The Forgotten Kingdom

Many years later

A roar of anger was heard followed by a loud crash as a chair was thrown across a room into the wall and fell to pieces clattering to the floor below.

“Why?” Adonis growled, “Why must I be denied my vengeance.”

“My deepest apologies sire by the time we had learned of the Ancestral witches’ whereabouts’ a group of fairies and specialists had already defeated them.” A soldier informed the irate king.

“Also your majesty I have found out that the kingdom of Domino has been restored.”

“Impossible.” He said in disbelief, “How did that happen?”

“I’m not sure my lord.” Another soldier said, “I can only imagine that with the witch’s demise every world they consumed returned to its former state.”

“I must know if your theory is true.” The king said, “Send a group of men back to Eden and report back to me on their findings.”

“Yes sir.” The soldiers replied and left the room.

“If what the soldiers theorize is true then we can return home Adonis my love.” Queen Lydia said.

“Yes we can return home…” He agreed trailing off.

“Adonis my love what troubles you?” She asked placing a hand on his broad shoulder.

“It isn’t enough!” He said gruffly.

“What’s not enough?” She asked softly.

“Nothing don’t worry about it my sweet.” He said while placing his hand over hers giving a sad smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

The Queen wanted to press the matter but looking at her husband she knew now wasn’t the time.

“It should have been me…” He said after a moment, “I should have been the one to destroy them.” He said and pushed past her.

“We cannot change what has happened.” Lydia said sternly, “What’s done is done.”

“Yes we cannot change what has happened but still I wish it had been me… If only I had stayed behind instead of Calisto all those years ago perhaps I could have stopped them and she would still be with us.”

“Do not dwell on if’s Adonis. We both know she would never have agreed and I would have lost you both and been left to wither away.”

“Neither I or our people would have let that happen.” Adonis said while taking his queen in his arms.

“If I didn’t have you to help me through all of this I don’t know what would have become of me.”

“You have more than just me Adonis you know that.”

“Yes I do.” He said leaning down for a kiss.

“Sire” a soldier said bursting into the room.

Breaking the couple apart.

“Please forgive my intrusion but I have word from Eden.” He said.

“What is it?” King Adonis asked.

“May we return home?” Queen Lydia asked hopefully.

“My sincerest apologies your Majesties but Eden remains the same as before.”

“I see.” The King said, “If that is all then you may go.”

“Yes sir.” The soldier said with a bow and left.

“If I can’t destroy the witches then I’ll hunt down there descendants and annihilate them and once I accomplish that I will bring Eden back from the ashes.” The king said to himself.

The Queen looked at her husband sorrowfully hoping that someday he’d be able to let his quest for revenge go and instead of filling his heart with darkness that he’d let light and love in once again.

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