The Forgotten Kingdom

Dinner, Dancing, and Explanations

Dinner he wants to have dinner with me and discuss how to bring Eden back. That’s what he told me yesterday but will it be today, tomorrow, the day after. Exactly how long is coming days? And will I be able to bring Back Eden? If I even can. These were the thoughts going through Flora’s head at the moment while she walked the narrow corridors with Lily. “How many days does your father mean when he says the coming days?” Flora asked.

“I don’t know he’s never said that to me.” She told her, “Actually he doesn’t really talk to me. I’m surprised he even asked you to dinner. I haven’t had dinner with him sense my mother died.” She said a little begrudgingly.

Noticing the envious tone Flora asked, “Would you like me to ask if you can join us?”

“No.” Lily told her, “Besides he didn’t ask for me.”, she said heatedly.

“I wouldn’t mind.” Flora insisted.

“He’d just say no so don’t even bother.”

“Are you sure? We wouldn’t know unless we try.”

“I’m positive.”

“Okay if that’s what you want.”

“It is” Lily said in a matter of fact tone the sighed. “I’m sorry I’m being so testy. I should be used to him ignoring me he’s done it for a while now. It’s just that I want him to be the one to ask me to dinner or to anything for that matter. Do you understand what I’m saying because to be honest I don’t know if I’m saying it right?”

“I think I get it.” Flora said, “You’d like to spend time with your father but you want him to want to want to spend time with you because he wants too. Not him spending time with you because someone else asked or told him to. Right?”

“Exactly.” Lily said as the two continued walking.

As they walked into one of the main halls with soldiers going here and there performing their duties or just enjoying card games. Flora spotted Xandar at one of the tables and he gave her an evil grin that made her skin crawl. Then he excused himself from the table and started walking her way. Her heart started beating rapidly her chest as her nervousness increased the closer he got. “He wouldn’t try anything in a room full of people would he?” She wondered. Subconsciously her hand wandered to the sash at her waist that concealed the knife Lily had given her earlier and insisted that she wear it just in case this situation arrived. Lily grabbed her hand and was just about to drag her off somewhere else before Xandar got any closer but to both their surprise Luke stepped up to him and whispered something in his ear that had him marching off angrily. Luke gave her a small nod. She smiled back in appreciation grateful for his help. Then he walked off.

“Do you want to see the river canals for real?” Lily asked, “They really are quite pretty.”

“Sure let’s go see the canals.” Flora agreed wanting to get away from the leering looks the soldiers were giving her. Oh how she wished these dresses didn’t show so much cleavage. Hurrying Lily out the door without being too pushy.

Lily led the way through the hallways leading deeper into the caves. It seemed to Flora like they had been walking forever she was just about to ask if they were almost there when she heard the sound of rushing water. They turned a few more corners. “Here we are.” Lily proudly announced. “It’s pretty isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Flora nodded in agreement.

The rushing sound she heard earlier were three waterfalls that cascaded into a pool of water that glowed yellow and the water drained into separate canals from the lake.

“How is it glowing yellow?” Flora asked as she sat down.

“The water isn’t glowing yellow it’s the rocks on the bottom that make it seem yellow.” Lily explained. Then stepped into the water that went up to her stomach and pulled out a glowing rock.

“Be careful Lily I don’t want the current to drag you away.” Flora said worriedly

Lily giggled, “Don’t worry the current isn’t strong.” She said and handed Flora the rock.

“This looks kind of like the orbs in the ceiling of my room.” Flora told her, and set the rock next to her.

“I’m sure they do, we use these rocks as a light source. They’re everywhere you go here.”

“What makes them glow?”

“I don’t know. We’ve used them since before I was born and I’m just so used to seeing them that I never thought to ask how.”

“Aren’t you cold in there?”

“Nope the water’s actually warm. See.” Lily said and splashed Flora.

“Hey.” Flora said with a laugh. How’s the water warm we’re deep in the caves shouldn’t it be cold?”

“The rocks silly. They’re heated somehow.”

“Really.” Flora said intrigued and picked up the glowing rock next to her and realized that it indeed was warm and also kicking herself for not realizing it before.

“So now that you know the water’s nice and warm you should get in here.” Lily said and splashed her again.

“Lily you’re getting me all wet.” Flora protested.

“That’s the point come play with me.” Lily begged slapping the top of the water.

“Alright give me a second.” Flora said she removed the knife from her sash and set it to the side not far from the water. She didn’t want it to fall into the water and have one of them step on it and hurt themselves.

As soon as she stepped in she was immediately assaulted with waves of water courtesy of Lily. But Flora wasted no time in returning her own onslaught of water to the young girl. Within no time at all the two were soaked from head to toe but, they didn’t care in the slightest because they were having too much fun.

“We should probably get out now.” Flora said after blocking a splash with her arms.


“Because we’re starting to look like prunes.” Flora told her wiggling her shriveled fingers.

Lily looked at her hands and realized they looked just like Flora’s, “Okay you’re right. Let’s get out.”

The two got out though Flora almost fell back in due to all the weight of her dress and all the water it soaked up. They rung out there hair and dresses to the best of their abilities. Flora put the knife back in her sash and they started walking back to her “room”. As they passed a few people they were given odd glances but they ignored them and continued on their way. Lily did stop a lady in the hall and asked her to bring her some new clothes to Flora’s room. The lady agreed bowed and scurried off.

Not a moment after they returned to Flora’s room the same lady from the hallway brought spare clothes for Lily. “Thank you.” Lily said.

“You’re welcome your majesty.” She said then bowed and left the room.

“Lily I was wondering are there any children your own age to play with here.” Flora asked, “It’s not that I don’t like having you around because I do.” Flora assured her, “I was just curious.” She asked while pulling out another dress and undergarments.

“There are.” Lily answered then went into the bathroom to change.

Flora took this opportunity to change as well still unhappy about how much cleavage it showed, and when Lily emerged from the bathroom she asked, “Why don’t you play with some of them?”

“I tried but none of them want to be my friend.” She said glumly.

“You’re a wonderful a girl Lily, I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to be your friend.” Flora said as she went into the bathroom and grabbed a couple towels so they could dry their hair better.

“I don’t know why either.” Lily said taking the towel that was offered and started drying her hair. “Maybe they’re afraid of me or something.” She said after a moment.

“Now why would they be afraid of you?”

“I don’t know but whenever I tried to approach them they’d get a worried look bow and runaway.”

“Hmm maybe they’re intimidated by you because you’re a princess.” Flora suggested.

“Well I wish they weren’t because it’d be nice to have a friend.”

“What am I not a friend?” Flora teased as she was drying the ends of her hair.

“Nope.” Lily said, “You’re more than just a friend you’re my sister.”

This made Flora smile. “I’m sure you’ll make lots of friends one day just give it time little sister.”

Later that day while Flora was teaching Lily how to magically make small items appear Luke showed up.

“Luke.” Lily said excitedly, “What brings you hear?” she asked.

“I came to see how your studies were coming along plus I have a message from the King for you Miss Flora.” He said.

“You can just call me Flora Luke.” She told him.

“Alright then Flora. The King wants you to have dinner with him tomorrow evening and I am to escort you when the time comes.” He said.

Flora nodded and said, “As for Lily’s studies she’s doing quite well. She’s a fast learner.”

“Yeah I’m doing great look what I can do now.” Lily said then snapped her fingers and made a hairbrush appear.

“That’s wonderful Princess.” Luke said.

“That’s not all I can do watch.” She then changed her pale yellow hair to blue and summoned three water balls and turned them into butterflies and made them fly around the room and disappear.

“Magnificent your Majesty.” He said proudly, “You’re becoming quite a fairy I’m sure your mother would be proud.”

“Do you think so? Really? She’d be proud?”

“I know she’d be proud.” He told her confidently, “But I must be going I have a few more duties to attend to. If you’ll excuse me.” He said and bowed.

“Luke?” Lily said.

He paused at the door and turned around, “What is it?”

“If you’re not busy later would you like to have dinner with Flora and me?” She asked twirling her fingers as a small blush came to cheeks.

He smiled at her and said, “I’d be honored your grace I shall await your arrival in the dining hall.” Then left.

Lily beamed with delight and spun in a circle, “He’s gonna come to dinner.” She said once he was out of earshot.

Flora smiled knowingly and said, “You have a crush on him don’t you.”

“What a crush on Luke that’s silly.” She said as her cheeks darkened slightly and quickly pulled her hair over her shoulder and began absentmindedly stroking it.

“The blush on your cheeks and the way you’re fidgeting say different.” She said, “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.” Though she wondered if she should tell her that Luke was into men not women. Looking at how happy she was Flora decided against it not wanting to break the little Princesses heart as to what she assumed was her first crush.

“Thank you Flora.” Lily said coming over and giving her a crushing hug. “But now I have a big problem.”

“And what’s that?”

“I don’t know what to wear.”

Flora laughed, “I wish my friend Stella were here she’d know what you should wear.”

“But you’ll help me won’t you?” Lily pleaded.

“Of course.”

Lily had all her dresses sent to Flora’s room though why they just didn’t go to Lily’s room Flora couldn’t say it seemed to her that that would be an easier choice. But Lily wanted to do it here and Flora didn’t mind. They settled on a light blue gown with an Asymmetrical Neckline with an A-Line waist. Flora also did Lily’s hair by putting a braid across the top of her head like a tiara left two strands in the front to frame her face curled those into a wavy ringlet and pulled the rest back into a pony tail and curled the ponytail leaving ringlets to cascade down her back.

“There you go all done.” Flora told her

Lily turned around towards the mirror, “I look so pretty.”

“That’s because you are.” Flora said,

“Thank you.” She murmured, “But I feel as if something is missing.”

“What could be missing you look gorgeous.” Flora told her.

“I don’t know…but something is.”

“Hmm…” Flora pondered while she took in Lily’s reflection from the mirror, “I’ve got it. You need something to pop and offset all the blue. So… you can borrow this.” Flora said taking off the origami crane necklace Helia had given her and fastened it around Lily. “But I want it back after dinner.” Flora said sternly.

“I promise I won’t let anything happen to it.” Lily swore clutching the bird.

“It took us so long to get ready that its dinner time. Ready to go to the dining hall?”

Taking one last look in the mirror Lily breathed in deep and let it out, “Yes I’m ready to go.”

“Good because I don’t know where the dining hall is.” Flora said.

Giggling Lily said “Follow me I’ll lead the way.”

After taking so my twists and turns down hallways they finally made it to the dining area. Glancing around Flora saw many different people not just the soldiers she was used to seeing. There were women, children, even elderly all conversing laughing and enjoying the company of one another. Flora looked to Lily whose eyes kept darting across all the different faces probably looking for Luke. Then her eyes lit up and she started walking quickly and Flora followed. As they were walking people bowed before the princess as she went past.

“Princess.” Luke greeted with a bow, “Flora.” He said with a friendly nod which she returned.

Lily returned his bow with a curtsy, “I’m sorry I’m late.” She said.

“That’s alright I’ve only just arrived myself. And I must say you look very beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you.” Lily replied her face turning scarlet.

“Shall we sit?” Flora suggested motioning to the table behind Luke.”

“Yes of course.” Luke said and stepped aside for the girls to pass.

He held out the chair for Lily to sit and did the same for Flora. Once everybody was seated a woman came over with a tray of glasses filled with water and gave each of them one. Right after her another person came over with plates of food of what looked like chicken and rice with a side of mashed potatoes. Though Flora new it wouldn’t taste like that, but she had also gotten used to the food having no flavor what so ever. Luke supplied most of the conversation talking about the different drills he taught the soldiers, to piloting an airship. Lily clung to every word he said. When the conversation switched to her she seemed to practically stutter at every question.

“Don’t be so nervous.” Luke told her, “I know you’re not used to being around so many people but we’ve always been able to talk to each other normally. Don’t let the crowd scare you.”

“R-right the crowd.” Lily said.

Flora doubted it was the crowd that scared her. Lily probably thought of this like a date so she was doubly on edge. But she just smiled and watched as Lily regained her composure and tried to talk with confidence.

When dinner was over and their plates removed a band in the corner that Flora had missed earlier or they just weren’t there started playing an upbeat tune, and couples started to get up and dance. “Would you like to dance?” Luke asked Lily when he noticed her watching the couples.

“I don’t know how.” She answered timidly.

“That’s alright there are ways to dance even if you don’t know how.” Luke assured.

“How is that possible?”

“You’ll see c’mon.” Luke said offering his hand.

Lily took it a little hesitantly but allowed Luke to lead her onto the floor and the music changed from upbeat to slow. Luke pulled Lily a little closer picked her up gently under her arms and placed her on the top of his feet. Then he began dancing twirling them around the room to the sound of the music. “See you’re dancing.” He told her.

“I’m standing on your feet.” She said.

“It’s still dancing Princess.” He said with a smile, “Just enjoy the ride.”

Watching the two Flora had to admit Luke was a really good dancer.

“Excuse me Miss?” Flora heard a voice say a turned around it was an elderly gentlemen.

“Yes?” Flora asked.

“Well it seems a shame that a beautiful young lady like yourself is sitting here all alone. I was just wondering if you might do me the honor of dance.” He asked extending his hand, his eyes never once leaving her face which Flora appreciated.

“I’d be delighted.” Flora said accepting his hand and the two joined everyone on the dance floor.

Everyone danced and carried on merrily until they couldn’t anymore sitting at the table to rest their aching feet. Flora looked at Lily her face was flush from all the dancing since when the music shifted Luke started teaching her different steps to try, never once complaining when she messed up and stepped on his toes. She also noticed that the little Princesses eyes were beginning to close then would force themselves open. Faking a yawn she said, “I’m getting pretty tired perhaps it’s time for us all to get some sleep I have a feeling it’s pretty late.”

“You’re right.” Luke said also noticing how tired Lily was, “Plus I have an early morning meeting to attend.” He said. “I’ll walk you ladies to your rooms.”

“Alright I guess I’ll go to bed.” Lily said trying to hide a yawn.

The three left the hall and traveled down the corridors eventually they came to a set of double doors and stopped. “I had a wonderful evening Princess thank you for inviting to dinner.” Luke said and gave Lily a polite kiss on the hand causing her to blush.

“Thank you for accepting.” She said, “Before I forget here Flora your necklace.” Then she lifted the necklace over her head and handed it to Flora, “Thank you for letting me borrow it.”

“You’re very welcome.” Flora said and put the necklace on.

“Goodnight.” Lily said.

“Goodnight.” Luke and Flora said together.

Then Lily went inside to her room and the two continued on down the hall. “I’m surprised you didn’t hit me.” Luke said a moment after they were walking.

“Why would I hit you?”

“Because I kissed her.”

“You kissed her hand that’s a sign of respect but I doubt she realizes it.”

“That’s true.” He agreed, “So how bad does she have it?”

“How bad does she have what?”

“Her crush.”

“You knew?”

“Yeah I’ve known for a while.”

“Then let her down gently when the time comes and explain why you’re not interested.”

“Hey even if I was in to women Lily’s far too young but don’t worry I’ll let her down easy and explain everything to her.”

“Good. Now can I ask you a question?”

“I’m all ears.”

“Do you know how I’m supposed to help restore Eden?”

“Not a clue.” He told her, “The only ones who know that are the King and a few of the high ranking monks I think.”

“Great.” Flora said unenthusiastically.

“Hey cheer up.” He said lightly nudging her in the arm, “I’m sure it’s nothing dangerous. The King is a good man he just makes poor choices sometimes. Nobody’s perfect ya know.”

“That’s true.” Flora agreed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at dinner then.” He said stopping at a doorway.

Looking in Flora realized it was her room. “I’ll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight.” She said.

“Goodnight.” He said.

The day flew by rather quickly Flora and Lily took a walk through more of the caverns that nobody else new of and most of the spots they went through they didn’t even need the flashlight since tons of the glowing rocks were scattered all over the walls and ceiling. But unlike the rocks in the river caverns these were an array of different colors from blues to reds, yellows, pink, green even orange. Some even had multiple colors on one rock.

“This place is gorgeous.” Flora said.

“Yeah.” Lily agreed, “This is my favorite cavern. “I’ve never brought anyone here.”

“Then I consider myself very lucky that you shared it with me.”

“I figured I should show you this place because I have a feeling I won’t be seeing you much anymore.” Lily said sadly.

“Why would you think that sweetie?” Flora asked gently.

“Well after dinner with my Father you’ll most likely be helping him restore Eden which means you’ll leave here and I won’t see you again.”

“Even if I do help your father and it takes me away from here there’s no reason why we still can’t keep in touch.” Flora told her. “We can send letters like with spell you did for me so I could send a letter to Helia.”

“And how are we supposed to do that you can’t use magic right now.” Lily argued.

Flora sighed, “Well I’m pretty sure that once we get to Eden this thing is going to come off.” She said gesturing to collar around her neck. “Otherwise how can I help the planet grow without my magic? And since I’ll have the use of my powers we’ll be able to send letters.”

“You really think so?’

“Yes.” Flora said with nod, “I do.”

“We should go. By the time we get back it’ll be dinner time and we don’t want to keep my father waiting.”

They got up and made their way through the caverns back to Flora’s room. “You should change.”” Lily told her as they entered.


“Because your dress is covered in dirt.” She said pointing at the dress.

Looking down Flora realized she was right and being dressed like this was no way to have dinner with a king. She went over to the over to the armoire and looked through to find a decent outfit settling on a strapless ruby red evening gown with a flowing skirt. She placed the knife that was in her sash under the pillow on the bed. She doubted she’d need it if she was with the King. Once dressed she brushed her hair and pulled it back into a half bun and let the rest of her hair hang down. She turned towards Lily when she was done. “Better?” She asked.

“Much better.” Lily said.

“Knock, Knock.” Said a familiar voice in the doorway.

“Luke.” Lily exclaimed happily. “Thank you again for last night. I’m sorry I stepped on your toes so much.” She said with a blush.

“You’re very welcome your highness.” He said, “And don’t worry about my toes it didn’t even hurt.” He said with a smile.

“Are you sure you’re not hurt?”

“Positive little one.”

“Alright then I won’t bring it up anymore then.” She said.

“Are you ready Flora? The King’s waiting.”

Taking a deep breath the letting out she said, “Yes I’m ready let’s go.”

Then joined Luke at the door. “Wait.” Lily said urgently.

“What is it?” Flora asked.

Lily rushed her suddenly engulfing her in a tight hug that made her take a step back from the force of it. “In case you leave after dinner. I just wanted to get one more hug in before you go.”

Flora smiled down at the young girl and returned the hug with just as much vigor. “Don’t worry even if I do leave tonight we’ll see each other again.” She said.

“Promise?” Lily said.

“Promise.” Flora told her.

Lily stepped away and allowed Flora to go with Luke but stayed watching until the two were out of sight. Luke led Flora to a set of giant double doors and the two guards standing outside the room opened the doors and they walked through. Inside the room King Adonis sat at a table that was set up with a lavish display of foods of all kinds’ meats, fruits, vegetables, Flora even spotted what she thought was wine.

“Your Majesty may I present The Guardian Fairy of Nature of her home planet of Linphea Flora.” Luke said as they walked to the table.

“Your Majesty.” Flora said and curtsied.

“Flora please sit.” The King said kindly gesturing to a seat across from him.

Flora sat in the chair and with a little help from Luke who pushed it in for her. “Thank you for bringing her Luke wait over there now if you would.” King Adonis told him airily motioning towards the walls. Luke bowed and did as he was ordered.

“Thank you for meeting with me.” Adonis said sincerely.

“Thank you for the invitation.” Flora answered.

“I must apologize for the food it may look delightful but I’m afraid the taste…well there isn’t any.” The King said as servants were dishing out there meal.

“That’s alright I’ve grown accustomed to the food here.”

“Right of course you have.” He said a bit bashfully.

“Do you mind if I ask a question before we discuss the restoration of your kingdom.” Flora asked.

“No of course not by all means ask away.” He said.

“When I was with Lily in the river canals the rocks were glowing and heated. I was just wondering how they glow.”

Adonis laughed boisterously and said “Flora you are most observant. To know the answer to that question you must know the history of this planet.”

“Would you mind telling me the history of this planet?” She asked sweetly

“I’d be delighted though it may be quite long.”

“I don’t have any plans. So please I’m all ears.” She said.

“Very well.” He said taking a drink of wine, “This planet we’re on is called Tenebris Petra Regnum.” Seeing the confused look on Flora’s face he translated, “Dark Rock Kingdom.”

“Makes sense.” She thought.

“But it wasn’t always called this, it was once known as Montuosa Troglodytam Valle or Mountainous Troll Valley.”

“Trolls.” Flora said surprised.

“Yes this planet was once inhabited by trolls.” He said not minding the intrusion. The rocks and Mountains of this planet were once covered in vegetation and lustrous plant life. Which would seem surprising given the heavy cloud coverage on the planet letting in very little sunlight. In fact centuries ago this Planet revolved around two suns one was enormous while the other very small barely a quarter size of the other. The larger sun died releasing a massive supernova on the planet destroying any and all life on the planet. Which is now why it is referred to as the Dark Rock Kingdom. But to answer your question about the rocks and why they glow, the supernova you see released tons of radiation onto the planet and after all the centuries the rocks have absorbed it in turn it makes them glow and warm.”

“But isn’t all that radiation dangerous.” Flora said getting a little nervous after all she played in a pond full of them not mention sat around in a cave surrounded by them. Heck the rocks were everywhere.

“If this place were dangerous I would never have brought my people here Flora. I studied this place for years before the downfall of my Kingdom and once I learned the radiation wasn’t harmful, I decided if the need should arise and my people needed a safe place to hide in case of attack this would be it. For no one has even considered this world livable in ages I’m not even sure if anyone remembers it exists.” He said taking a bite of food. “Now shall we talk about Eden and its restoration?”

“Of course.” Flora said, “How can I help.”

“You see when the Ancestral Witches attacked they weren’t just out to destroy us they absorbed all the magic and energy out of the planets core.” He told her.

“But without energy or magic in the core the planets dead and gone there’s no chance of revival.” Flora said.

“I thought so to at first too but I have found a way to revive the core.”

“How?” Flora asked amazed.

“There is a formation of magical rocks close to the castle in Eden which I and the monks have created over the years. Each of the rocks is in tuned with the energy and magic of one of the major planets of the magical dimension Domino, Solaria, Andros, Linphea, Zenith, Melody and Eraklyon, plus a few others that act as power boosters and conductors. Here’s where you come in my dear. You will be placed in the center of the stones and act as a catalyst of sorts your nature magic will activate the stones and then each of the stones will drain energy and magic from each individual planet then the magic will pass through you and into the core reviving the planet.” He explained as if it were the simplest thing in the world. “Though I must tell you we’ve tried this before and failed.” He said sadly.

“What do you mean?” Flora asked still trying to wrap her head around all the information she was given.

“My wife…” he began, “She was also a nature fairy and dreamed of returning Eden back to its former glory as much as I. Not just for our people’s sake but for our daughter as well. She wanted her to see blue skies and know the feel and smell of grass. It was Lydia who figured out that in order for anything to grow you needed the power of nature so she became the first test subject in the experiment to bring back our home. Unfortunately her powers weren’t strong enough and she lost her life trying to bring back our world. With her last dying breath she told me that she believed we needed the power of a guardian fairy.” Then he was silent lost in his memories.

Flora was silent as well taking everything in. This process wasn’t even a one hundred percent guarantee that it would work. Not to mention that it would destroy the entire ecosystem of the other planets it could even kill her. She took a deep breath and said “You want me to die trying to bring back your world when this isn’t even a sure thing that it will work. And what of the other world’s my home world of Linphea if you take its energy and magic you will throw it out of balance. This would throw the entire magic dimension out of balance causing chaos throughout all the worlds possibly destroying them. Have you thought of the countless innocent people that could lose their lives because of this?” She told him her voice raising an octave after each statement. “There has got to be another way.”

Adonis’s eyes grew dark, “There is no other way!” He shouted, “

“What if there is.” She shouted back an idea coming to her. “The Breath of the Ocean it enhances powers and spells.”

“The Breath of the Ocean is a myth.” He said interrupting her, “We searched for it and came up empty handed.”

“It’s not a myth its real the reason you couldn’t find it was it was hidden in the Infinite Ocean where only Sirenix fairies can pass through safely.” She told him. It helped me bring life back to a severely damaged place on Earth. My Sirenix powers are gone but my friends and I still have our Sophix and Bloomix powers and I bet that if we converged our powers together with the Breath of the Ocean we might be able to restore Eden, the worlds wouldn’t turn to chaos and most importantly nobody would have to die. ” She conveyed to him hopefully.

Adonis sat back in his chair in mulling the idea over in his head then looked over at the wall, “She has a point.” He said, “We could try doing this without taking energy and magic from the other planets.”

“Who are you talking to?” Flora asked looking over at the empty wall.

He completely ignored her question and continued, “No you’re right there is no other way. I should never have doubted you I’m sorry.” He said.

Flora more confused than ever looked over to Luke on the opposite wall who had a worried look on his face, and he held his hands up in gesture that said he had no idea what was going on either.

The King cleared his throat and said, “I’ll give you a few days to get your affairs in order write out your last goodbyes to your family and friends and your will incase this goes wrong and the test claims your life. If that happens I’ll make sure everything is delivered.”

“If this doesn’t work it’ll kill me. Y-you’re just going to let me die.” She said her voice cracking.

“It’s a necessary sacrifice.” He said calmly.

“B-but I gave you an alternative plan.”

He looked at the wall again. Turning back to her he stated simply, “It wouldn’t work.”

“You’re crazy.” She whispered. “You can’t use me for this its murder.” She shouted slamming her hands on the table as she stood.

“It is a necessary evil for the greater good of my people.” He shouted back and he stood.

“You’re a Murderous! Psycho!” She screamed.

Then the doors exploded off their hinges and in walked a very angry looking Lily. “I won’t let you.” She screamed, “I won’t let you kill her.”

“Lily.” Flora said in awe but also wondering how she overheard the conversation.

“Calisto this does not concern you now return to your room.”

“No!” Lily shouted

Soldiers came rushing into the room probably due to the ruckus Lily was causing.

“Guards take my daughter back to her room and have one of the monks put an anti-magic barrier around her room.” The King ordered.

“Keep away from me.” She yelled and sent a large blast of blue magic at the group of guards and sent them flying.

“Get rough with her if you must.” Adonis said, “It’s the only way she’ll learn.”

Flora saw more guards come in and they advanced on Lily she had to admit she was doing well against them but she wasn’t go to stand there and watch a group of grown men attack a little girl. She rushed over and tackled one of the soldiers who was about to hit her from behind but he easily pushed her off.

“Do not harm the nature fairy I need her in good health for what’s to come.” The King bellowed right as the soldier was about to hit her.

Taking this opportunity Flora scrambled over to Lily but she was already being protected by Luke. Then feeling of immense pain coursed through her body and she screamed. Which caused Lily and Luke to look her way and they were blasted away by one of the soldier’s energy weapons. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a familiar face Xandar stood there and waved slightly with a smile on his face. Guards came and hoisted Lily and Luke off the ground. “Put him in a cell.” The king ordered, “And get her to her room and lock her in.”

“Yes sir.” The guards said.

“Flora don’t worry I’ll get out.” Lily said squirming against their hold as they dragged her out, “I’ll save you do hear me. I promise I’ll save you. Do hear me? Flora. I promise I won’t let you die. I promise. Flora!” She screamed as they dragged her down the hall.

“Take her back to her cell.” Adonis ordered.

“Yes sir.” Xandar said then he came over and pulled Flora to her feet and whispered in her ear, “It’s just you and me now Emerald. We’re going to have so much fun. ”

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