The Forgotten Kingdom


Helia had been visiting the Black Dragon for a week now and hadn’t heard even a rumor as to where Flora was or anything on the mysterious people who had taken her. With a disgruntled sigh he pushed away from the table left some money on the table for his drink. Then headed back to Red Fountain.

“Any luck?” Brandon hopefully asked as Helia was walking down the hall to his room.

“Not a clue.” He answered. “How about you?”

“Sadly nothing.” Brandon said glumly, “But we’ve all been taking shifts sitting at the machine to see if anything makes a blip on the radar.”

“Thanks I appreciate it.”

“Don’t even worry about it you’d do the same for us.”

“Yeah I would.”

“It’s late and you look exhausted get some sleep if anything happens we’ll wake you up.” Brandon told him.

“I will see you in the morning Brandon.” Helia said with a wave and continued on his way.

“See you.” Brandon said and walked off in the opposite direction that Helia was going most likely returning to his room.

Entering his room Helia took off his shoes, tossed his cloak carelessly on a nearby chair and went straight to bed not even bothering to change clothes. Thinking the faster he went to sleep the sooner he could wake up and continue his search for Flora. A breeze blew fluttering the balcony curtains of Helia’s room. On that breeze flew a paper crane which glided across and through the room landing lightly on the table next to Helia’s bed.

Helia awoke to the sounds of birds singing happily to one another though his mood wasn’t happy at all. He was filled with sadness, frustration, and anger. The anger was mostly at himself for not being there to protect the woman he loved. Everyone told him that it wasn’t his fault that no one was to blame for Flora’s abduction. But Helia did blame himself, if he had just stayed with her that day and said screw the mission which got cancelled anyways. Flora would still be with him.

Knowing Flora wouldn’t want him to wallow in self-pity he stretched and looked around the room it was a mess clothes thrown all over the place nothing where it should be. If Flora saw it she’d defiantly tell him to get busy and clean it since he knew how tidy she liked to keep her room. That’s when he saw it a paper crane sitting on his table staring at him almost as if it was saying “it’s about time you noticed me.” He lunged for the bird and opened it quickly and there in all its glory was Flora’s beautiful handwriting.

Dear Helia,

I’m alright and I miss you so much. I think about you every day and it gives me the strength and courage to go on knowing that I’ll see you again. Though it’s not all sunshine and rainbows here. Actually there’s nothing here no life. If it wasn’t for this weird collar they put on me that doesn’t allow me to use magic but also protects me from losing strength, I don’t think I’d survive here. Though I don’t exactly know where here is. I do know I was brought here to help rebuild a kingdom called Eden. Though I’m told this place isn’t Eden. I am scared but I’m not alone I made a friend her name is Lily she’s the Princess of Eden. Turns out she’s a fairy but didn’t really know how to use her powers so I’ve been teaching her. She’s a fast learner and enjoys learning just like I do maybe even more so. She’s the reason I’m able send this letter. Once I’m done writing I’m going to teach her how to send it to you. I hope it gets to you soon. Could you check on Chatta for me please I know she was hurt when I was taken I’ve been worried about her, let her know I’m doing okay. I Love You Helia. I don’t know if the intentions of the King are good or bad, but if they are bad please Find Me and Save Me.

Yours Forever,


“I will save you.” He swore when he finished reading the letter. Jumping out bed he ran out of his room rushed down the hall and barged into the others room. “I’m awake, I’m awake.” Timmy said almost falling out of his seat from in front of the machine startled by intrusion.

“I got a letter.” Helia said enthusiastically.

“Yeah you get those in the mail sometimes.” Brandon said from his bed still half asleep.

“From Flora.” Helia explained.

That got everybody’s attention.

“A letter how?” Sky asked.

“Lily sent it for her.” Helia told him.

“Who’s Lily?” Timmy asked.

“The Princess of Eden.”

“So Flora’s in a place called Eden.” Brandon said.


“Then where is she?’ Roy asked.

“I don’t know?”

“How don’t you know didn’t Flora tell you?” Sky wondered.

“Flora doesn’t know where she’s at but she does know it’s not Eden. Look it’s hard to explain just read the letter.” Helia said as he gave Sky the letter. Which he read and passed it around for the others to read.

“This isn’t a lot to go on.” Roy said.

“No it’s not.” Helia agreed, “But it’s a start.”

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

“And we know that she’s doing alright for the most part.” Timmy said.

“Yeah but I can’t help feeling that she’s leaving something important out though.” Helia said.

“It’s Flora.” Brandon said, “If she is then she has a good reason.”

“Or she just doesn’t want to worry you.” Sky said

“The fact that she’s scared has me worried.” Helia told them.

“She was taken against her will of course she’s scared.” Roy inputted.

“And she can’t use her magic if something bad does go down…” Brandon trailed off.

“All the more reason to hurry up and find her.” Helia said.

“Yeah you’re right.” They all said together.

“Let’s head over to Alfea and tell Bloom and the girls about this.” Sky said.

“Right then let’s go. Helia said going to the door.

“Dude wait.” Brandon said

“What is it?” Helia asked pausing at the door.

“You’ve been hanging around the Black Dragon for a week and that place reeks. You’d be doing us all a favor if you took a shower and changed. Then we’ll go see the girls.”

“You’re right. I should shower.” Helia agreed.

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