The Forgotten Kingdom


“I still don’t see why we couldn’t get a new transformation outfit.” Stella said

“Stella you’ve been complaining about this for the last couple days let it go already.” Bloom told her.

“If we get new powers shouldn’t we get a new transformation though?” She argued.

“Technically Stella they aren’t new.” Tecna stated.

“Okay Stella here’s my theory” Musa began, “I think the only reason we got a new transformation when we got our Mythix power is because we needed it to enter the

Legendarium world. Now that the world is sealed away there’s no need for the transformation.”

“That is a logical theory.” Tecna agreed.

“Fine I’ll drop the transformation thing.” Stella said with a huff.

“Okay girls I think that was a long enough break let’s get back to training.” Aisha said.

“Magic Winx Bloomix.” They said together.

This time it was all of the girls against Bloom.

“Don’t think we’ll hold back on you now.” Flora teased.

“Bring it on girls.” Bloom said confidently.

They flew up surrounding Bloom.

“Together Musa” Tecna said “Harmony blast.” She said creating purple speakers around Bloom.

“Crystal voice.” Musa said, releasing purple sound waves from her voice. That were amplified by Tecna’s speakers

“Unstoppable fire.” Bloom said bringing up a three layered shield of blue red and orange. To prevent a direct hit from the combined attack but it did push her back some.

“Bright Star.” Stella said firing golden beam of energy at Bloom.

Bloom dodged the attack.

“Water bolt.” Aisha called shooting aqua spheres.

As Bloom was dodging the attacks Flora said “Magical Vine Trap.” Shooting a net made of natural green material at Bloom successfully trapping her in the net.

“Morphix Cage” Aisha said creating a cage around Bloom before she could escape the net.

“It looks like we win sweetie.” Flora said and released Bloom from the net.

“Looks like.” She agreed.

Aisha removed the cage

“Guys I’m hungry let’s get something to eat.” Musa said.

“I vote for pizza.” Stella chimed.

“Pizza sounds good.” Flora agreed.

“Shall we go to magix then and get us a pie.” Aisha asked.

“Hang on I thought we were supposed to be training.” Tecna said.

“We did train Tec.” Stella said, “I know we didn’t all gang up on you or Aisha but you still got a chance to use your powers.”

“Besides we need food to keep up are strength it’s not good to fight on an empty stomach.” Musa said.

“Alright I concede let’s get some pizza.” She said.

“Yeah.” The rest of the girls said together and everyone let go of their transformation.

“Do you think we can make it to the bus on time?” Flora asked.

“Screw the bus. I’ve got a faster way.” Stella said pulling out her ring and tossing it into the air making her scepter. As she caught it she said “Take us to Magix.”

In no time at all the girls were in downtown Magix heading towards the nearest pizza parlor.

“Flora are you still getting those funny feelings from nature?” Musa asked before taking a bite of pizza.

“Yeah but I’m learning to ignore it.” Flora her.

“Why ignore it don’t you want to know what it’s trying to tell you?” Bloom asked taking a drink of lemonade.

“I do but every time I try to focus on it becomes all jumbled like everyone is talking at once and it just sounds like a loud static radio. Almost as if something is getting in the way of what it’s trying to say.” She said and took a bite of pizza.

“Is it even possible for someone to interfere with the voice of nature?” Aisha wondered.

“I’ve never heard of it happening before, but there’s always a first time for everything.” Flora answered.

“Do you think nature could be trying to warn us of a possible threat?” Tecna asked.

“I don’t know Tec.” Flora told her honestly taking a sip of her milkshake.

“If it is I say we should all be on the lookout just in case.” Bloom said.

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

“And next time when you’re feeling all antsy Flora don’t hold it inside for so long tell us right away.” Stella said cheerily but also in tone that she meant business.

“Okay Stella I will.” Flora said and took a bite of pizza.

“Good.” She said biting into her pizza.

The girls continued eating there pizza when they were finished they cleaned up and headed for the door.

“I’m stuffed.” Stella said, rubbing her stomach.

“Me too.” Bloom agreed.

“Well what do we do now” Musa asked.

“We could go shopping.” Stella offered

Knowing Stella’s shopping trips could last for hours all the girls besides Stella looked franticly between one another looking for an excuse.

“You know Stella.” Musa began, “I’d love to go shopping but I still have a tone of papers to grade.”

“I do to.” Bloom said.

“Yeah and I haven’t been to the greenhouse in a few days so I really should get back.” Flora said.

“And I told Flora I’d help her with the greenhouse.” Aisha put in.

“I’d like to come Stella but Timmy sent me a computer program that he wants me to look over so I should really get to it.” Tecna said.

“I guess shopping can wait.” Stella said sadly.

“There’s no reason why you can’t still go Stell.” Bloom told her.

“No I still have papers to grade too.” She said pulling out her ring “I hate having to be responsible sometimes” She said then teleported them all back to Alfea.

As they arrived at Alfea Musa Stella and Bloom went to grade their papers well Bloom and Musa pretended to go grade papers. Tecna headed off to her room to look over a supposed computer program from Timmy, and Aisha and Flora started for the greenhouse.

“I know you already worked in the greenhouse today.” Aisha said to Flora.

“I Know.” Flora said, “And you never said that you’d help me.”

“Sorry I just couldn’t think of an excuse not to go shopping. So when you mentioned the greenhouse I just said I’d help you.”

“That’s okay. Well since we don’t have anything to do today would you like to go for a walk?”

“Sure sounds good to me.” Aisha said.

The two went off towards the woods surrounding Alfea.

“It’s such a nice day.” Aisha said, “I’m glad we didn’t waist it by staying inside.”

“I agree.”

They walked along in companionable silence enjoying the sights and sounds of the forest. Aisha walked a little ahead of Flora watching two birds’ fly back and forth between the trees.

Flora let her mind wander and the voice of nature began whispering at her once again. She tried to push it aside and ignore it, but it wouldn’t let her. It kept pulsating in her mind until she let it in. She was able to finally make out one word out of the static. “Danger.” She was pulled away from the voice when she heard Aisha scream.

“Aisha!” Flora shouted and rushed towards her fallen friend. “Magic Winx Bloomix.” She said as she ran.

Once she reached Aisha the two were surrounded by masked soldiers holding shields with willow trees etched into them, swords and other weapons that glowed.

“Aisha are you alright?” She asked putting up a protective stance around her friend.

“Yes I’m fine.” She said trying to stand. But grabbed her side and dropped to her knees, “Okay maybe I’m not.”

“Take the fairy.” One of the soldiers said.

“You’re not taking anyone.” Flora said angrily “Aura of leaves” Flora summoned a shield of neon green leaves surrounded by pink energy to protect herself and Aisha.

“Be careful Flo. Some of those weapons look like they have magical properties.” Aisha said.

“Got it.” She said not taking her eyes off the enemy. “Lilac vortex.” She said shooting multicolored beams in all directions at the soldiers.

Some dodged them and returned fire shooting blasts of energy from their weapons while others blocked them with their shields. Flora blocked their attacks with her shield. One soldier help up a staff it started to glow and summoned a giant boulder and sent it flying at the fairies. While keeping her guard up Flora concentrated on the boulder and with a push of her magic made the boulder explode into a giant cloud of dust that blocked her view of the soldiers and the soldier’s view of them. Taking the opportunity to escape she grabbed Aisha and flew farther into the forest taking cover between a large tree and bushes. Focusing her magic all around her and Aisha she whispered “Natural camouflage” And prayed that it would hide both Aisha and herself.

Hearing the hurried footsteps of the soldiers coming their way the girls held their breath as the soldiers stopped right in front of them. “Where are they?” One of the soldiers shouted.

“They couldn’t have gone far.” Another said.

“Spread out find them. We need that fairy.” A soldier presumably the Captain said.

The soldiers moved swiftly into the forest searching through the bushes and trees.

When they were far enough away Flora whispered to Aisha “Are you able to transform and fly?”

“I think so but I might need your help.” She whispered back.

“Transform quickly then, they’re far enough away they won’t see you.” Flora whispered back urgently.

“Magic Winx Bloomix.” Aisha whispered

Once she was transformed Flora lost her hold on Aisha breaking her natural camouflage spell.

“Can you fly?” Flora asked in a hushed voice.

Aisha fluttered her wings and rose up a few inches. “It hurts but I can make it.” She whispered.

“I’ll help you to make sure.” Flora told her, “Let’s hurry up and get out of here.” Flora grabbed onto Aisha and the two flew into the air hurrying as fast as they could back to Alfea.

Flora angry at the soldiers for hurting Aisha wanted to stay and fight, but she knew that she was outnumbered and getting Aisha help was far more important.

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