She couldn’t deny that on either points, “A prison is still a prison.” She said coldly

He sighed and walked over to her taking her hands in his. “Your hands are cold. I’ll have extra blankets delivered to keep you warm.” He said completely ignoring her comment about prisons. Then he guided her over to the bed and gestured for her to sit. As she did she sank deeply into the mattress. “I want to thank you nature fairy now that you are here we can rebuild what we have lost, leave the caves and shadows of this dark lifeless world and return to life once again. You are our salvation. If there is anything you need please don’t hesitate to ask.”

First the guy has her kidnapped, acts indifferent when she was presented to him, throws her in a cell and now he acts all concerned for her wellbeing and calls her his salvation, Flora couldn’t be more confused. “What do you want with me?” Flora asked, she didn’t get an answer to that question earlier but he seemed to be in a more talkative mood so she took a chance.

“I just told you, you’re here to rebuild a lost world.”

“And just how exactly am I supposed to do that?”

“You’ll know in time” he said and patted her on the head like a child, “Now I’ll take my leave and let you get settled.” Then he started for the door stopped and turned around. “Perhaps I’ll have some plants sent to you. Not real ones of course since they do not grow but at least it’ll make you feel more at home. Good day fairy.” He bowed slightly and left putting the electrical bars in place.

Flora sat their stunned for a moment “Rebuild a lost world. Get settled.” She huffed angrily. “What the hell is going on?” She shouted to the walls. Grabbing one of the pillows next to her she screamed out her frustration into it. “I don’t know what to do.” She said hoarsely, “I’m angry frustrated, but most of all I’m scared. Scared of being here and scared of what’s going to happen.” Clutching the necklace “Helia you’ve always given me strength please give me the courage to carry on now.” She laid down on the bed and stared at the glowing orbs above and let her tears of fear, frustration, and sadness fall.

“Are you really a fairy?” A voice asked her.

Sitting up she wiped her eyes and looked towards the source of the voice. Standing outside her cell door was a fair skinned girl with pale yellow hair and crystal blue eyes. Wearing a navy blue dress.

“Yes.” She said nodding

“Really?” The girl said excitedly.

“Yes really.”

The electrical bars disappeared and the little girl came rushing into the room.

“I’m a fairy too.” She said enthusiastically jumping on the bed. “I came by a few days ago and yesterday but you were sleeping, what I don’t understand is why you were sleeping on the ground when you have a bed.”

A few days Flora was shocked that she had slept that long.

“Since you’re a fairy what’s your talent?” The girl asked.

“I’m sorry my what?” Flora asked shaking her head out of a daze.

“Your talent.” She repeated, “Oh sorry I mean your power? I’m a water fairy.”

“I’m a nature fairy.” Flora told her.

“My mom’s a nature fairy.” She said then got a sad look on her face and quietly said, “Well she was a nature fairy.”

“Was?” Flora inquired

“She died.” The girl told her tears starting to form in her eyes.

Not liking to see others upset she hugged the girl to her chest rubbing her back soothingly. “It’s alright sweetie everything’s going to be okay.” She told her.

If only there was someone to do the same for her in this situation she thought.

Once the girl calmed down she released her. “My name’s Flora what’s yours?”

Wiping her eyes the girl gasped “I forgot to introduce myself didn’t I. That’s such bad manners, mother taught me better than this I should have told you my name at the very beginning.” Hopping off the bed she stood in front of Flora “Please forgive my earlier rudeness my name is Lily Princess of the lost kingdom of Eden. It is a pleasure to meet you Flora” She said and curtsied.

“You’re forgiven.” Flora said then laughed a little.

“Is something funny?” Lily asked crawling back onto the bed.

“More ironic than funny.”

“Then what is it that’s ironic?”

“Before I came here I was collecting a flower called the happy lily rose and now I’m talking to somebody named lily. Your middle name isn’t Rose is it?”

Lily laughed “No it’s Jane actually.”

Suddenly Flora’s stomach growled loudly. The two laughed.

“I’ll run and get you some food.” Lily said getting off the bed.

“That won’t be necessary Lily I have food for her.” Xandar said walking into the room with a tray of food and fake rose with it. “You know you shouldn’t be playing down here now run along little princess before I tell your father.” He said.

Lily looked quickly between the two and saw glimmer of fear cross Flora’s eyes, but the fairy nodded for her to go. Returning the nod she quickly left the room. Xandar always gave her a weird feeling like tiny bugs crawling everywhere on her skin. She made a promise to herself that she would return and check on Flora.

“How have you been my emerald?” He asked

“I’m not your emerald.” Flora told him flatly.

He just smiled “Of course you are. Emerald” Then he set the tray down on a table next to the bed. Picked up the rose and twiddled it around with his fingers moving it back and forth never taking his eyes off of her. “A word of warning the food is horrible everything here is scientifically created it’ll have the same shape and texture but when it comes to taste well… there is none. So enjoy.” He said placing the rose behind her ear his fingers trailing lightly from the base of her ear to the underside of jaw tilting her head up to face him. Then leaned in towards her as if to kiss her.

She shuddered at his touch but when he leaned in close she wouldn’t allow him to have his way. Helia was the only one who was allowed to touch her that way, using all of her strength she pushed him away making him stumble back a few steps. And anger flashed through his eyes.

He laughed giddily “Still fiery I see. Good. Let’s take you down a peg.” He said tauntingly “It’s time… yes it’s time” he said as he paced the room. “I told you emerald you’re mine now and I can do whatever I want with you when I want. Now you’re going to learn what happens when you refuse my advances and make me angry.” He said darkly.

Walking over to the tray he picked up the glass of water and set it to the side. “Did you know the body can last three weeks without food, but going a week without water will kill you. You’ve been asleep for a few days now and taking into consideration that you’re a nature fairy that might be a smaller estimate for you. I’m going to guess that you might be dehydrated so I’ll let you keep the water. I can’t have my emerald losing its shine. But this…” He said holding up the tray, “Well you can go without this.”

Without warning he hurled the tray at the wall by the exit and it splattered to the ground dishes breaking in pieces. But just throwing it to the floor wasn’t enough for him he walked to the food and began smashing it into the stone floor with his boot until it was all just a pile of mush and glass.

Flora watched this man in horror the only thought in her head about him was he’s completely insane. Glancing at the door she noticed the bars were gone. She could make a break for it and try to get passed him and escape. As soon as that thought entered her mind she tossed it out the window. Even if she was able to get passed this man she didn’t know the layout of this place and had no idea where she was they’d catch her in an instant.

He looked up from the mess staring her straight in the eye and she was caught like a deer in headlights. Rushing at her in an instant her mind barely processing this information the instinct to flee came too late. Grabbing her by the hair tearing a scream from her he pulled her off the bed. “That’s a nice sound. Sing some more for me emerald.” He said and roughly pulled her hair again knocking the rose loose it fluttered to floor.

It took a lot but she held a scream in and the only thing that escaped her was a whimper.

“I wanted you to sing not hum.” He said darkly.

Then he shoved her against the wall face first but before she hit she was able to catch herself with her hands. Holding back tears she took a few quick breaths and decided she wasn’t going to let him treat her like this she’d fight even without her powers. As soon as she felt him close behind her curling her hand into a fist, she turned quickly and with all her might she punched him in the side of his face. A surprised look came on his face and he faltered. Taking this chance she pushed passed him and ran for the door. She didn’t care if she couldn’t find an escape route she just wanted to get away from this psycho.

Just as she was about to exit the room intense shooting pain went coursing through her body the only thing she could do was scream and fall to the floor. She heard him walk up behind her and flipped her over facing him. “That wasn’t very nice.” He said while rubbing his cheek.

Grabbing the front of her shirt he brought her back over to the wall and pushed her against it. “Why did you make me hurt you? Do you think I want to hurt you my emerald?” he asked while holding her head in a vice like grip, then he smirked “Sorry that last one was a stupid question I already know the answer. Of course I want to hurt you. How else could I break this spirit of yours?” Forcing her head up then quickly and forcibly kissed her.

Shocked and repulsed by the action Flora reached up with her arms and scratched deeply him from forehead to chin. He screamed and pulled back. She seen his hand come up and she flinched waiting for the blow but it never came. He just smiled malevolently at her showing a small black device in his hand then turned a dial and pressed a button. The pain she felt a moment before was nothing compared to what she going through now. Blood curtailing screams tore from her throat as what she assumed were electrical volts pulsating through her. Her feet gave way from under her and she fell to the floor in a heap convulsing on the ground. Sitting her against the wall when she stopped. He kneeled down and looked her in the eye and said “I told you this collar could be used as punishment. Now the next time I want you to sing you will, and if I wish to touch you, I’ll touch you” Then he kissed her on the forehead and walked away. Leaving her slumped against the wall.

That’s how Lily found her when she returned hair and clothes disheveled and slumped against the wall. This wasn’t the way she had left her, sure her hair was a little messy from sleep clothes somewhat wrinkled but nothing like now. “Flora are you okay?” she asked hesitantly as she came closer. There was no response. Taking a closer look she noticed red marks slightly forming around her face. Glancing around the room she saw the mess with the food. Then she remembered all the rumors she had heard about Xandar. The things he would do to the prisoners like starving them and even torturing them horribly for his own amusement. Even though she got a bad vibe from him, she always just thought they were stories to make people afraid of him but looking at Flora she knew they had to be true. The collar she understood her mother wore one as well otherwise she would die in a place like this. But Flora wasn’t a prisoner. From what she heard Flora was here to help them so why treat her like that? And yet knowing she was here to help bring back Eden, though Lily had no idea how that was going to happen. Why was she put in a cell and not given a normal room? These were all questions she didn’t have an answer to but she wished she did.

“Flora?” She tried again.

Nothing but she did hear another gurgle from her stomach but this time neither of them laughed. “I’ll be right back.” She promised and ran out the door.

She came back moments later with an apple and knife to cut it with. Cutting off a small sliver “Here” She said offering it to in hopes of rousing her from her stupor.

Like before there was no response.

“It’s real.” She said gently placing slice in Flora’s hand then curling her fingers around it. Hoping that maybe the feel of something would bring her around. “My mother made it.” She said slicing off another sliver. “Before she died of course. She swore that at least one time she wanted her daughter to know what real fruits and vegetables tasted like.” Then took a small bite of her piece. “There’s plenty of soil here but no sunlight to nurture the plants. It took most of her magic and strength but she was able to do it. She made so many different kinds of them. There were tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, apples, grapes, oranges, and so much more. After she did it though she was bedridden for months. Even though she was still weak and should have been resting she told me to bring some of my favorites to her and she’d put a preservation spell on them that way I could save them for special occasions.”

She noticed Flora’s hand twitch but there was no major movement, but it seemed to her like she wanted to move it. Maybe Xandar had done something to where she was unable to move or speak for that matter. If that was the case then she knew that eating on her own wasn’t going to be an option. Taking the apple sliver out of her hand she brought it up to Flora’s mouth and popped it in. After a second the nature fairy began chewing slowly. Which made Lily happy so she gave a shy smile and waited for her to swallow and cut off another piece and fed it to her. They continued like that until the apple was gone then she tossed the core aside and wiped her hands and the knife on her dress then placed the knife in the drawer of table next to the bed. “In case he ever comes back I’ll leave this here.” She said, walking over to the vanity she rummaged through the drawers until she found a hairbrush. Flora might’ve eaten but she was still in that semi-comatose state. Walking back she did her best to shift her to one side so she could get behind her then she started to gently brush her long honey brown hair starting at the end and working her way up.

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