The Forgotten Kingdom

Magic Lessons

“This is impossible.” Lily said with a huff.

“It’s not impossible Lily. You’re just trying too hard.” Flora told her.

“How am I trying to hard?” She asked while brushing her hair down from its previous spiky appearance.

“Simple really you want it to happen so bad that you think about it happening but lose focus on your magic.”

“Who’d of thought that changing your hair color could be so difficult? I thought you said this was easy beginner stuff.”

“It is easy beginner stuff.”

“But I’ve been trying for two days and all I get is crazy hair.”

Flora laughed.

“Don’t laugh Flora it’s not funny.” Lily whined. “I’m a failure as a fairy.” She said glumly.

“You’re not a failure and I wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing at a memory.”

“What was this hard for you too?”

“No not me. A friend of mine, Bloom. She had the exact problem you did and now she’s probably the strongest fairy throughout the magic dimension.”

“Whoa really! What is she a fairy of?” Lily asked in awe.

“She’s the fairy of the Dragon Flame.”

“So she’s a fairy of fire.”

Flora nodded.

“That’s cool. I bet when I get stronger I could beat her, since water puts out fires.”

Laughing Flora said, “Maybe. Now that you have a rival to compete with ready to try again?”

“Yep.” Lily nods.

“Alright now close your eyes and picture a color. Imagine that color spreading from the roots of your hair all the way down to the tips… Now open your eyes.”

“I did it.” Lily exclaimed happily looking at herself in the vanity mirror her pale yellow hair was now a light purple.

“Excellent job. I’m proud of you.” Flora said as she gave her a hug.

Lily played with her hair for a moment then asked, “How do I make it go back to normal?”

“Easy just think about your hair going back to normal and shake your head.” Flora told her.

Lily shook her head and her pale yellow hair was back. Then she closed her eyes and her hair was green then shook her head and went back to normal. Closed her eyes again and turned her hair pink shook it out and made her hair blue.”

“Having fun there?” Flora asked as she watched Lily turn her hair rainbow colors.

“Yep.” Lily told her.

“Well turn it back to normal and get out of here little princess?” A voice said from the door.

The two gasped and looked towards the door. Xandar was standing in the doorway and gave a tiny wave. Flora moved closer to Lily taking a protective stance in front of her. Lily glanced with her eyes to the drawer she put the knife in as far as she knew Flora hadn’t taken it out and neither of them were close enough to make a quick grab for it.

“I have business with the nature fairy. So go play somewhere else.” Xandar commanded as he walked towards them. “You look delectable Emerald the dress really hugs your curves I could eat you up.”

“No. You leave.” Demanded Lily as she stepped out from behind Flora. “You’re interrupting my lessons. And if you even think about hurting Flora again I’ll tell my father.” She threatened.

Xandar laughed maniacally “Kittens starting to get claws, guess we’re entering the rebellious teenage years. But we both know Lily your father doesn’t love you or even care about you. He doesn’t even acknowledge that you exist. You go running to him and he won’t even know who you are. The only one who ever loved you was your mother. And she’s dead.” He said mockingly.

Lily’s eyes changed from its lovely crystal blue to that of a dark cobalt blue. Her anger bubbling to the surface and skyrocketing over the edge lashed out at Xandar shooting him with blast of magic sending him across the room and smashing into the wall.

“Someone like you has no right to speak of my mother.” Lily screamed at him, “No matter what you say I know my father loves me. He’s just blinded by his grief of losing those he loved.” She told him as she made her way over to him her hand glowing vibrantly with blue magic ready to strike him again.

“Go ahead and tell yourself that if it makes you feel better.” He said getting up and dusting himself off. “Definitely in the rebellious stage. I don’t like to make a habit of hitting little girls but since you technically threw the first punch I’ll make an exception. C’mon little princess show me what you got.” He taunted.

Not liking where this was going Flora stepped in and said “Lily that’s enough he’s not worth it you should go. Cool off and we can pick back up where we left off later.”

“Did I say you could talk?” Xandar said.

Flora screamed as she felt an electrical spark shoot through her and she fell to her knees.

“Stop hurting her!” Lily cried and sent a blast of magic at Xandar which he dodged.

Xandar rushed forward while dodging another blast that was sent his way. “Now it’s my turn.” He said in menacing tone as grabbed Lily holding her up by the arms in with one hand and pulling back his other for a punch, “Don’t start a fight you can’t finish princess.” He said then swung.

But before he could land his hit Flora rushed in and tackled Xandar to the ground releasing his hold on Lily and everyone crashed to the floor. Pushing Flora to the side then immediately got on top of her pinning her to the ground with the full force of his weight. He pulled back as if to strike Flora closed her eyes waiting for the blow but it never came and Xandar’s weight was gone in an instant.

“What the hell are you doing?” A voice asked angrily.

Flora opened her eyes and saw a man with short brown hair and green eyes glaring daggers at her would be attacker.

“I was just playing with my new toy Luke.” Xandar told him, “No need to get upset.”

“It’s your shift to train some of the new recruits. I suggest you get to it.” Luke said darkly.

“What if I don’t want to?” Xandar challenged.

“The King sets the schedules. Not following the schedule is a direct violation of orders. Are you saying that you refuse to follow orders of your King?”

“Wouldn’t want to disobey the king’s order.” Xandar said sarcastically, “I’ll see you ladies another time.” He gave a mock bow and left.

“Are you alright Miss Flora?” He asked extending his hand to help her up.

“Yes I’m fine thank you.” Flora said accepting his hand as helped her to stand.

“And you your highness? Are you hurt?” He asked looking over Lily.

“No Luke I’m not hurt.” She told him.

“Thank goodness. I’ll report this matter to the King at once and Xandar will pay for laying a hand on you.”

“That isn’t necessary.” Lily said.

“But he was going to hit you.” Luke argued.

“I know but I hit him first.” Lily said sitting on the bed.

“Even so I know Xandar and I know you. You’d never just lash out at someone for no reason. Xandar must have provoked you.”

“So what if he did. I’m ordering you as your Princess not to tell my father.” Lily said in a commanding tone.

“As my Lady commands.” Luke agreed regrettably, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“No you can go.”

“Of course your grace.” He bowed and left the room.

Once he was gone Flora sat next to her and asked, “Is there a reason you didn’t want him telling your dad, because the way I see it getting Xandar off our backs is a good thing.”

“I know and I’ve probably put you in danger and I’m sorry it’s just that…” Lily went silent.

“Just what?” Flora pried after a moment.

“Well I’m not supposed to be here and if my father found out I’m afraid he wouldn’t let me see you. You’re my only friend Flora no your more than a friend. You’re like the big sister I never got to have and I know it’s selfish but I don’t want to lose you.”

“Oh Lily.” Flora sighed as she hugged her, “You’re such a silly girl. Don’t worry you won’t lose me we’ll always be friends… No from now on you’re my little sister.”

After a moment of silence Lily spoke. “Flora do you miss your friends the ones back at Alfea?” she asked still in Flora’s arms while mindlessly fiddling with the Flora’s crane necklace,

“Yes I do.” Flora told her honestly, “But I’m glad I met you because being here all alone would be very scary.”

“I’m glad I met you too. I’m tired of being all alone.” Lily said as she hugged Flora tighter and getting hugged in return.

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