The Forgotten Kingdom


Arriving at Alfea Flora rushed Aisha to the infirmary whizzing past startling students in the process. Bursting into the infirmary poor nurse Ofelia practically fell out of her seat shocked at the sudden intrusion.

“Good Heavens. What happened?” She asked alarmed hurrying over to the two.

“We were attacked.” Flora told her.

“By who?” She asked supporting Aisha’s left side as she led them to a bed.

“I don’t know.” Flora told her honestly.

“Are you hurt at all dear?” Ofelia asked once Aisha was situated.

“No I’m fine mam.”

“Well then have a seat while I look over your friend.”

Flora nodded let go of her transformation and took a seat in the waiting area. Pulling out her phone she sent a quick message to the rest of the Winx letting them know where they were. Moments later the door slammed open as the worried girls filled the room practically falling on top of each other.

“What happened?”

“Is Aisha Okay?”

“Who attacked you?”

“Are you hurt?”

Those were the questions that flooded Flora’s ears but they all came so fast she wasn’t able to figure out who asked them.

“One at a time girls please.” She told them.

“Sorry.” They said together.

“Is Aisha okay?” Musa asked.

“Nurse Ofelia’s still checking her out so I don’t know.”

“What happened?” Bloom asked?

“I’m really not sure.” Flora began, “One minute we were walking Aisha was a little ahead of me I heard her scream and all these soldiers started attacking.”

“Who were these soldiers?” Tecna asked.

“I don’t know they were all wearing masks, but there shields had Willow trees on them.”

“Are you hurt at all?” Stella asked.

“No.” Flora said shaking her head, “Just a little shaken is all.”

“That’s understandable.” Bloom said sitting next to her and giving her a hug.

The rest of the girls sat as well waiting in silence worrying about their friend.

A little while later the door opened and Ms. Faragonda and Griselda walked in.

“Ms. F, Griselda what’re you doing here?” Stella asked.

“I called them.” Ofelia said, “It’s my job to inform them of an injury to a student or faculty member.”

“It wasn’t only her that told us, but the number of students that seen Flora whizzing through the halls with Aisha.” Faragonda said.

“I’m sorry about that Ms. Faragonda.” Flora said.

“Don’t worry about it dear.” She told her, “Now Ofelia how is Aisha?”

“She had a few cracked ribs nothing that I couldn’t heal in a heartbeat. “ She boasted, “But she’s still a little bruised. I’d recommend a few days’ rest.”

“Can we see her?” Flora asked.

“Of course but don’t stay too long like I said she needs rest.”

All the girls nodded. Faragonda said “Thank you Ofelia.”

“It’s what I’m here for.” Ofelia said and took a seat back at the front desk.

Faragonda, Griselda, and the Winx all went back to see Aisha.

“Aisha sweetheart how are you feeling?” Faragonda asked.

“I’m a little sore but otherwise alright.” Aisha told her.

Upon hearing this the Winx gave a collective sigh of relief.

“I just don’t understand why they’d would want to attack and abduct me.” Aisha said.

“You’re the Princess of Andros duh.” Stella said as if that explained everything.

“Not quite sure I’m following you there Stell.” Bloom said.

“She’s a Princess.” Stella said.

“So most of us here are Princesses.” Bloom replied.

“Let me finish.” Stella told her.

“Sorry go ahead.”

“She’s a Princess the daughter of King, kidnapping her can provide lots of leverage to someone. Especially if that someone is a high-ranking nobleman or a neighboring kingdom who wants something that her father has refused to give.” Stella explained.

“That is exactly why your Father has asked for you to return home.” Ms. Faragonda said.

“You told my father.” Aisha exclaimed glumly.

“Of course.” Griselda said, “It’s our duty to inform immediate family members of any injury to staff and students.

“I’m not going back.” Aisha said

“I knew you’d say that and so did your father which is why he’ll be sending someone to Alfea to be your bodyguard.”

“What!” exclaimed Aisha.

“He also said if you don’t agree he’ll come to Alfea and drag you back to Andros himself.” Griselda put in.

“Fine I’ll accept the stupid bodyguard.”

“Wonderful.” Faragonda chimed, “I’ll let your father know you’re doing better and that you’ve agreed to a bodyguard.”

With that she and Griselda left leaving Aisha with her friends.

“I don’t understand how any of this even happened, you guys were supposed to be working in the greenhouse.” Stella said.

“Well to be honest Stella.” Flora began, “We didn’t actually need to go to the greenhouse it was just something I said so we wouldn’t have to go shopping.”

“You could’ve just said you didn’t want to go shopping instead of making up some dumb excuse. I would have understood.” Stella told her.

Everyone in the room gave Stella the yeah right you’ve got to joking look.

“What? I would have.” She defended, “At least after a few tiny outbursts of disbelief.” She said with a tiny embarrassed laugh.

“I’m just glad you’re both alright.” Tecna said.

The girls nodded their heads in agreement.

“I would have been toast if it wasn’t for Flora she was awesome.” Aisha said.

“I didn’t do anything you wouldn’t have done Aisha.” Flora told her embarrassed.

“That may be true, but you were still amazing.”

“Alright girls I’m afraid you’ll have to leave now.” Ofelia said coming in, “She needs her rest.”

“Of course Ofelia sorry we’ll go now.” Musa said.

The girls said their goodbyes and gently gave Aisha a hug and went out the door. They practically ran into Roy.

“Roy this is a surprise what’re you doing here? Did you come to visit Aisha?” Bloom asked.

“Yes and no.” Roy told her rubbing the back of his kneck he said, “I’m actually here to be her bodyguard. I was told by Saladin that King Teredor wanted me to protect her .He said he only trusted someone who was loyal to the royal family of Andros.”

“That’s great Roy. We know she’ll be safe with you.” Bloom said.

“She’s resting now so if you want to visit with her I’d wait awhile.” Flora told him.

“I’ll probably just stand guard outside her door for now.” He told her.

“We’ll leave you to it then.” Musa said.

“Bye Roy.” The girls said together and started walking down the hall.

“Bye.” He said and took up his stance guarding the Princess of Andros.

“Wow I didn’t realize how late it was getting.” Musa said glancing out a window seeing the sun setting in the distance turning the sky into hues of orange yellow and pink.

“Me either.” Bloom said looking out a window as they were walking.

“Hey girls.” Roxy said coming up to them.

“Hey Roxy.” They all said.

“I heard Aisha was hurt is she okay?” She asked.

“Thanks to Ofelia she’s doing fine. Right now she’s resting.” Tecna said.

“That’s great I’m glad she’s alright. I’ll visit her tomorrow then. Oh and you have visitors waiting for you on the quad.” She said. “Catch ya later.” Then she walked off.

The girls went to the quad to see their “visitors.”

“Snookum’s.” Stella cried embracing Brandon in a hug.

“Hey gorgeous.” He said returning the hug.

“Skye.” Bloom ran over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek as the two embraced.

“Hello Timmy.” Tecna said walking up to him.

“Hi Tecna.” He said.

“Hi Helia.” Flora said.

“Hello Flora” He said pulling her into a hug that lasted longer than usual. Flora didn’t mind in the slightest enjoying the feel of comfort in his arms.

“Hey Musa.” Helia said still holding onto Flora.

“Hiya Helia.” She said.

“Not that we don’t enjoy you visiting but what brought you guys here?” Bloom asked.

“Well when we got back to Red Fountain Saladin told Roy to go straight to Alfea to guard Aisha.” Skye said.

“We all got worried about you girls and came to check on you.” Brandon finished.

“Well Bloom, Tec, Musa, and I weren’t attacked it was just Flora and Aisha.” Stella told them.

Upon hearing this Helia’s hold on Flora tightened just a bit. She gently rubbed his arm to put him at ease.

“Who attacked you guys?” Timmy asked.

“I don’t know they were wearing masks.” Flora told him. “It’s weird though right before I heard Aisha scream nature did say there was danger.”

“Too bad it didn’t tell you sooner.” Stella said.

“Yeah…” Flora agreed trailing off.

“You okay Flo?” Musa asked.

“Yep I just haven’t been sleeping well lately.” She said

Feeling Helia’s eyes on her she looked up and smiled reassuringly and rested her head on his chest.

“Do you lovely ladies want to go grab some dinner?” Brandon asked.

“Sure but no pizza we had that for lunch.” Stella said.

“Well then let’s get some dinner.” Skye said, “Your chariot awaits ladies.” He said with a bow gesturing towards their ship.

After dinner the Specialists dropped the Winx back at Alfea and returned to Red Fountain.

“I’m going to bed.” Flora said with yawn as they entered their common room.

“Me too I’m beat.” Musa said.

“I’m going to bed as well.” Tecna said.

“I’ve still got a few touches to put on a new design I’m working on. But I’ll see you girls in the morning.” Stella said heading for her boutique. “Goodnight girls sleep well.” She said.

“Goodnight.” They all said.

“I have a few more papers to grade then I’m going to bed.” Bloom said picking up a folder off of the table and plopping down on the couch.

That night Flora jolted up in bed a scream threatening to come out but she pushed it down. Rubbing her eyes she cleared her throat. How many times has she woken up from this nightmare? A nightmare that she usually couldn’t remember. This time she remembered a small fragment black vines wrapping around her dragging her down into a dark abyss. Not wanting to go back to sleep quite yet she got out of bed and went out on the balcony.

While watching the stars Flora couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. She formed a ball of magical energy in her hand gathered up some courage turned around looking up at the roof and said, “I know you’re there show yourself.”

A figure jumped from the roof to the balcony. Holding up her hand her magic acting as a weapon and a source of light brought the intruder into view.

“Helia what on earth are you doing here?” Flora whispered, “You nearly gave me a heart attack.” She told him and releasing her energy ball.

“Sorry flower.” He said.

“Now why did you sneak into Alfea?” She asked leaning against the balcony.

“I was worried about you.”


“Did you forget you were attacked today? I wanted to make sure nothing happened to you.”

“I wasn’t the one they were after.”

“You don’t know that.” He countered, “You even said that nature warned you of the danger.”

“I’m not a princess I hold no political value.” She argued, “Besides nature is everywhere it could have overheard something on Andros about Aisha and warned me so I could help her. It knows she’s my best friend.”

“I don’t want to argue Flora.” He said.

“Neither do I.” she said and shivered as a cold wind blew.

He pulled her into his arms to protect her from the cold. And she clung to him absorbing the warmth of his body.

“I’m just concerned that’s all.” He said running his fingers through her hair. “First you get the feeling that nature is worried then you were attacked. I’m just on edge a little.”

“I see your point.” She told him, “If our roles were reversed I’d do the same.”

“Good now go back to sleep. I’ll be here all night.”

“What if it rains?”

“Then I’ll get wet. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve gotten rained on while on a mission.”

“This isn’t a mission.”

“You’re right it’s far more important. Now back to bed.” He said and kissed her lightly.

She started for the door and turned, “Wait don’t you have a mission tomorrow?”

“Yes but not until late morning. I’ll be gone when the sun rises and no one will even know I’ve been here. Once I get back to Red Fountain I’ll take a nap and go on the mission. It’s just delivering cargo nothing to dangerous.”

“Alright then goodnight.” She said.

“Goodnight flower sleep well.”

The next morning the Winx went to the infirmary to visit Aisha they waved to Roy as they walked passed and Flora handed him a cup of coffee. “You can take a nap if you’d like we’ll look after her.” She told him.

“That’s okay I got some sleep earlier one of the kings guard from Andros relieved me last night. I actually just got here. Thanks for the coffee though.”

“You’re welcome.” She said and went inside.

“Good morning Aisha.” Flora said.

“Morning Flo what kept you?”

“I was talking to Roy.”

“Roy’s here?”

“Yeah he’s your bodyguard. Didn’t you know?” Stella asked.

“No. I didn’t. He could’ve said hello.” Aisha said.

“Well when he first got here you were resting and he didn’t want to disturb you, plus he’s taking this very seriously.” Bloom said.

“Don’t be too hard on him sweetie, when he finally comes in to say hello.” Flora said.

The door opened and in flew two pixies “Hello, hello the pixies have arrived.” Chatta said.

“Chatta Piff what’re you guys doing here?” Aisha asked as she embraced her bonded pixie.

“I came to see Flora we’re going to go collect the happy lily rose flower today since it only blooms every three years and it makes really yummy tea.” Chatta said while rubbing her stomach, “Piff decided to tag along so she could visit Aisha. Oh didn’t you want a few of the flowers for your greenhouse Flora?” Chatta asked while sitting on said fairy’s shoulder.

“Yes Chatta I did.” Flora said with a nod. “Plus it also has great medicinal uses.”

“Then we should get going.” She said whizzing to the door. “C’mon, C’mon.” She said impatiently.

Knowing that Chatta wouldn’t stop bugging her until they went Flora started for the door.

“I’ll come visit you when I get back Aisha.” Flora said.

“See you Flo. Be careful.”

“I will. C’mon Chatta lets go.” She said opening the door.

“Yay. Yummy tea here I come.” Chatta sang down the hall.

“So how are things with you and Helia?” Chatta asked as the two were in the forest glen collecting the happy lily rose.

“We’re doing great Chatta.”

“That’s good. Helia’s nice I like him.” She said picking a flower that was just as big as she was and put it in the basket Flora had grabbed before they left Alfea.

“I think we’ve got enough Chatta and with my cloning spell I can make more if we need it.” Flora said.

“Great lets head back to Alfea so we can brew up some tea.” Chatta said happily adding one last flower.

Flora picked up the basket and the two started back to Alfea, Chatta humming joyfully as they walked.

“Danger.” Nature whispered in Flora’s head. “Danger” It said again.

“Aisha!” Flora said. And started running for Alfea.

“Flora wait for me what about Aisha?” Chatta asked flying after her.

Her thoughts so focused on her friend that she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings. She suddenly went flying and crashed into a tree. While getting up she felt a pain in her side but somehow knew it wasn’t serious. A group of soldiers came out of the trees.

“You won’t get away this time fairy.” A soldier said.

Leaning against the tree Flora frantically looked for a way out.

“You leave my bonded fairy alone” Chatta yelled and started zapping the soldiers with her magic.

“Annoying pest.” One of the soldiers said and blasted Chatta with an energy beam from his spear. Knocking chatta to the ground.

“Chatta!” Flora exclaimed magic Win- Ahh” Flora screamed and fell to the ground as she felt massive pain running through her body.

“Take her while she’s stunned by the burning tree.” Commanded a soldier.

One of the soldiers walked over grabbed Flora tied her wrists together behind her while another lit another tree on fire. Drawing a bloodcurdling scream from Flora and she passed out. The soldier slung Flora over his shoulder.

“No you can’t take her.” Chatta said getting up shakily.

The soldiers said nothing and one of them shot Chatta again.

“Now put these fires out we don’t want to attract any attention.” Instructed a soldier.

“Flor…Ah” Chatta whispered while reaching for her from the ground then everything went black.

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