The Forgotten Kingdom


“Have you found the Trix, the ancestral witches’ descendants?” King Adonis asked from the stone throne he sat upon.

Every time they seemed to get close to the Trio in an attempt to attack they’d disappear without a trace.

A soldier replied kneeling in front of the king as he spoke, “Yes my Lord.”

“Where are they now?”

“In a book known as the Legendarium.”

“The Legendarium?”

“Yes sir. Apparently it allows the reader to bring the fairy tale creatures in it to life and send them to do their bidding.”

“How did the Trix come to be inside the Legendarium?”

“Actually sir they were sealed inside by the Winx which are the same group of fairies that defeated the ancestral witches.”

“Is there a way to retrieve the book and release the witches so that I may pass judgement upon them for the crimes of their ancestors?”

“The book is in the hands of a fairy godmother named Eldora, sadly there is no way to unlock it to release the Trix. Once the book was locked the key to it disintegrated. It is nothing more than an oversized paperweight now your majesty.” The soldier reproachfully informed the King.

The king’s eyes darkened in fury a storm brewing behind his crystal blue eyes, and the soldier flinched in fear from his place on the floor. He did not want to be on the receiving end of the rage stirring behind them.

“If that is all then you may go.” King Adonis said in a discernable growl

“Yes sir.” The soldier said, he stood and bowed and left the room gratefully.

Adonis stood and walked around the stone room. “Why is it that every time I get so close to enacting my vengeance the opportunity is ripped away?” He said to himself. “It’s because of those Winx they are the reason that I have failed.” He bellowed and punched the wall in anger creating a small crevice in the wall. As he removed his hand small pebbles sprinkled to the ground.

He examined his hand is was purple and starting to swell, there was also a small trickle of blood slowly slipping down his hand. As he watched the blood drip he came to the realization the Winx were not to blame. They were just doing what was best for the magic dimension he could not fault them for that. If the positions were reversed he would have done the same. He knew he should let this vengeful obsession go it’s what Lydia, and Calisto would want him to do. It would be difficult to swallow his pride and hatred but he knew he could do it. Instead of focusing all his time and energy on revenge he would now direct his attention to Eden’s renewal. He just needed a special kind of fairy to complete this task.

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