The Forgotten Kingdom

Escaping a Madman

Flora didn’t know how long she sat there or if it was morning or night. Her knees were aching but she didn’t care nothing seemed to matter anymore. Why worry about silly aches and pains the life she lived would soon be over anyway. Shaking her head and inwardly yelling at herself for giving up so fast. Yes she may not have her powers but she was still a capable woman, she had proven that before taking on the Treants back on Linphea. If she could do that then she could find a way out of this place. Getting up and rubbing the soreness out of her knees she went over to the bars of her cell. They looked electric but it could just be for show to scare people, tentatively she reached out her hand and grazed the bars with the tip of her fingers. A jolt of electrical energy shocked her arm making it tingly and numb. “Oh… that was stupid, that was stupid.” She said grabbing her arm and hopping around the room like a kangaroo. “Okay Flora if a something looks like it can electrocute you it most likely can. So glad I wasn’t wearing and ring and even more happy that my necklace by some miracle didn’t attract any of the electricity.” She flexed her fingers as the feeling in them returned, “New plan maybe there’s something in the bathroom.” Flora glanced around the bathroom, “Can’t use the toilet, towels are a nope, the curtain rod I can use that.” She ripped off the shower curtain and tried pulling the rod off the wall. “I know I’ve been here awhile and strength diminishes over time but this is ridiculous.” Flora said pulling the rod vigorously with all her might. “What did they do cement it in?” On closer inspection, “They cemented the thing in. Now what am I going to do?” She said throwing her arms up exasperatedly. “The knife I still have the knife.” As she was going to retrieve the knife from under her pillow she tripped over the rug and landed a few inches away from the bed.

“You know hiding under the bed is the most cliché move someone can make.” Came an all too familiar voice, “But I must say the view is quite nice.”

She turned her head and Xandar was standing in the doorway smirking evilly at her. There were no bruises or bandages on him at least none that she could see. Maybe his punishment wasn’t physical if that was the case then she was grateful to be spared that extra torment that he had threatened.

“I was just thrown into isolation until morning.” He said pulling her out of her thoughts, “So that means you don’t get extra punishment.” He sighed, “But sadly two days is not enough time for all the things I had planned for us and it seems our good buddy Luke has escaped he really should have stashed the guards better, which gives us even less time so the two of us are going to go on a little field trip.” He said pulling some rope out from behind him.

“What about Eden’s restoration?” Flora asked as she slowly moved closer to the bed and pulled herself up, her back to him which wasn’t ideal but she wasn’t trained in weaponry attacking head on wasn’t a good idea. Plus she didn’t want to draw any attention for what she had planned.

“Eden’s restoration.” He scoffed as he made his way towards her and her heart pounded faster with each step he took, “I never cared about restoring that place sure I grew up there but that was it. “Besides I was always told that home is where your heart is and my heart defiantly isn’t in Eden.” He whispered the last part in her ear as his arms encircled her shoulders pulling her closer to him.

“Like you have a heart.” Flora wanted to say but kept it to herself as her body stiffened and did her best to repress a shudder from his touch.

“I knew the moment I saw you that day in the rain your laughter and the light in your eyes. You had to become my newest toy. I wanted to steal you away then and watch the light fade from your eyes and your laughter turn to screams of agony. As I watched you fall into despair and become nothing more than a lifeless doll a shell of your former self. I went to your school that night to do just that but your boyfriend was there standing guard that night and all the nights after until the day I took you for myself.” He told her as one of his arms slid down her body wrapping around her waist trapping one of her arms.

“Helia had been standing watch over me all that time.” She thought.

“Now that I have you all to myself I can do just that.” He said nuzzling his head her hair, “Once we get to where we’re going it’ll be magical.”

She pulled away from his vile touch but he just tightened his hold on her. “Yes struggle please it makes it so much more enjoyable when you bring out that fiery side of you. But we are running out of time we can play more later.”

He quickly grabbed her free hand and brought behind her back when he grabbed her other hand and did the same she leaned forward and with all her might slammed her head into his. The shock of the blow had him releasing her she quickly grabbed the knife from under the pillow and ran for the door. But he recovered fast and seized her arm she whirled around and stabbed him just below the shoulder next to his armpit pulled it out and went for the exit.

He howled in pain and anger. “Little bitch.” He seethed, “I’ll teach you.” He drew the remote from his pocket and pressed the button.

The seizing pain made Flora stumble to the floor just outside the door. “Fight the pain Flora fight it.” She told herself as she tried forcing her body to crawl away but it was no use he was on her in an instant grabbing her by the hair and throwing her back into the room with such monstrous force that she was unable to keep her footing and landed hard on her back knocking the wind out of her. “I was going to be nice and gentle in the beginning.” He said while taking the knife that was clutched in her hand, “But you just had to go and piss me off.” He said getting on top of her. “Now how shall I punish you? Perhaps I should show you what it feels like to be stabbed, or I could carve out a nice little pattern on this pretty face of yours.” He threatened as he traced her face with the side of the blade leaving a trail of his blood from the wound she had inflicted. “No… as good as you look stained in blood I don’t want to ruin that face of yours quite yet. I’ll just give you a little reminder about who it is that you belong to.” He said while tracing the side of her neck lightly with the tip of the knife then began moving it across her shoulders down her side stopping just above her hip. “Here’s a good spot.” Then without warning he slashed into her.

Screaming in pain at the onslaught she felt the blood running down her side dampening the dress making it cling to her skin. She tried pushing him off of her but he was too heavy. He laughed at her futile attempt, “We’re not done yet.” Then showed her the remote turned the dial up a notch and pressed the switch. The agony was immense causing a bloodcurdling shout to erupt and making her see stars practically boarding on unconsciousness. “Good now that I have you compliant we can do this the easy way.” He said grabbing her arms and was about to tie them when someone yanked him off of her.

“What the hell are you doing?” She heard someone say, “That girl is the salvation of Eden we were given strict orders not to harm her. The King will have your head for this.”

“The King can rot for all I care nobody’s taking my new toy away from me.” Xandar said and went to stab the soldier but he dodged it and disarmed him and gave him a few good punches. Amidst the fighting Flora heard a small clattering sound she looked to her right and the remote was lying next to her. Reaching for it weakly she grasped it and placed it in her bra. If she was ever going to escape this was it while Xandar had his hands full with the soldier. She willed herself to crawl towards the wall doing all she could to repress the pain noises she wanted to make from her injury. Using the wall as support she got to her feet and hugged the wall to avoid there fight as she made it to the exit. Once out the door she ran ignoring the throbbing intense ache in her side. As she was running she heard Xandar scream “Emerald!” followed by the sounds of running. Clutching her side she picked up the pace and went for the crack in the wall that she and Lily used to go outside. She didn’t remember which tunnels they used to get out but she didn’t care anything was better than being in arm’s length of that maniac.

As she was sliding through the small space she heard him say, “You can’t hide from me.” Then footsteps were heard behind her. Once she made it to the larger opening she just started running hoping the darkness would give her some cover and hoping she didn’t run into a dead end. She stumbled over a few rocks and boulders but she just got up and ran adrenaline kicking in giving her an extra boost of power but the sounds of his footsteps were never far off. A dim spot of light was shining so she made her way there hoping it wasn’t just one the glowing rocks that were scattered across the caves. Finally she made it to an exit she was so happy to see that grey lifeless sky. But the footsteps were coming closer frantically she took another step but there was nothing there to catch her fall and she went tumbling down the rocky mountainside. She landed at the bottom with a thud, shoes gone, the skirt of her dress torn to pieces, her body bruised battered and scraped she lied there a moment catching her breath. By some miracle she managed to get to her feet, reaching into the dress she pulled out the remote and threw it praying that nobody would find it and that it blended in with all the other black rocks around. The sound of cascading rocks reminded her of the danger she was still in. Moving as quickly as possible she attempted to make a run for it. Unfortunately she didn’t get far.

“I’ve got you now.” He said as he ran up and grabbed her around the waist digging his fingers into the side that he had sliced causing even more blood to seep out of the wound and slide down her leg. Making her scream in pain. This time he wasted no time in securing her bonds tightly behind her back then dragged her off. Even though she was injured and tied her up it didn’t stop her from resisting and pulling away trying to go in a different direction. Which only seemed to irritate her capture and he’d yank viciously on the rope making her fall. Then continue walking not even waiting for her to regain her footing and dragged her exhausted body behind him through the rocky Cliffside as she yelled in pain and protest.

He growled angrily stopped and looked at her, “All of your stupid whining is going to get us noticed. So quit screaming there’ll be plenty of time for that later.”

“Never. If screaming is what it takes to get away from you then screaming is what I’ll do.” She shouted at him.

“Is that so?” He smirked walked back to her bent down and grabbed at her skirt and she gasped in fear. “Don’t flatter yourself.” He said while ripping a piece off covering her mouth with it and fastening it behind her head, “I may be a lot of things but I’m no rapist.” He told her, “Now you can yell all you want.” He said with a laugh as he got up and hoisted her to her feet then continued on his way with the muffled complaints of his prisoner coming from behind him. Again she began tugging at the rope and he jerked it causing her to fall once again. Just like before he started dragging her behind him but suddenly the rope went lax and upon a closer inspection he realized the rope had been cut somehow. He looked to his captive but she was just as surprised as him. He went to grab her but a barrage of laser beams stopped him in his tracks.

“You’ll never touch her again.” An angry voice shouted from the shadows echoing through the canyon.

Flora knew that voice and her heart skipped a beat just thinking about him but how did he figure out where she was and how did he get here she wondered.

“Who are you show yourself. Only a coward fights from the shadows.” Xandar bellowed.

“Coward.” Helia scoffed as he emerged from the darkness “Only a coward would attack a defenseless woman.”

Flora wanted to argue but taking in the whole of the situation with her having no powers and currently being tied up he had a point she was defenseless.

“The boyfriend.” Xandar laughed, “Now how’d you get here?”

“Does it matter?”

“Not really.”

“Step away from my girlfriend.”

“Why don’t you come over here and make me.” Xandar challenged, “Besides I’m far from done playing with her yet.” Then he moved towards Flora.

With lightning speed Flora had never seen before Helia ran and punched Xandar in the jaw making him fly back a few feet. “I said you’ll never touch her again.” He said standing between Xandar and Flora.

Spitting out a tooth and wiping the blood from his mouth Xandar said, “You pack quite a punch. Aren’t you supposed to be a pacifist?”

“Not today.” Helia said taking a fighting stance.

“Good. Then this should be fun. I’ll kill you first that ought to put a damper in that feisty spirit of hers.” Xandar replied and ran at Helia.

Helia met him head on and the two began trading blows. Xandar went in for a right hook but Helia ducked out of the way and came back with and uppercut. That connected with a crack making Xandar step back in a daze. But Helia didn’t stop there he came back with a roundhouse kick knocking him to the ground gravel crunching underneath him at the force of the impact.

Severely winded Xandar got to his feet rushed at Helia feigned a punch and threw dirt in his eyes blinding him. Taking advantage of his opponent’s momentary weakness he sent a powerful kick and Helia landed in the dirt with a thud. Not one to miss an opportunity to kick someone when they were down Xandar landed a few good blows to Helia’s stomach.

Before he could land another hit Helia caught his foot and pushed him away then quickly rubbed the dirt out of eyes and got back up.

Xandar pulled out a knife and dashed at Helia who wasn’t able to dodge the assault quickly enough and got a cut across his cheek. He felt the blood start to trickle down his face as he was avoiding the rapid slashes coming his way.

Helia managed to catch the arm holding the blade and the two began wrestling back and forth for control of the knife. Then the knife sunk into flesh as Helia saw the shock in Xandar’s face and watched the light leave his eyes. When he was positive there was no life left in him he removed the knife from his neck and let the body flop to the ground.

He went over to Flora cut the bindings and removed the gag. “Are you alright?” She asked reaching out to gingerly touch the side of his face.

It was just like her to worry about someone else’s wellbeing before her own he thought.” I’m fine Flora. It’s just a scratch.” He assured her placing light kisses on her reddening wrists.

“I wasn’t talking about that you jus-“He put a finger to her lip.

“I know.” He said, “Do you hate me now?”

“No. Never.” She said while shaking her head. Then launched herself at him, “I was so scared.” She sobbed as the tears streamed down her face.

“I know but it’s alright you’re safe now. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He said comforting her while running his fingers through her hair.

Once she calmed down Helia wiped away the remaining tears from her eyes and said, “Let’s get you out of here.” And went to lift her up into his arms.

“OW!” she cried in pain.

“What’s wrong? Where are you hurt?” He asked setting her down gently.

“Oh pretty much everywhere.” She replied trying to laugh it off but failed miserably.

Then he truly looked at her he had noticed the scrapes and bruises, but the amount of blood that she was covered in made his blood boil. If he could bring Xandar back to life he would, just to kill him again. “Where’s all the blood coming from?” Granted all her scrapes had bits of blood coming from them but Flora knew what he meant. “My side most likely since that’s where he stabbed me.”

Inspecting the wound Helia said, “It doesn’t look too deep but we need to stop the bleeding I don’t want you going into shock.” Then put pressure on the wound and she hissed in pain. “Sorry.” He said, “Now I just need something to wrap around it.” Too bad he left his cloak on Luke’s ship and stashed the parachute where no one would see it.

“My dress.” Flora offered, “There’s not much left of it but it should be good enough until we can clean and bandage it properly.”

“Right.” He said tearing a few strips off.

“How did you find me?” Flora asked as he was securing the makeshift bandage.

“I heard you scream.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Luke.” Helia answered, “Luke brought me here.”

“Luke.” She said surprised, “How do you know Luke.”

“We grew up together.”

“That explains why he looked out for me.” She said as Helia picked her cradling her in his arms. “I can walk.” She huffed out due to the quick pain in her side that subsided shortly after.

“We’re on a rocky Cliffside and you’re not wearing any shoes.” Helia pointed out, “Besides your feet look like they could use a break.”

Lifting a leg to inspect one of her feet she saw all the dirt and cuts from her previous running and being dragged along behind a crazy person she realized he had a point and didn’t argue further. She sighed and rested her head on his chest listening to the steady pounding of his heart. “Helia?” She asked quietly as he walked.

“Hmm.” He replied looking down at her. The smoldering look in her eyes stopped him in his tracks. She raised up towards him and closed her eyes, but she couldn’t quite make the distance he raised her higher in his arms and leaned down capturing her lips with his as the two shared a kiss full of passion, longing, worry and pent up desire. Neither wanted to break contact but they reluctantly released each other there would be time for that later when they were safely back on Magix.

The sound of running footsteps crunching on gravel had them hiding behind a tall boulder. Setting Flora down Helia prepared for a fight. “Helia, Helia,” someone hurriedly whispered.

“Luke.” Helia whispered back coming out from behind the boulder.

“They figured out I stole a ship but I was able to make it to Flora’s room she’s missing and there was a dead guard in her cell. My guess is Xandar got to her. Adonis has got the place on alert we’ve got to move quickly and find her and get out of here before this place is crawling with soldiers. Why weren’t you at the rendezvous point and what happened to your face?” Luke asked.

“I wasn’t at the rendezvous point because I heard Flora scream. I fought with Xandar that’s how I got this scrape and now here we are.”

“If you saved Flora where is she?”

“Here.” Flora said stepping around the boulder and leaning against it.

“Whoa. He did a number on you didn’t he?” Luke said taking in Flora battered body. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” He said sincerely.

“It’s alright you were getting help.” She told him.

“Okay new plan first we treat the injuries then we get off this planet.” Luke said pulling a first aid kit out of his pack.

“What about Lily.” Flora asked as Luke was cleaning out the stab wound since it was the worst of her injuries, and she was doing her best not to flinch whenever it stung.

“Lily will be fine. Adonis won’t hurt her.”

“The man is crazy he was talking to nothing.” Flora countered.

“Trust me I don’t intend to leave her here. Once we get you out of here safely I’m coming back for her. I promised her mother I’d look after her and protect her no matter what.” He told her effectively ending the discussion, “You’re all set let’s get going.” He said putting the first aid kit away. Helia picked up Flora once again and Luke led the way to his ship.

They could see the ship just ahead and they picked up their pace. When they neared the ship a whooshing sound was heard and the next thing they knew the ship was blown to pieces. The force of the explosion sent them flying backwards and crashing to ground. Flora landing a few feet away from the guys. Struggling to his feet and ring with in his ears Helia rushed over to Flora making sure she was alright.

Once he had confirmed that she wasn’t severely hurt he looked around for Luke. He spotted him a few feet away with his sword out and at the ready. Glancing around the canyon Helia saw the soldiers moving in on all sides. “Secure the nature fairy and do not harm her.” Helia heard a tall golden blonde haired man command.

“Yes my King.” The soldiers said.

“We’re out numbered.” Helia said

“And surrounded.” Luke put in.

“If only I could use my powers I could help.” Flora said.

“Don’t worry I’ll protect you.” Helia said, “I won’t let them take you.”

The soldiers charged and Luke went to meet them he swung his sword and unleashed a storm of lightning on them. “Magic sword never leave home without it.” He boasted.

“Is this really the time to bragging about your weapon.” Flora said.

“Easy flower child I’m just getting warmed up.” Luke said swinging his sword the color changing from yellow to white and a gale force wind erupted from it sending the soldiers flying.

“Above us!” Flora shouted.

Adonis was leading soldiers on leva-bikes and they were firing lasers at them. Helia and Luke brought out their shields joined them together to cover not only themselves but Flora as well. Helia doing his best to return fire. As they were busy guarding from the assault from the sky the soldiers on the ground used their own magical weapons first making the ground shake throwing them off balance and sending gusts of wind at them now they were the ones flying through the air.

Adonis swooped in and caught Flora before she hit the ground and flew off towards a waiting airship. “Helia!” she cried.

“Go. I got this!” Luke said and sent more lightning at the soldiers coming their way.

Nodding Helia used his laser string glove and attached it to one of the leva-bikes flying overhead climbed up knocking off its pilot and raced after Adonis. He fired shots at the King but his soldiers protected him and returned fire. He did his best to dodge the attacks but some did nick the bike. Two soldiers tried to box him in but he rammed one then kicked the other off his bike and when the other came back he kicked them off too. He saw Adonis’s bike land in a nearby ship and the hatch started to close. Helia gunned the engine rushed the ship just as the door was closing he jumped off the leva-bike and through the small opening rolling to a stop.

“Your persistence is admirable.” Adonis said while shoving Flora towards two soldiers. “But it ends here.” He said and pulled out a sword and ran at Helia. Helia blocked his attack with his shield pushed Adonis away and followed up with a punch to the face and kick to the chest. Clutching his chest clearly winded by the blow he gave a signal to the guards and the side door of the ship opened swirling mass amounts of wind throughout the ship. Adonis grabbed a nearby crate and threw it at Helia who jumped out of the way to avoid it only to have one of the soldiers come up from behind and shove him towards the open door. “Helia!” Flora screamed and rushed over to him the soldiers not even bothering to stop her since they were too busy trying to stay upright in all of the wind. She caught him by the front of his shirt before he fell out the door and started pulling him back in but Adonis grabbed her from behind with one arm and pulled her back in and pushed Helia with the other. Helia tried grabbing Flora’s hand but missed and grasped the necklace instead the snapping of chain was heard clearly between the two as Helia fell from the door.

“Nooooo. Helia! Helia!” She screamed.

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