The Forgotten Kingdom


Flora woke with a start from a dream she couldn’t remember, all she knew was that it was upsetting. Taking long deep breaths she tried to calm her pounding heart. A breeze drifted in from the open door of the balcony fluttering her hair slightly. Glancing towards the balcony she saw the sun was slowly rising. Leaving the bed she walked out to the balcony to watch the sun rise.

The rest of the Winx weren’t up yet so Flora decided to get dressed. Slipping on a pair of white capris a blue t-shirt with pink roses and a pair of sandals. It was a Saturday so they didn’t have to teach any classes she decided to go for a walk in the woods. Once she came to a clearing she sat down for a break letting her mind wander. Her thoughts went to the conversation she had with Aisha a few days ago and what she had said about using one of her Mythix powers while in her Bloomix.

“How was I able to do that?” She wondered aloud.

With a long sigh she laid on her back and began watching the clouds drift carelessly across the blue sky. Again the voice of nature started whispering to her of its feelings of worry and fear. She pushed it to the back of her mind focusing back on the issue of her powers.

“I wonder…” She said while getting up. “Magic Winx Mythix.” No transformation happened but she did feel a rush of magic but it disappeared.

“Well that didn’t work maybe if I... Magic Winx Bloomix.” After she was done transforming she walked over to a tree. “Magic Winx Mythix.” Once again that rush of magic came and before it could disappear she latched onto it with her mind pulling it towards her focusing on both her Bloomix power and the magic of Mythix bringing the two together. Magic swirled like a typhoon inside of her with culmination of the two powers. Leaning her body against the tree she said, “Natural Camouflage.” She quickly blended in with the tree if anyone where to pass by she would go completely unnoticed. Stepping away from the tree she returned to normal.

“Amazing! But will I have to do that every time I transform?” She wondered.

She let go of her transformation. “Alright let’s try this again Magic Winx Bloomix.”

When she was again in her Bloomix she looked spotting a rock she held out her hands aiming at the rock and yelled “Evergreen Blow” Green and white beams shot from her hands and turned the rock to dust.

“I did it.” She exclaimed happily, “I really did it. I’ve got to tell the others.

Flying up into the air she rushed back to Alfea.

“You guys you aren’t going to believe this.” She said rushing into the common room of their dorm.

“What is it Flora?” Aisha asked putting aside the book she was reading.

“I was able to” she stopped noticing that Aisha was the only one in the room. “Where is everyone?”

“Stella went to a fashion show in Magix. Bloom went out with Skye. Musa also went to Magix to check out a new music shop. Tecna was gone when I got up so my guess is that she’s with Timmy.” Aisha explained. “What’s your news?”

“I was able to figure out how to use my Mythix abilities while in Bloomix.” She told her excitedly.

“That’s amazing Flora how’d you do it?”

Flora explained to Aisha how she figured out how to use her Mythix while in her Bloomix.

“I wonder if I could do it too.” Aisha said.

“I don’t see the harm in trying Aisha.” Flora said, “Give it a shot.” She encouraged.

“Magic Winx Mythix.” Aisha said standing in the middle of the room.

Nothing happened.

“Did you feel a rush of magic?” Flora asked.

“Yes I did.” Aisha told her with a nod.

“Now go to your Bloomix.” Flora instructed.

“Magic Winx Bloomix.”

In a flash Aisha was in her Bloomix form.

“Okay now try to go to Mythix and once you feel that rush of magic grab onto it with your mind and focus on bringing your Bloomix magic together with your Mythix magic.” Flora told her.

“Right.” Aisha said, “Magic Winx Mythix.”

Flora waited with bated breath as she watched the strain go across Aisha’s face.

“Were you able to do it?” Flora asked once Aisha opened her eyes.

“Yes. I think so.” Aisha said a little breathlessly.

She created a ball of morphix and tossed it into the air where it stayed. Aiming for it she said, “Water Rising Ray.” A dark pink beam of energy shot from her hand and destroyed the morphix ball in the air.

“You did it Aisha.” Flora said happily and gave her friend a hug.

“I did.” She said with a smile, “But with the two powers combined together it feels like a tsunami of magic going on inside me.”

“It only feels like that at first.” Flora told her, “Once you DE transform and transform again it doesn’t feel that way.”

Aisha DE transformed and the joined Flora on the couch. “Could you imagine if we could have figured this out before we lost our powers when we hit the legendarium? We’d have our original abilities when we first became fairies, our Charmix powers, Enchantix powers, Believix, powers, Sophix, Lovix, Harmonix, and Sirenix.”

“We defiantly would have been a force to be reckoned with.” Flora said.

“You got that right.” Aisha agreed.

“Magic Winx Sophix.” Flora said teasingly.

In an instant she was in her Sophix transformation.

“How’d you do that?”

“I don’t know. I only meant it as a joke. Maybe since our Sophix powers were a gift from the Ethereal Fairies and not something we came into naturally we’re still able to access the power. Flora guessed I just assumed we lost the ability after we defeated the Wizards of the Black Circle and helped the Earth fairies.” She said, then De transformed.

“Let’s test that theory then shall we.” Aisha said, “Magic Winx Sophix.”

Aisha was sitting next to Flora in her Sophix transformation a moment later. “Guess your theory’s right.” She said and cancelled her transformation. “If we have our Sopix power still then we must have our Lovix power to.”

“That’s very well possible.” Flora agreed.

“There’s only one way to find out, magic winx Lovix.” Aisha said, “Looks like we do.” She said as she appeared in her Lovix.

Flora nodded her head in agreement as Aisha returned to normal. Just then Flora’s cellphone rang.

“Hello?” Flora said as she answered her phone not bothering to check and see who was calling.

“Helia.” Flora said happily.

“Hi Flora are you at Alfea?” Helia asked.

“Yes I am.”

“Great could you meet me outside?”

“Sure I’ll be right out.”

“I’ll see you in a moment.”

“See you then. I love you.” She said.

“I love you too. Bye.”


“Going out with Helia?” Aisha asked as Flora hung up.

“Not sure.” She said, “But he wants me to meet him outside.”

“Well don’t keep the guy waiting. Go see what he wants.” Aisha said, and playfully nudged Flora off the couch.

“Okay I’m going.” Flora said with a laugh walking towards the door.

“Who knows you might just have another great kiss like your last date.” Aisha said while picking up her book again.

Flora just blushed while opening the door.

“I’ll wish for rain.” Aisha said as Flora was closing the door.

Flora just shook her head and went out to meet Helia.

“Hi Helia.” Flora said, as Helia was getting off of his leva bike.

“Hello my flower.” He said and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I can’t stay long. I have a mission to get ready for but I wanted to give you this.” He said pulling out a velvet box and handing it to her.

Flora opened the box inside was a necklace of a pink origami crane sitting on a golden nest.

“Helia it’s beautiful. I love it.” She said lifting it out of the box to put it on.

“Here let me.” He said taking the necklace from her. “When I saw it in the window I immediately thought of you.” He told her placing the necklace around her shoulders, “It didn’t have a chain so I had to get one I hope it isn’t too big.” He said while fastening it.

Holding it to her chest, “It’s perfect.” She said. “Thank you.”

Turning around she kissed him lightly on the lips

“I wish I could stay but I really have to go.” He said as she pulled away.

“I understand.” She said.

“When I get back we’ll go on date.” He said and gave her a quick kiss.

“Yes.” She nodded.

“Until then.” He said.

Helia got on his leva bike and flew off. Flora watched until he was out of sight. Clutching her necklace she gave a happy sigh and walked back into Alfea

Adonis sat on his stone throne brooding while waiting impatiently for his soldiers return. The door to the Throne room opened and soldier walked in.

“Well… have you found the fairy I need?” He asked.

“Yes sire.” The soldier replied.

“Bring her to me.” He commanded, “By any means necessary.”

“Yes sir.” The soldier said and left the room.

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