The Forgotten Kingdom

The Black Dragon

Flora awoke once again but instead of feeling cold she was surprisingly warm and comfortable. Sitting up she realized she was in bed and somehow her hair had been braided.

“I find my hair easier to brush the next morning if I braid it before I go to sleep.” She heard Lily say as she was rubbing her eyes to get the sleep out of them. “Plus it makes your hair all wavy sometimes.” Lily continued.

“Did you put me to bed Lily?” Flora asked with a yawn.

Lily giggled slightly sitting on the stool in front of the vanity, “No silly there’s no way I could lift you. Luke did when he brought in more blankets.”

Luke? The name sounded familiar to her. Oh yeah he was the pilot. She remembered. “Have I been sleeping long?”

“A couple of days.”

“Has it really been that long?”

Lily nodded. “Flora can I say something?’”

“Of course sweetie.”

“Promise you won’t get mad.”

“Okay I promise.” Flora agreed though she had no idea why she’d be angry Lily hasn’t done anything to her.

“I can’t think of a polite way to say this so I’m just going to be blunt. I think you should take a shower you’re kind of starting to stink.”

Flora sniffed herself made a face and started laughing “I think you’re right. But I don’t think I have anything to wear.”

“Let’s check.” Lily said getting up and going over to the Armoire and opening its doors. Inside were many different colored formal gowns.

“Is there anything less formal?” Flora asked.

Lily looked through all the dresses. “Nope there isn’t she said, “But this one is really pretty.” She held up a royal blue evening gown with a deep v neck design with black rhinestones scattered all around the skirt. “I like how it sparkles.”

“Then I’ll wear that one. What’s in the bottom drawer?”

“I’ll check.” Lily squatted down and opened the drawer. “Underwear.” She said holding up a bra and panties. “Will everything fit?” She asked bringing over the clothes.

“We won’t know until I try them on but I think I’ll take a shower first.” Flora told her.

“Okay while you do that I’ll go get us some food.” Lily said and left the room the doors bars not even returning.

For a moment Flora thought of escaping but knew it was pointless since she had no idea where to go. She went to her little bathroom and took a shower. When she was done she changed into the clothes unfortunately the bra was too small.

When Flora stepped out of the bathroom Lily was back with the food already munching on what looked like a carrot stick while sitting on the bed the tray next to her.

“It’s the scientific stuff not real this time, sorry I don’t have much left.” Lily said.

“That’s alright sweetie I’m not a picky eater.” Flora said as she sat down and picked up a strawberry and took a bite. Xandar was right about the food the feel and texture of it was right and the taste well she wasn’t going to that it didn’t have a taste because it did. It was so bland that the only thing that came to mind was cardboard even though she’d never actually ate it before, that was just the only thing she could think of to describe it. Just thinking about that man and the things he did sent a horrible shudder through her.

“You okay?” Lily asked noticing the shiver.

“I’m fine.”

Not wanting to press the issue Lily took her at her word. “Flora can I ask a silly question.”

“Sure ask away.”

“Well…” She looked at Flora then back at herself then Flora again. “When will I get mine?”

“Get yours?” Flora asked confused. “Get what of yours?”

She looked again down at herself then at Flora, “When will I get those?” Then she pointed at Flora’s chest.

Looking down Flora realized this dress did show quite a bit of cleavage and at the moment she wished she had something to cover herself with. But the question did make her laugh.

“It’s not funny.” Lily whined. “Seriously when will I get mine?”

“No sweetheart you’re right it’s not.” Flora said trying to contain her laughter. Clearing her throat she said, “Well everybody is different when it comes to this… issue. And well you’re still young so give it time I’m sure you’ll grow up beautifully.” Flora told her a little embarrassed to be having this conversation.

“But I’m already fourteen shouldn’t something be happening already?” Lily complained.

“You’re fourteen I thought you were younger.” Flora said surprised.

“Everybody does.” Lily sighed, “How old did you think I was nine, ten?”

“Eleven actually.” Flora said.

“Well at least I’ve gained a year.”

“I don’t know if this will make you feel any better but I didn’t really start developing in that area until I was sixteen.” Flora told her grabbing another piece of food and taking a bite.

“It does actually. Can I ask another question?”

“Does it involve puberty?”


“Fire away.”

“Who taught you how to use your magic?”

“Well at first my mother did she taught me simple nature spells since she was a nature fairy as well, she also taught me about plants but as my powers grew stronger my parents sent me to Alfea a school for fairies. It was there that I learned how to really harness my magical powers and become a full-fledged fairy.”

“There’s a school for fairies?” Lily said excitedly.

“Lots of them actually.”

“I wanna go to school. I want to learn how to become a full-fledged fairy. No not just a fairy I want learn so much more I want to know all about the other realms too.”

Flora smiled Lily reminded her of herself at that age so eager to learn. “Who’s been teaching you how to use your magic?”

“Nobody I’ve been figuring it myself. Mom died before I came into my powers and dad doesn’t have magic. The monks here tried to teach me but… it seemed dark and unnatural made me really queasy. So I decided to train on my own but the only thing I can really do is float a pencil, and create a water ball.” Lily told her then held out her hand as a small ball of water formed then she made it disappear. “Sometimes if I really concentrate I can sense all the different river canals here. Which way they run and where it ends or joins with another. I can tell when a current will change and when the tide is ready to shift.”

“Sounds like me with nature I can tell you exactly when a flower will bloom or when the grass will grow. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it?”

“Yes it is.” Lily agreed, “Very alive but also peaceful but in the back there’s always a sense it could turn destructive in an instant.”

“There are two sides to everything.” Flora said sagely.

Lily nodded her head in agreement.

After a moment of comfortable silence Lily turned to Flora “Will you teach me how to use magic?” She asked hopefully.

Flora nodded “Sure I’d be happy to teach you Lily. When do you want to start?”

“Right after this question. You were talking in your sleep a few days ago when Luke moved you.”

Flora blushed a little at hearing that and hoped she didn’t say anything to embarrassing.

“I was just wondering who’s Helia?”

A week that’s how long Flora had been missing the Winx and the Specialist had nothing to go on, whoever these guys were they were good at covering their tracks. Timmy even reworked the machine he used to locate Tecna in the Omega Dimension to find Flora and Helia spent the first three days hooked up to it. Though they never got a single hit. On the fourth day everyone urged him to take a break and rest but he refused. It got so bad that Professor Saladin stepped in and put a sleeping spell on the poor guy just to make him rest.

On the fifth day Helia gave up on the machine he knew it was pointless ditching his Specialist uniform for something more casual dressed all in black and a grey cloak he made his way across Magix. Past the red light district to a part of town that not even the witches of Cloud Tower dared set foot. The world of the Magix criminal underground. A place filled with murderers and thieves alike. Only the lowest of the low came here. The buildings were rundown most were in shambles as if one step in them and it would all crumble around you. The wind blew rustling his cloak about him and swirling dirt throughout the streets a stray piece of paper getting caught in an updraft every now and again. Walking to the end of the farthest road and up the steps of a building the only thing on it was a piece of black steel with an outline of a dragon etched in red on it. Pulling the hood of his cloak closer Helia walked through the swinging doors and sat at one of the empty shabby tables.

“What do you want?” A scantily clad waitress asked as she came over to the table.

“Give me a beer.” Helia told her not even looking up at her. Not that he’d actually drink it. It was more to keep up appearances really.

“Right. Be right back.” Then she strode away. She came back a few minutes later set a mug down and walked off.

Knowing he wasn’t going to be able to locate Flora through a machine or searching the web if he wanted information he needed to go to the underground. This is how Helia spent the next couple of days listening in on the conversations of those around him hoping for a hint of his girlfriend’s whereabouts. Then one day someone came and sat across from him.

“Never expected to see you in a place like this.” Came a familiar voice.

“Riven?” Helia whispered shocked.

“Long time no see.” He said. Then in hushed tones he said, “What’s up Saladin doesn’t usually send Specialists out on a mission where they have to listen in on criminal activity.”

“This isn’t a mission. It’s personal.” Helia told him

This piqued Riven’s interests. He also knew it had to be pretty important for Helia to come all the way out here. “What’s going on?” Riven asked seriously.

“Flora’s been kidnapped.” He said darkly, “She’s been missing a week now.”

Riven was shocked. Flora kidnapped? He could understand it if the Trix were still around they could use her to lure the others into a trap but they were trapped in the legendarium. It’s not like she held any political standing her family wasn’t even rich as far as he knew. So why take her? And who took her?

“Who took her?”

“We don’t know. At first we thought they were after Aisha since she was with Flora when they first attacked.”

“That would have made more sense she is a princess after all.” Riven said.

Helia nodded in agreement, “It didn’t stop me from standing watch that night.”

“Can’t blame ya there I think I would’ve done the same thing if I were in your shoes.”

“To be honest I’ve been keeping an eye her for a while before that.”

“Now you’re just a stalker.”

“It isn’t like that.” Helia defended, “She said she kept having these weird feelings like something bad was going to happen so I kept watch at night to be safe.”

“Any clues as to who took her?” Riven asked.

“Not really they covered their tracks pretty good. The only thing we have to go on is a symbol of a willow tree. It was on the shields of soldiers who took her.”

“Willow tree that’s not a lot to go on.”

“Why do you think I’m here?”

“What about Timmy’s machine? Couldn’t you rework it somehow to find Flora?”

“Already tried I sat at that thing for three days straight with no luck.”


“What brings you here?” Helia asked, “Or did you decide you wanted to live a life of crime?”

Riven smirked, “As tempting as it is to live that life I’m here on business. A shop owner refused to pay one of the local gangs for protection so they took his daughter. He hired me to get her back for him.”

“Good luck finding her.”

“Yeah you too. If I hear anything about Flora I’ll let you know. And when you do find out where she is let me know I’ll give ya a hand in the rescue if I can.”

“Thanks.” Helia said.

“Helia where have you been?” Timmy asked as he entered Helia’s room.

“The Black Dragon.”

“Are you nuts? Do you know what kind of people hangout there?”

“Of course why do you think I went?” Helia replied opening a desk drawer and pulling out a small box.

“Yeah but…” Timmy trailed off not really knowing what he was going to say.

“Have you found anything out yet?”

“No nothing.” Timmy said sadly.

“I was going to propose.” Helia blurted sitting on his bed clutching the box.

“What?” Timmy said stunned

“That night in the rain after our kiss it would have been perfect. But I chickened out, and now she’s gone and I just feel like I lost my chance.”

“You haven’t lost it.” Timmy said sitting down next to him. “We’re going to find her no matter what it takes. Then when the time is right you can pop the question. I know she’ll say yes because she loves you. Don’t lose hope man stay strong. She needs you.”

With those words Timmy left. Holding the box firmly in his hand. “I’m going to save you Flora no matter what it takes. I will rescue you.” Helia vowed.

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