The Forgotten Kingdom

Field Trip

The Specialists landed in Alfea’s quad just as the girls came running out.

“So what’s the big news have you found Flora?” Aisha asked hopefully once everyone exited the ship.

“Sadly no,” Helia told her, “But she was able to send us a letter.”

“Send a letter.” Stella said skeptically, “If she was kidnapped they’d keep her under lock and key with no way to communicate with the outside world.”

Not wanting to argue with the Solarian Princess Helia just handed her the letter. “Look just read it and you’ll understand.”

Stella took the letter read it and passed it around to the other girls.

“So Flo was taken to rebuild a kingdom called Eden but she’s not in Eden that’s just confusing.” Musa said while handing the letter back to Helia

“Has anybody even heard of Eden before?” Bloom asked.

Everyone shook their heads no.

“I’ll do a search.” Tecna said pulling out her phone. “Nothing not a thing about an Eden.”

“Well maybe it’s an old place and not in any of your databases.” Aisha said, “Why don’t we check the library and see if we can find anything out there.”

“Good Idea.” Bloom said.

With that the Winx and Specialists headed to Alfea’s library to see if they could find anything out about Eden.

“Here’s what I don’t understand.” Stella voiced as she was thumbing through a book, “If Flora isn’t in Eden then why are we looking up things about Eden.”

“Because Stella whoever took Flora wants her help rebuild it. If we find out what happened to Eden we could then figure out who took her and where they might be.” Aisha explained.

“I guess that makes sense.” Stella agreed.

“I found something.” Musa shouted

Everyone rushed over. “What’d you find out?” Helia asked.

“Not much to be honest.” Musa said, “But according to the Book of The History of the Magical Dimensions Eden was known as the Kingdom of the Majestic floating water gardens. Since floating islands of garden paradises with cascading waterfalls are scattered about the planet. Its lush greenery and plant life rivaled that of Linphea, but unlike with Linphea where technology isn’t allowed Eden allowed people to use technology as long as it didn’t hurt or disturb nature.” She explained.

“Did the technology somehow pollute the planet and now they need Flora to bring nature back to life?” Bloom wondered.

“Nuh Uh,” Musa said shaking her head, “According to this the planet was destroyed by the Ancestral Witches leaving no one alive. The planet itself is a waste land nothing but ash and dirt is left.”

“Well somebody did survive either the true royal family or somebody pretending to be.” Helia said.

“Hey guys any news on Flora?” Daphne asked coming up.

“She was able to send us this letter.” Helia said handing her the letter to read.

“I knew it!” Daphne screamed once she finished reading the letter.

This Caused everybody to look at her like she’d grown a second head since well… Daphne never screamed like that.

“Nobody believed me but I told them. They just didn’t listen…” She went on.

“Okay Daphne you’re kinda freaking me out.” Bloom said, “Why don’t we go back to the beginning, now what do you know?” Bloom asked slowly

“Eden.” She said.

“Eden.” Bloom repeated to urge her on.

“I was best friends with Princess Calisto of Eden.” She explained, “We practically grew up together I’d spend summers their or we’d switch and she’d spend the summer on Domino. She was such a free spirit full of energy loved the outdoors you couldn’t keep the girl clean. She hated anything dressy the only time she’d wear a dress was if she had to for a royal engagement, but as soon as it was over she’d be ripping the dress off at the seams to get into something more comfortable.” Daphne said with a laugh, “When I heard about the attack on Eden and that there were no survivors I didn’t believe it. Calisto was a strong fairy the Guardian fairy of her world no less I wouldn’t believe she was gone until I saw it with my own eyes. So I snuck out of the palace and bribed a ship captain to take me to Eden. I was appalled by what I saw the gorgeous floating islands had crashed to the ground and were charred black as night all water on the planet had disappeared. Everything that was once green and beautiful were burned and blackened. Nothing was left but small fires, dirt and ash. Among all the destruction were the bodies of soldiers and fairies alike who had fought against the witches. I searched for my friend among them but I didn’t find her. I was going to give up and head back to Domino but I decided to check one last place. We would always hangout under this willow tree by the lake so I went there. It was burnt up to nothing but fried branches but underneath were water lilies as if someone had just been there. When I saw them I knew that she was dead and that someone had put the lilies there as marker for her grave. It had to have been Queen Lydia since she was a nature fairy. It also makes sense why the Princess in this letter is named Lily. King Adonis and Queen Lydia must’ve had another child and named her after Calisto’s favorite flower.” She said and broke into tears.

Bloom hugged her sister and held her until she calmed down and stopped crying.

“I’m sorry.” Daphne said wiping her eyes, “It’s just that thinking about her after all this time brought back so many memories and emotions it was like a sensory overload and I couldn’t stop myself from crying.”

“We understand.” Bloom told her.

“What I don’t get is if your families were so close then after the attack why didn’t they take refuge at Domino.” Sky asked.

“That would be King Adonis’s doing he hates looking weak and his pride wouldn’t let him ask for help he would figure out a way for his people to survive on their own.” Daphne told him.

“Okay so this King and Queen kidnap Flora so… what she and the Queen could do a major convergence spell to bring life back to the planet.” Aisha suggested.

“It’s possible.” Daphne agreed.

“If that was the case why kidnap her? They could have just sent her a letter asking for help.” Stella said.

“Maybe they were afraid she’d say no.” Musa said.

“It’s Flora she wouldn’t have said no.” Stella argued.

“They don’t know that.”

“Don’t defend them Musa.”

“I’m not defending them Stella! All I’m saying is that they don’t know Flora like we do and that she’d jump at the chance to help someone in need.”

“You’re right I’m sorry. I’m just worried.”

“It’s okay Stell. I’m worried too.” Musa told her.

“I have a suggestion.” Timmy said.

“What?” Everyone asked.

“Why don’t we go to Eden?’

“But the letter said she wasn’t there.” Tecna said.

“I know that” He said, “But if we go there we might find a clue as to where the people of Eden went after it was destroyed. We find that place-“

“And we find Flora.” Helia finished.

“Exactly.” Timmy said.

“Then it’s settled we’re going to Eden.” Sky said, “Let’s get everything we need for the trip and meet out front in a half hour.”

Now that they had what they needed the Specialists and Winx along with Daphne boarded the ship and made their way to Eden.

“How long will it take us to get to Eden?” Aisha asked.

“A couple hours.” Timmy told her, “But once we make a trip there we can calibrate the location into the warp drive and if we need to go there again we can get there in a matter of minutes.”

“That’s amazing.” Aisha said.

“Yeah but since we haven’t got it into the warp drive yet make yourself comfortable.” Roy said.

Sighing Aisha sat back in her seat and closed her eyes to try and get a nap in. Musa just listened to her headphones, Stella read a magazine, Daphne and Bloom stared mindlessly out the window, and Tecna was with Timmy poking at the controls.

“And we’re here.” Brandon said to no one in particular

“Aisha, Aisha we’re here time to get up.” Daphne said lightly shaking the Princess of Andros.

“I’m awake.” She said rubbing her eyes.

Everyone exited the ship.

“Whoa.” Brandon said, “This place was once called the beautiful water gardens. I find it hard to believe looking at it.” He said taking in the lifeless black planet.

“Actually it was the Majestic floating water gardens.” Sky corrected.

“Either way it doesn’t look like it anymore.” Brandon replied.

“No you’re right it doesn’t.” He agreed.

“So where do we start?” Stella wondered.

“I’ll do a scan for any signs of life.” Tecna said.

“What good will that do this place is dead.” Stella said.

“True but my scan can let us know if someone else besides us is here and if there is we can question them. Plus it also picks up magical residue so if someone here is or was doing magic we’ll know.”

“It’s worth a shot. Go for it Tecna.” Helia encouraged.

“Alright I’m sending out my bugs now to scan the planet.” Tecna said and conjured up some bug drones that flew off into the distance, “They should report back to me soon with any information.”

“Until then why don’t we search the ruins over there?” Bloom suggested pointing to what looked like a crumbling castle in the distance.

“The Royal castle.” Daphne said with dismay.

“If this is too hard for you, you don’t have to come.” Helia told her putting his hand on her shoulder.

She shook her head and said, “No I’ll come.”

The group headed off in the direction of the ruined castle. Unfortunately when they arrived the place was so shambles that even trying to open the door had it collapsing in on itself.

“The Witches sure did a number on this place.” Brandon said.

“Yeah they did.” Sky agreed.

“My bugs are back.” Tecna said.

“Well that was quick.” Aisha said.

“I’ve upgraded them now they’re faster and more efficient in their job.” Tecna said as she collected all of the data from her bugs into her minicomputer.

“So what’s the verdict is there anyone else here?” Helia asked.

“The only life on the planet at the moment is us.” She told him, “But they did pick up a large concentration of residual magic in that direction.” Tecna said pointing to the east.

“Then let’s check it out, we might be able to find something.” Timmy said.

The place smelled of sulfur and unlike the black planet this area was pristinely white except for the blackened trees sticking up from the ground at odd angles not knowing which way is up. In the center were ivory boulders arranged in a circle with black ivy wrapped every which way around them.

“Well this place doesn’t look creepy at all.” Stella tensely said as they arrived unconsciously shifting closer to Brandon.

“No kidding.” Musa agreed getting a cold chill down her spine and hugged herself.

“The magic residue is focused mainly in the circle of those stones.” Tecna said keeping close to Timmy, “Let me scan it one more time.” She said and sent another bug out. “It’s just as thought. The residue goes deep into the ground connecting with the core of the planet.”

“Meaning?” Stella asked.

“Somebody was trying to use magic on the core of the planet to return life here.” She explained.

“That would explain the freaky trees.” Musa said, “I guess they failed and the trees died.”

“It would appear so.” Tecna said, “It would take an incredibly strong and skilled fairy to do something like this, if it’s even possible.”

“So this King of Eden want’s Flora to revive the planets core so life can return to the planet.” Helia said.

“That would seem likely.” Tecna agreed.

“Well we now know what they plan to do. We just don’t know when they plan to do it.” Bloom said. “And we’re no closer to finding Flora.” She sighed.

“We might not be any closer to finding Flora, but we will know when they plan to do it.” Tecna said.

“How do you figure?” Stella asked.

“Well I’m going to leave some bugs behind here in this spot and for them to notify me when anybody shows up.” Tecna explained.

“And now that the location is in the warp drive we can be here in a matter of minutes.” Timmy Added.

“Smart thinking you two.” Stella said, “Then I guess this little field trip wasn’t a bust after all. I just wish we could’ve found out where the people of Eden disappeared to so we could have our friend back.”

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