The Forgotten Kingdom

Battle on Eden

Riven jumped off his leva-bike before it even stopped ignoring the shocked looks and shouts from the students at his sudden appearance, and ran for the Winx’s dorm and pounded fiercely on the door. He was just about to barge in when Musa opened the door.

“Riven.” She said surprised to see him standing outside the door. “What’re yo-“

“Tenebris Petra Regnum.” He blurted out before she could finish her question. “I mean Dark Rock Kingdom.”

She just looked at him confusion written on her face.

He shook his head, “Why is this so hard?” He said frustrated. “Flora’s.”

“What about Flora?” She said pulling him into the room and slamming the door gaining everyone’s attention. “Spill it what do you know about Flora?”

He cleared his throat “Flora’s being held at a place Dark Rock Kingdom.”

“How do you know that’s where she’s at?” Sky asked.

“Luke told Helia and me.” Riven said.

“Who’s Luke?” Bloom asked.

“Apparently he’s a friend from Helia’s childhood and they enrolled in Red Fountain together but on mission everyone thought he died and Helia dropped out and went to art school. That is until he met Flora and reentered.”

“Aw he reentered just to be closer to Flora and they weren’t even dating yet that is so sweet.” Stella said, “Why can’t you be more like Helia.” She said glaring at Brandon.

“I was already at Red Fountain before we started dating.” Brandon defended, “So technically I was like Helia.”

“You’re right I’m sorry.” She said.

“We are getting off the subject.” Aisha said, “How’d Luke know about Flora? How’d they meet?” She asked.

“He was working with the guys that took her.” Riven told her.

“What!” Everyone shouted.

“Where’s Helia now?” Timmy asked.

“He went with Luke.”

“Is he stupid? That guy could be leading him into a trap.” Musa said.

“That’s what I said.” He told.

“Okay then where is this Dark Rock Kingdom and how do we get there?” Sky questioned.

“I don’t know he didn’t say. All he said was that, that’s where Flora’s at.”

“Well that’s just great.” Stella said sarcastically.

“I’ll do a search for it maybe something will pop up.” Tecna said.

“What was the other name you called it before? Tene what?” Musa asked.

“Tenebris Petra Regnum.” Riven answered.

“It sounds familiar like I’ve heard it somewhere before.” She said.

“How’s the search coming Tecna?” Roy asked.

“It’s taking forever. I’m getting so much information on rocks but nothing on a rock kingdom. But it’s still searching.”

“The History of Magical Dimensions.” Musa blurted, “That’s where I’ve heard the name.” Then she snapped her fingers making the book appear thumbed through it until got to what she was looking for. “Here it is Tenebris Petra Regnum formally known as Montuosa Troglodytam Valle it was originally a world inhabited by trolls but when one of its suns exploded obliterating life on the planet it became a barren wasteland of just rocks and darkness.”

“My powers will be weakened in darkness not sure how good I’ll be in fight there.” Stella said.

“Don’t worry about it Stella.” Bloom said, “We got a few potions from Professor Palladium made from the Happy Lily Rose that will restore your magic power, plus heal injuries.” She assured her.

“Does the book tell you where the planet is?” Riven asked bringing everyone back to the real issue.

“Hang on there’s a map of the dimensions at the back.” She said flipping to the back of the book. “Here it is and it’s not too far from Eden.”

“How far away is it from Eden?” Stella asked.

“This far.” Musa said holding up her index finger and thumb with a small space in-between.

Riven did his best to hide a smirk and Stella just said, “Very funny.”

“Hey you’re not the only one who can crack jokes.” Musa told her.

“Let me see that.” Timmy said.

Musa handed him the book. “Okay so the place really isn’t that far from Eden we could warp there and if we maintain a high velocity speed we could reach Dark Rock Kingdom in about a half hour.”

“Then that settles it we’ll get what we need and back Helia up rescuing Flora.” Sky said.

“You coming with us?” Musa asked Riven. Happy that their decision to remain friends didn’t leave any awkwardness between them.

“You know it.” He said his eyes brimming with determination and excitement of the battle to come.

Musa loved those eyes they were the window to his soul. It was filled with strength, bravery, and resolve to never give up no matter how difficult the fight. Yet there was also passion, gentleness, and kindness a part of him that he only showed to her. Sure he had some bad qualities to he was stubborn, jealous, and willful, he could be downright rude sometimes but if he didn’t have those qualities he wouldn’t be Riven. Deep down she still loved him deeply and wondered just where did they go wrong?

Helia was falling through sky barreling towards the earth he quickly looked around for something that he could grab onto to stop his quick decent but sadly he didn’t see anything in sight. Sure there were mountains but none of them had anything he could latch onto.

“Hey grab my hand.” Someone called to him.

Looking toward the sound of the voice he saw a young girl with pale yellow hair flying not that far away and coming his way. He reached out and took her hand and she got closer.

“Whoa.” She said as his weight made her fall through the sky but she flapped her wings harder to stay upright and brought them gently down to the ground. “This is so cool. I finally got my wings.” She cheered. “And I must say my outfit is awesome. What do you think Helia?” She asked spinning in a circle.

She wore a green aqua halter top the laced up in the back like a corset from the bottom of her top a strand on of black fabric on each side crisscrossed over her stomach and attached to her tutu skirt which was also aqua green but with a black bottom layer at the back of the skirt was a black bow with aqua trimmed ends the long strands reached the back of her knees. She wore combat boots that were almost to her knees with green aqua laces. Black lacy fingerless gloves completed the ensemble. Her wings were like a spider’s web and cast an iridescent glow and atop her head was a small black tiara with a green gemstone in the middle. “You look great.” He told her, “Kind of punk rocky.”

“Awesome, but what’s punk rocky.” She asked.

“It’s kind of hard to explain but first how do you know my name?”

She giggled, “That’s easy I heard Flora scream it. I was going to go after the ship but, I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch up to it. Then I saw you falling and you dying would defiantly make Flora sad.”

“Why were you going after the ship?”

“I was trying to save Flora. Duh.”

“Who are you?” He asked though now that he thought about it he probably should’ve asked that first.

“Right introductions. I always keep forgetting about those.” She said then cleared her throat. “It’s a pleasure to meet you I’m Lily Princess of Eden.” She said doing her best to curtsy in a tutu.

“It’s an honor to meet you Princess.” He said returning her curtsy with a bow. “And thank you for saving me.”

“You’re welcome and just call me Lily.”

“Alright then Lily.”

They heard footsteps crunching on the rock and turned towards the sound Helia ready for a fight While Lily conjured up some energy blasts.

“Whoa, whoa easy it’s me.” Luke said putting his hands up in surrender as he rounded the corner.

They each dropped their stances and Lily made her energy balls disappear.

“Lily!” Luke said surprised, “How did you get out of your room? And you got your wings. How?”

“Well first off getting out of my room was easy.” She said, “Dad must’ve forgotten about the hole that was behind my dresser and I know these caves like the back of my hand so it wasn’t hard to get to the surface. It just took me awhile because I had to dodge some of the guards and monks. And as to how I got my wings well once I made it out of the caves I saw Dad’s ship flying through the air I knew Flora had to be on it. The only thing on my mind was saving her so I ran and jumped off the cliff hoping it happened and thankfully it did. Then I saw Helia falling so I saved him. But isn’t this outfit awesome?”

“Yeah it’s wonderful.” Luke told her, “Very punk rockish.”

“That’s what I said.” Helia said.

“I seriously need to figure out what punk rock is.” Lily said crossing her arms in frustration.

“Wait. Did you say you jumped off a cliff?” Luke asked that bit of information finally sinking in.”

“Yep.” Lily replied.

“You could have died!”

“That’s beside the point.” She said waving off his worry.

“How am I supposed to look after you if you do crazy stuff like that?” He yelled angrily stomping away slightly.

“Luke please don’t be mad. I don’t like it when you’re mad at me.” She said going up to him and clutching his arm.

“Luke I’ll admit what she did was reckless but I’m glad she did it.” Helia said, “If she hadn’t I’d be splattered all over the ground right now.”

“Helia’s right. He’d of been a pancake if I didn’t come along.” Lily said.

Luke sighed in frustration there really was no point in dwelling on it she’d already done it and he was happy that she was still alive. “Fine just tone down that reckless behavior of yours.”

“Whatever you say.” She said with a smile, “Besides we have far more important things to worry about like getting to Eden. As I was making my way out I overheard some of the monks talking they plan on doing the ritual today.”

“I thought the King wanted to wait a few days.” Luke said.

“With everything that’s happened I guess he changed his mind.” She said.

“We have to get to Eden now!” Helia said.

“How they blew up my ship remember.” Luke reminded him.

“Maybe there’s one here we can take.”

“Doubtful. King Adonis is smart he wouldn’t leave us a ship so we could stop his plans.”

Helia sighed, “True. Now what do we do?”

“Wait don’t you stay at Red Fountain?” Lily asked.

“Yes.”Helia said.

“Well Flora did mention that each team had their own airship. Couldn’t you just call them up and ask for a ride?”

Just as Helia was about to grab his phone to call the others it rang. “Hello?” He said.

“Helia its Timmy could you guys move back some so we can land?” He asked.

“Sure but how did you know where I was?” Helia asked.

“Easy I tracked the GPS on your phone.” Timmy replied. “Bye.” He said and the phone went dead.

Helia put the phone back in his pocket and motioned for the others to get out of the way.

“How did we not notice an airship flying over us?” Lily asked as they were getting out of the way.

“Guess we were too caught up in our own conversations and thoughts.” Helia supplied.

“We need to be more observant of our surroundings.” Luke said.

They nodded in agreement.

“All aboard the Red Fountain Express.” Brandon called as the door opened.

“Who’s this lovely young lady?” Brandon asked as they boarded.

“This is Princess Lily.” Helia said.

“The one from the letter?”

“Yep. And this guy.” He said pointing at Luke, “Is Luke.”

“Hello.” Lily said.

“Hey.” Luke said with a wave.”

“Hi.” Brandon said.

As soon as they entered Stella let out a squeal of excitement. “Oh my gosh you are so cute.” She said. “You’ve got to be Lily.”

“Yes I am and who are you.” Lily asked.

“I’m Stella.” She said.

“The Princess of Solaria and fashion designer?”

“Aspiring fashion designer.” Stella corrected.

“Then you’re just the person I need to talk to.”

“Okay… What’s up?”

“Helia and Luke said my outfit’s very punk rocky I was just wondering well what is punk rock?” Lily asked.

Stella laughed, “Come and sit next to me and I’ll tell you all about it.” She said, leading Lily towards a seat.

“I’m getting an alert there is quite a bit of movement and magical energies coming from Eden. Tecna said.

“Everyone buckle up. Sky said, “We’re going to Eden so be ready for a fight.”

Looking at the necklace that had been clutched in his hand since the fall Helia thought “I’m coming Flora just hold on.”

Flora was lead out of the airship the sight of the planet made her gasp it was completely desolate nothing but ash and dirt even the sky was a blackened and there was a smell of sulfur in the air. The soldiers pulled her to the other side of the airship. This area unlike the rest of the planet was a pristine white and seeing the blackened trees coming up at crazy angles broke heart. She could only imagine the pain they must’ve felt when there life was quickly snuffed out. Two monks walked to the center of a circle of ivory stones with black ivy wrapped around them and secured shackles into the ground. Once they were finished they motioned the soldiers who were holding Flora forward and she was forced to her knees and each monk took an arm locking the restraint around her wrist tightly making her wince. When she was secured the soldiers and monks left and King Adonis came and knelt down to her level pulling out a small key which he used to unlock the collar around her neck.

Finally. Now I can use my magic and get out here.” She thought.

She went to summon a magical energy blast to break the chains after all it was pointless to transform and try to fly if she was stuck to the ground. Unfortunately nothing happened. She tried again but came up with nothing.

“It’s pointless.” Adonis said, “I knew that if you didn’t help willingly as soon as your collar was removed you’d try to escape using magic. So I had the cuffs made they’re just like the collar blocking your ability to use magic. But they’re spelled so that when the monks start chanting you’ll be drained of your powers and the process of returning Eden to its former glory will begin.”

“You can’t do this!” Flora protested pulling at her restraints, “Not only will I die in the process but this will throw the entire magical dimension into chaos killing countless others.”

“I care not for the welfare of the other worlds as long as Eden is restored that is all that matters. I thank you for your noble sacrifice.” He said and walked out of the circle. “Begin.” He commanded.

The monks began chanting in a language Flora had never heard and immediately she felt the drain of her magic and the stones around her began glowing brightly the black ivy untangling parts of itself from the rocks and slithering like a snake towards her. They raised up in the air and slammed back down burrowing into the ground. A purple ring appeared beneath Flora and the ivy emerged latching onto her and wrapping around her body Stealing even more magical energy from her. As it wrapped around her arms the chains holding her shattered. With the chains gone she tried to communicate with the vines but they wouldn’t listen it was like they weren’t even alive that they were more machine instead of a part of nature. She tried to break free of them with her magic but as soon as she summoned her magic the vines would steal it away and they began dragging her down into the circle under her. Then she remembered the dreams she had before she came the ones she could never quite remember but left her feeling uneasy. They had black vines that pulled her down into darkness trapped forever never to be seen again.

“No I don’t want to be trapped in darkness.” She cried struggling in vain against the mechanical roots that continued to pull her into the ground. “Someone help me. Helia!” She screamed.

“They’re shooting at us.” Stella shouted

“Did you expect them to just let us land and take Flora.” Aisha said.

“No. I knew they’d put up a fight but I didn’t expect an airship fight.” She said as the airship swayed dodging attacks and barrel rolling to avoid larger beam attacks while returning fire.

“All this spinning is making me queasy.” Lily said holding onto her stomach.

“Please don’t hurl on my shoes.” Stella said, “They’re new.”

Lily just whined as the ship spun some more.

“Timmy try to get us as close to the ritual site as you can and take out the rocks.” Helia instructed, “That should stop ritual.”

“Roger that.” Timmy said maneuvering the ship. “But it going to be a little difficult to get an opening with all these ships firing at us.”

“I’ll take Red Wing out to draw some of the fire.” Sky said, “And whoever sees an opening first takes the shot.”

“Okay.” Timmy agreed.

“Be careful Sky.” Bloom said.

“Don’t worry I will.” He said giving her a smile.

Sky jumped into the Red Wing and he and Timmy had an all-out Aerial with the airships of Eden. Weaving and dodging through the masses taking shots when they could and when they landed a direct hit their target would crash to the ground.

“Timmy I’ve got a clear shot.” Sky said over the intercom.

“Yeah I do too.” He said.

“I’ll take the left side.” Sky said.

“Then I’ve got the right.” Timmy replied. “Three, two one.” Timmy counted down.

In unison they said, “Fire.” As they pressed a button to shoot the rocks causing a cloud of smoke.

When it cleared the rocks were still in place shining brightly.

“You hit those I saw you hit those.” Stella said,

“Why didn’t they get destroyed?” Tecna asked.

“Who cares about that.” Musa said, “Why are those creepy black vines wrapped around my friend and dragging her into the ground?”

“Enough questions let’s just get down there and rip her away.” Aisha said

“Yeah.” Lily agreed, “Besides no nature fairy, no power for the stones.” She added.

“Alright then girls let’s do it.” Bloom said.

“Magic Winx Bloomix.” They said together.

Once transformed everybody jumped out of the airship minus Timmy who stayed to fight with a few remaining airships along with Sky. The closer they got to the ground all the Winx unleashed their attack on the soldiers below.

“Infinite Echo.”

“Bio-Rhythmic Blast”

“Light Spectrum.”

“Volcanic Attack.”

“Water Bolt.”

The soldiers were blasted back making room for everybody to land safely.

“How’s your stomach?” Stella asked Lily.

“Better now that we’re not spinning.” Lily replied.

“Great then let’s go kick some butt.” She said.

But Adonis wasn’t going to make this easy for them now that he was so close to restoring his home. He positioned more soldiers around the area and what monks weren’t chanting he ordered them to use their powers to prevent any interruptions no matter how it was done. Drawing together their magic the monks created a hoard of creatures of various shapes and sizes to confront the rescue team.

“Ew there are ones that look like worms.” Lily said then flapped her wings to hover above the ground slightly, “Ah and they’re coming this way. Stay away. Water Ring.” She cried creating rings of water that spiraled towards the creatures making the little bugs and wormlike creatures disappear.

“Nice one,” Musa said

“Thanks.” She said.

“Alright here’s the plan.” Bloom said, “Lily will focus on taking out the smaller ones while rest of us take on the larger ones.”

“So we have to fight the ugly gooey blob ones who can’t seem to make up their minds on what they want to look like.” Stella said pointing to a creature that looked like a half man half crab monster then switched to something that looked like a shark with legs. “Pick a form already.” Stella yelled irritated as she shot a large beam of energy at the creature blasting it to pieces.

“Who cares what they look like just attack them.” Helia said shooting the shark man until he exploded.

“Is it just me or do these guys seem rather easy to beat?” Riven said as his boomerang blasted through three of the creatures.

Just then all of the bigger ones eyes glowed red and changed into what looked like a Minotaur but instead of having the head of a bull they had the head of tiger with giant horns. Each carrying a weapon of either an axe, hammer, or sword. While the little ones looked like either a centipede or spider and shot out magical attacks.

“You just had to say something didn’t you.” Brandon said as the beasts came charging towards them.

“Hey if you can’t handle it.” Riven said switching to his sword as he dodged an enemy attack cutting off its arm and jumped in the air slicing it down the middle.

“Who says I can’t handle it.” Brandon said jumping out of the way of a giant hammer that was about to crush him then runs at the monster giving him a few kicks to the center knocking him back before taking off his head with his sword.

“Sky Timmy is there a way either of you could clear me a path to Flora before she’s completely sucked in?” Helia asked while as he wrapped up a monster and sent it Roy’s way so he could finish it off.

“Sorry man I can’t.” Sky told him sadly, “I’ve got my hands full there are monsters flying around up here now.” He told him as he swerved to avoid what looked like the cross between a stingray and rat then turned around and blasted it into nothingness.

“Same goes for me pal sorry.” Timmy said as he took out two bat creatures while avoiding fire from an enemy ship.

“Leave it to us Helia we’ll clear you a path.” Tecna said, “You with me Musa.”

“Oh Yeah.” Musa said.

“Harmony Blast.” Tecna said and speaker amplifiers appeared around the enemies.

“Crystal Voice.” Musa used her powers to create purple sound waves that attacked the enemies but her spell was even more powerful once it combined with Tecna’s amplifiers exploding the enemies.

“Just keep moving Helia we’ll keep them off of you.” Bloom said as Helia ran through the clearing, “Spreading Fire.” Then sent a fire beam towards the rushing monsters.

“You won’t get in our way. Water Rising Ray.” Aisha shouted and shoots beams of pink and yellow from her hands.

“My turn Bright Star.” Stella called as she shot a beam of golden energy from her hand that exploded like a meteor as it crashed into the monsters obliterating them.

Thanks to the Winx Helia and Roy who had come to give Helia a hand were close to the rock formation now all they had to do was get past the soldiers.

“I’ll take care of the soldiers you just get to Flora.” Roy said.

“Alright.” Helia agreed.

Some of the monks came forward and shot lightning at them to try and slow them down but Roy absorbed it with his sword and sent it right back at them putting them out of commission.

Just as Helia was about to get to the circle a soldier popped up. “Light Spectrum.” Stella shouted and a spiraling beam of yellow pink sent the soldier flying. “Keep moving get our girl.” Stella told him.

Helia ran to the center of the circle and slid to where Flora was and reached into the hole for her to pull out his hand grabbed her arm and began pulling her out. “Helia.” He heard her say. Then he was blasted back losing his grip on her arm and the hole shut. “No Flora!” He shouted.

“I grow tired of your interference.” Adonis said. “But as amusing as it was. It is too late now that girl will become one with Eden’s core and emerge as the tree of life. Restoring Eden to its finest.”

“You.” Helia said his voice dripping with malice, “I’ll kill you!”

Fueled by rage Helia stormed at the king his normal calm pacifist demeanor gone, but as he told Xandar today he wasn’t a pacifist he was just a man on a mission to save the woman he loved his precious flower. However he had failed and that life he cared for was snuffed out his flower had been plucked away and the petals torn off piece by piece. He was going to make the man responsible suffer greatly no matter what the cost.

His fist raised in anger he went to strike Adonis but missed as the king dodged the attack and quickly retaliated with a punch of his own that had Helia falling back a few paces. But Helia didn’t feel the pain from the impact the adrenaline and rage coursing through him pushing him forward. Adonis pulled out a sword and rushed Helia swinging it violently and Helia did his best to avoid the attacks.

“Helia catch.” Roy shouted.

Risking a glance from where his named was called Helia saw Roy toss him his sword and then pulled out his javelin to defend himself from the soldiers and remaining monsters. Unfrtunately Roy didn’t throw the sword far enough and it remained out of reach behind the King. As Adonis swung the sword the tip just inches away from slashing Helia’s face as he sidestepped out of the way and rolled for the sword Roy had thrown grabbing it and meeting the King Head on blades clashing neither willing to give up.

Musa was taking out one of the Minotaur monsters from above with her Infinite Echo attack when a soldier yelled “Come here fairy.” Then used his whip latching it around her ankle pulling her down into a crowd of monsters. She barely had time to summon her shield before they started pounding her with their weapons.

“Musa!” Riven cried as he saw her fall into the mass of monsters. Running to help her he quickly dispatched anything that got in his way. The soldier who knocked her down sent his whip at Riven but he caught and pulled the soldier too him and with all his might punched him in the face several crunching noises were heard and Riven left him twitching on the ground. Then took out several of the monsters from behind that were attacking Musa and destroyed the rest. “You okay?” He asked scanning the area making sure no one else was going to attack.

“A little bruised but I’m fine. The shield took most of the damage.” She said getting up. “Thanks you were a real hero saving me like that.” She said with a smile.

“Don’t mention it you’d of done the same for me.” He said with a grin.

“In a heartbeat.” She replied.

And the two took off together going after more monsters

“Focus on the small ones she said.” Lily complained as she blasted not only bug monsters but the Minotaur’s as well, “Just how am I supposed to do that when these giant ones keep coming at us?”

“That’s why I’m here princess.” Luke said while blasting the monsters with lighting attacks and if they got to close he’d blow them away with a wind attack.

“We’ll never get to Flora like this.” Lily said while attacking more monsters.

“Leave Flora to the Winx and Helia.” Luke told her. “See they’re already clearing a path.” He said as he cut a monster in half.

“Sure they can clear the path of monsters, soldiers and monks but you’re forgetting my dad is there too. He’s strong and he won’t go down without a fight.”

“Helia is strong too don’t forget and he’s got as much of reason to fight as your dad.” Luke said sending monsters flying.

“I know in the beginning my father had good intentions but the way he’s going about it is twisted. So I won’t let him do this. I promised Flora I would save her and I meant it. And these stupid monsters are in my way. So I’m taking them all out at once. Tornado Geyser.” She shouted as she slammed her hands on the ground. All around them geysers opened up shooting spouts of water that swirled around the area taking out soldiers and monsters alike.

“Um Wow.” Luke said as it cleared the area of any threats.

“I think I overdid it.” Lily said and collapsed but Luke caught her before she hit the ground.

“Is she alright?” Brandon asked as he ran over

“Yeah I’m fine.” Lily answered him and Luke set her down. “I’m just really low on magic power.” She told him.

“Here drink this then.” Brandon said handing her a potion made from the happy lily rose. “It’ll restore your magic energy and heal any wounds you have.” He told her. “I was hanging onto it to give to Stella but we were separated and now she’s with Bloom who has a potion with her.

“Digital Room.” Tecna shouted shielding herself and Aisha from an enemy blast.

“Nice one Tec.” Aisha said, “Morphix Trap.” She called creating sticky pink traps all around shield Tecna created. Then she hovered in the air and motioned for Tecna to do the same. Once they were in the air she added more sticky morphix to where they were standing.

“Nice strategy.” Tecna commented. “Alright I’m going to release my shield and when they all try to go in for the attack and get stuck.”

“We hit them with everything we’ve got.” Aisha finished.

“Exactly.” Tecna said, “Releasing my shield in three, two, one, now!”

As the shield disappeared they flew higher and when the monsters tried to attack they were caught in the morphix.

“Water Rising Ray.” Aisha said shooting beams of dark pink energy at the monsters.

“Bio-Rhythmic Blast.” Tecna said firing a beams of blue, green, and yellow at the monsters.

“Just as planned.” Aisha said giving Tecna a high five

“Total Eclipse.” Stella said shooting a spiraling beam of orange and pink at the enemies.

“Volcanic Attack” Bloom shouted as pink and yellow beams shot from her hands destroying enemy monsters. “Stella try not to overdue it.” She cautioned.

“Don’t worry about me.” Stella said, “I’m a little tired but I’ll be alright.” She told Bloom while blasting monsters.

“Okay but if you need a potion let me- Ah” Bloom didn’t even get to finish her sentence as she was blasted by an enemy and fell to the ground.

“Let you know.” Stella said finishing Blooms sentence while defending her from an attack then taking out the enemy.

As Helia and the King crossed swords the ground began to rumble and shake miraculously the two stayed on their feet battling one another. Suddenly a giant branch broke through the surface splitting the two apart. More branches followed and finally something that looked like a tree emerged except the trunk of the tree was wrapped around Flora ankles and the middle of her body. The branches from earlier were spiraled around her outstretched arms.

“Flora.” Helia said and ran for the tree but when he tried to free her he was blasted back by an energy field protecting the tree. That wasn’t going to stop him he ran at the tree again but met the same fate as before.

“It’s pointless.” Adonis said, “She has become the tree of life there is no saving her.”

“I don’t believe that.” Helia told him, “Flora I know you can hear please fight back. Don’t let them win.” He pleaded.

The tree started glowing purple the ground shook and black trees sprouted going in all directions. They barreled through anything that got in there way. Red clouds started to form in the sky and dark rain began to pour as the drops hit the ground dark blue grass began to grow and grow taking the shape of giant snakes. Once a snake spotted another the two would battle and the blood that would spill from the loser admitted toxic fumes into the air. On the black trees appeared glowing red eyes and their branches twisted together taking on the form of oddly shaped hands. If a snake came near they’d attack ripping it half unleashing more toxins into the air. Adonis just stood there in shock at what was happening.

“Where’d the snakes and crazy tree monsters come from?” Stella asked while dodging a pounding tree branch.

“Maybe we were too late and this is part of Eden’s renewal.” Bloom said also dodging attacking trees.

“I thought this ritual was supposed to bring Eden back not create crazy monsters and make the place worse.” Stella said as she blasted away a swinging branch arm.

“So did I.” Bloom said diving under a punching tree.

“None of the monsters seem to be going towards the circle I say we go there.” Stella suggested.

“Good idea Stell.” Bloom said, “Everybody make your way to the circle.” Bloom shouted as loud as she could hoping everyone heard her.

As everyone entered the circle all the Winx ran for the tree when they saw Flora and were blasted back.

“There’s a protective barrier around the tree.” Helia told them.

“Yeah no kidding.” Aisha said rubbing her back as she got up.

Lily ran to her dad. “Father you’ve got to stop this.” She told him.

She didn’t get a response he just stood there like a statue watching as more calamity befell his Kingdom.

“Dad wake up and stop this!” She pounded on his chest. “You’ve got to take responsibility for what you’ve done. Now stop this dumb ritual and release Flora.”

Again there was no response. Her patience wearing thin she growled and blasted him with a small bit of her magic energy causing him to stumble back. It seemed to help because he blinked and looked down at her.

“Lily you got your wings.” He said.

“Yeah I got my wings.” She replied sarcastically. “Now stop this dumb ritual and set my friend free.” She demanded.

“I don’t understand, it wasn’t supposed to be like this.” Adonis told her. “What went wrong?” he asked nobody in particular.

“Flora wake up. You must wake up.” A voice called.

“Wake up? Why should I wake up? I’m still sleepy” Flora thought, “Besides its dark. Why should I get up when it’s still night?” She wondered.

“It’s not night Flora. You must wake up you’re the only one that can stop it.” The voice told her.

“Stop. What do I have to stop?” She wondered, “Please go away I’m tired.” She said. “I’ll stop what you want me to stop tomorrow but right now I just want to sleep.”

“Flora wake up you must stop Eden’s destruction or the entire magical dimension will be in danger.” The voice said more firmly.

“Eden that sounds familiar.” She said. “Where have I heard it? Eden? Eden…”

Then she remembered being abducted meeting Xandar which made her shudder. She remembered Lily and King Adonis telling her that she was to be a sacrifice to restore his Kingdom. Her fatal run in with Xandar that reunited her with Helia. Being taken again by the King and she remembered Helia’s fall from the ship as tried to save her.

“Helia!”She shouted her eyes snapping open coming face to face with a beautiful fair skinned lady with midnight black hair. She reminded Flora of the Snow White character she read about in one of Bloom’s fairy tale earth books. “Who are you?” Flora asked.

“My name is Lydia.” The woman answered, “I was the Queen of Eden.”

“Lily told me you were dead.” Flora said.

“I am dead.” Lydia said.

“Then…am…I…dead?” Flora asked fearfully.

“No you are not dead.” Lydia assured her.

Flora gave a sigh of relief, “That’s good.” She said, “But then how are you here? And where are we?” Flora asked looking around at the darkness surrounding them. The only light source coming from Lydia’s glowing body.

“We are in your mind, and to as to how I’m here when you were finally able to use your magic again and connected to the magical energies of the universe I was able to slip in.” Lydia said.

“You said I had to stop Eden’s destruction but I thought the ritual was supposed to restore Eden.” Flora said.

“That’s what we thought it would do.” Lydia told her, “But unlike you who resisted I let it take me willingly becoming one with the core and emerging as the tree of life. It was then that I realized we were taking magic and energy from the other worlds but it wasn’t good magic and energy it was dark. And when it mixed with my nature magic I knew in that moment that instead of restoring Eden it would create nothing but a destructive force that would continue to poison the planet until it exploded and pollute the entire magical dimension. So I did all in my power to stop it before that happened.” She said. “Sadly it cost me my life.”

“I was told that with your dying breath you said that in order for this to work you needed a guardian fairy. Was that true?”

“Yes I told my husband he needed a guardian fairy to restore Eden, but he misinterpreted my meaning. As I was stopping the ritual I still wished for the return of life to my world. Nature must have taken pity on me and told me of you and what you did with the breath of the ocean on Earth. It thought that maybe you could do the same for Eden. I tried to tell my husband what this ritual would really do and about you but I was so weak afterword’s that the only thing I could get out clearly was that he needed to find a guardian fairy.” She told Flora. “Then when you had mentioned at dinner about the breath of the ocean.”

“That was you he was talking to.” Flora said interrupting.

“Yes.” Lydia said with a nod.

“Then why did you have him disagree.” Flora asked.

Sighing Lydia said, “My husband can see me but he can’t hear me. He must’ve assumed that I thought you were wrong. When I was actually agreeing with you. All I really wanted was for my daughter to see the world she would have grown up in. I’m sorry.” She said sincerely, “Everything that’s happened is my fault

“I forgive you.” Flora said.

“Just like that.” Lydia said stunned.

“Just like that.” Flora replied, “I’m not one to hold grudges. But there is something I don’t understand.” She said.

“What’s that?” Lydia asked.

“I had dreams about the vines, nature seemed restless and would warn me of danger.”

“The dreams that was me warning you of what my husband was trying to do.” Lydia informed her, “As for why nature would warn you well… it did know of my worries about what would happen if Adonis went through with the ritual so maybe it tried to warn you to avoid a dimensional disaster.”

“That makes sense.” Flora said, “So what do I have to do to stop this disaster?” She asked.

“The rocks are the key if you can destroy them everything stops. But they must be taken out magically from the inside. I wasn’t strong enough to destroy the rocks but I was able to stop the flow of magic to terminate the ritual.”

“If you couldn’t destroy the rocks what makes you think I can?”

“Flora my dear you are a lot stronger than I ever was. If there’s anyone who can stop this it’s you.” Lydia said confidently.

“Alright how do I do it?” Flora asked.

“Use your nature energy.” Lydia instructed, “Force it deep into the core then up through the vines to each of the rocks.”

“But the vines drain me of power before I can use it.”

“That was before you merged with the core and became the tree, now that you’re conscious you control the outcome of all magic flowing through Eden.” Lydia said. “I pray you survive this.” She said and disappeared.

“So do I.” She thought and began gathering her energy.

“I don’t care what was or wasn’t supposed to happen or even what went wrong just release Flora.” Lily yelled at her Father.

“I can’t.” Adonis told her. “Once it starts there’s no stopping it.” He said.

The rocks surrounding everyone began glowing a mix of bright greens and pinks looking as if they’d been tie-dyed and exploded into dust creating a massive dust cloud that spread through the air. The red clouds evaporated and the black trees disintegrated and sprinkled like sand to the earth. The snakes writhed and slithered in agony until they wasted away to nothing. The tree holding Flora slowly unwrapped from around her and she collapsed to the ground.

“Flora.” Helia said once the dust cleared running to her and dropped to his knees pulling her lifeless body onto his lap holding her close. Moving the hair from her eyes he caressed her face “Flora.” He called No response. He tried again shaking her, “Flora, Flora.” Again nothing. “No…” he shook his head in disbelief as tears came to his eyes. “Come back Flora.” He cried cradling her to his chest as he buried his head on her shoulder. “Come back.” He said as the tears fell. “Come back.”

The Winx all gasped realizing what happened and clung to the closest person to them as the tears started falling Bloom to Stella, Tecna to Aisha, and Musa flung herself against Rivens chest and cried her eyes out as he held her close. Lily dropped to her knees covering her face with her hands and crying. Adonis wanted to comfort his daughter but was unsure if he should knowing that the reason his daughter was so upset was his fault. He tried anyways kneeling down and attempted to hug her but she pushed him away as he expected, but he still wanted to try. Luke came and knelt down by the little princess and she latched onto him. Roy and Brandon just looked at each other in shock and bowed their heads in sadness as it finally hit them.

“Helia you’re squishing me.” Flora rasped out but he didn’t seem to hear her. She placed her hand on his head and began running her fingers through his hair to get his attention. He looked at her in shock, “Hi.” She whispered as she tenderly wiped the tears from his face.

“Hi.” He whispered back holding his hand over hers.

“Did I stop it?” She asked weakly.

“Yeah you stopped it.” He said with a nod.

“Good.” She said relieved and slumped against him.

“Flora!” He said a bit hysterically causing everyone to look at him.

“I’m alright.” She assured him, “Just tired.”

Regaining some of her composure Bloom wiped away her tears and made her way to Flora and Helia. “Here drink this.” She said holding out the healing potion made from the happy lily rose.

“Whoa.” Flora said, “I feel completely recovered. What was that?” She asked.

“It was made from the happy lily rose. Musa picked some up when we went to look for you” Bloom told her, “Professor Palladium made it for us.” She said.

“Good I’m glad. Because I have work to do.” Flora said getting to her feet. “Magic Winx Sophix.” She said, and once transformed she summoned the Breath of the Ocean. “Will you help me save this world?” She asked the others.

Surprised by their friends request given everything she had been through she was willing to still save this place, but if she wasn’t going to hold a grudge why should they. Letting go of their Bloomix transformation the rest of the Winx transformed into their Sophix power.

Holding the Breath of the Ocean Flora flew into the air summoned her magic and said. “Breath of Nature.”

The rest of the Winx summoned their magic as well. “Inner Flame.” Bloom said.

“Vital Beat.” Aisha said.

“Pure Harmony.” Musa said.

“Superior order” Tecna called.

“Drop of Light.” Stella said.

As the spells mingled with the Breath of the Ocean enhancing their power then spread throughout the planet. The grey sky turned a vibrant blue and white fluffy clouds appeared in the sky and the sun shone brightly. Fresh green grass began to grow and trees sprouted from the earth. Water once again began to flow through all the rivers and islands appeared floating in the sky sprouting all kinds of flowers some had waterfalls cascading down to the land below. Somehow even small animals appeared roaming around the trees.

As Flora floated back down the Breath of the Ocean disappeared.

“Thank You.” Adonis said.

“I didn’t do it for you.” Flora replied.

“All the same I’m still grateful.” He said.

“Flora.” Lily said rushing to up to her and embracing her tightly, “I’m so happy you’re okay.”

“I’m happy too.” Flora said, “And you got your wings. How?” She asked.

“I jumped off a cliff.” Lily said nonchalantly.

“What!” she said.

“What!” Adonis said.

“It’s a long story.” Lily said waving off their worry. “I’ll tell you about it later.” She said, “Isn’t this place pretty the sky is so blue and I never knew the sun could be so warm and the grass.” She said plopping down. “It’s prickly yet soft. I don’t think I’ll ever want to stop touching it.” She said running her hands through the blades of grass.

Adonis cleared his throat loudly getting everyone’s attention. “I let my desire for the restoration of my Kingdom cloud my judgement and a simple apology won’t make the horrible memories of this experience just disappear. I will accept any punishment you desire even if it calls for my death.” He told Flora.

“I agree what you did was terrible.” Flora said. “To be honest I don’t think I’ll ever be fully able to forgive you. But I am not a person who would wish death for another person no matter what they did. Besides I’d hate to take away the only family Lily has left. What I want from you is to spend some time in Lake Roccaluce for a purification retreat and get some counseling to deal with the loss of your wife and daughter and any other emotional distress you may be going through.” She said.

“I will do as you ask.” Adonis said.

“Good.” Flora said. “Now if everyone will excuse me I’ve been out of touch with nature for far too long and I’d like to take a walk and just enjoy being in its presence.” She said.

“We understand.” Bloom told her.

“But you’re not going anywhere until you give us a hug.” Stella said, “I mean seriously I broke a nail while I was here on this little adventure.” She said.

This made everyone laugh and all the Winx gathered together for a group hug. Then Flora walked off Helia hot on her tail. “Don’t think I’m going to let you go off alone just yet.” He said.

“I didn’t think you would.” Flora told him as she reached out for his hand.

He took it and the two walked off together. When Helia and Flora were out of sight Aisha’s phone began to ring. “Hello?” She said answering it.

“Aisha its Nebula.” Nebula said.

“Hi Nebula it’s rare to hear from you is something the matter?”

“It’s Nabu.” Nebula said, “He’s awake and asking for you.” She said.

“I’m extremely far away at the moment, but please let Nabu know I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Aisha said trying to hold in her excitement but failing.

“I will goodbye Aisha.”

“Goodbye Nebula.” Aisha said and once she hung up her phone squealed and spun around in happiness.

“It looks like you’ll finally have your best friend back.” Musa said to Riven.

“Yeah I’ve missed him it’ll be great to have him back.” Riven said. “Musa…” he began, “Look I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and figuring out more about myself and I was just wondering if maybe we could you know start over from the beginning and see where it goes?” He asked looking a little sheepish.

“So you’ve finally figured out how to be a hero to yourself?” Musa asked ignoring his question.

“I don’t think I’ve gotten that far but I’m close.” He told her.

“Hi I’m Musa.” She said extending out her hand.

“Riven.” He said taking her hand and shaking it.

As Helia and Flora walked through a meadow they came to a willow tree by a small river and sat down to take a break Flora sitting between Helia’s legs. They sat in silence just enjoying each other’s company. After a while Helia took a deep breath and spoke “You know I had this whole speech planned but now that I’m actually here I can’t think of anything to say so I’m just going to say how I feel. I love you Flora. After everything that’s happened, almost losing you. I never want to feel that way again. I never want to be apart from you again I want to be with you forever. You’re my perfect match, my soulmate.” he pulled out a box and opened it revealing a ring with a silver band with golden ivy wrapping around leading to leaves made of emeralds at the top was blooming flower made out of pink diamonds. “Will you marry me?” he asked.

“I will.” She said.

He placed the ring on finger and the two shared a long passionate kiss.

The End.

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