The Forgotten Kingdom


“Aisha are you sure it’s okay for you to be out and about?” Roy asked as he trailed the Princess of Andros who was carrying a sleeping pixie in her arms across the campus of Alfea.

“Yes it’s alright.” She told him, “I spoke to Ofelia since I’m pretty much healed all that’s left is a big bruise on my side. She said I didn’t have to stay in the infirmary and told me just to take it easy.”

“So then where are we going?”

Sighing in frustration more at her father for insisting she have a bodyguard then at Roy’s question she said, “We’re going back to my dorm I want to take a shower and change clothes.”

“Oh.” He said feeling stupid for asking a dumb question of course she’d want to get cleaned up after staying in the infirmary.

“Hey girls.” Aisha greeted everyone as she walked in followed by Roy.

“Hi.” They said looking up briefly from what they were doing.

“Flora back yet?” She asked. Placing a sleeping PIff on a pillow

“Nope not yet.” Stella said turning a page of a fashion magazine.

“Wonder what’s taking her so long.”

“You know Flo, she probably got distracted by another plant or something.” Musa said looking up from the sheet music that she was working on. “I’m sure she’s fine.” Then she looked at Roy and said “Hi Roy.”

“Hi Musa.” He said with a wave. Taking up a stance at the door.

“I’m going to take a shower any of you girls need to use the bathroom?” Aisha asked.

“Nope.” Came the groups reply.

Aisha came out of the bathroom refreshed, dressed, and ready for the day.

“Good you’re done.” Bloom said, “I just got a message from Skye the guys are on their way here and want us to meet them outside.”

“Alright then let’s go.” Aisha said heading for the door. She glanced back at Piff “Sleep well little one.” She said and walked out.

“I’ll text Flora and have her come back.” Tecna said pulling out her phone following the girls out the door.

“Brandon.” Stella called and ran over to Brandon as he was getting off the ship, planting a deep kiss on him.

Bloom did the same with Skye though their kiss wasn’t as passionate as Stella and Brandon’s. Timmy and Tecna hugged each other in greeting once he was off the ship.

“I thought you had a mission this morning I didn’t expect to see you so soon.” Tecna said to Timmy.

“We thought so too.” Timmy said

“But as we got the ship ready and prepared for takeoff we got a message from Codetorta at the last minute saying that it was cancelled.” Skye finished.

“Hey Roy.” The specialist said together.

“Hey guys.” He said.

“That’s great I’m glad it was cancelled now we can spend some time together.” Stella said.

“And Helia can go take a nap if he wants since he was practically falling asleep on the way here.” Brandon put in.

“Leave him alone Brandon.” Bloom defended, “Helia has a good reason to be tired.”

“Really why’s that?” He inquired.

“He was protecting Flora last night.”

“Was Flo in danger?” Musa asked worried.

“Those guys were after Aisha Musa not Flora.” Tecna said.

“But I was still worried about her so I stayed just in case.” Helia said.

“Why can’t you be more like Helia?” Stella said hitting Brandon in the arm.

“Ow.” Brandon said, “Well you weren’t in danger so there was no need to stay.” He defended while rubbing his arm.

“You don’t know that.” Stella said with a huff and folded her arms.

“Sorry Stella the next time something happens I swear I’ll stay by your side all night long.” Brandon said.

“I’ll hold you to it. She said giggling at the end then l!atched onto him.

“Speaking of Flora where is she?” Hela asked.

“She went with Chatta they’re collecting a flower called the happy lily rose. I texted her to let her know you were coming so she’s probably on her way.” Tecna told him.

“Ah.” Bloom said grabbing her head. Then started to fall but Skye caught her in time.

“Bloom what’s wrong.” He asked worriedly.

“It’s Chatta she’s in danger.” She said once the strange feeling was gone.

“Wait if Chatta’s in danger then that means…” Musa trailed of.

“Flora!” Everyone yelled at once.

“Where does the happy lily rose grow?” Helia asked urgently

“She didn’t say where it grew.” Aisha said.

“I’ll do a quick search.” Tecna said, “Got it it’s grows in the forest glen.”

Helia nodded and started running towards the forest.

“Helia wait!” Skye said.

“I can’t wait Flora’s in danger.” He said.

“Let’s take the ship.” Timmy called out to him, “It’ll be faster.”

That got Helia’s attention and he came back.

“Pfft ship I’m much faster.” Stella said throwing her ring in the air and catching her scepter, “To the forest glen.” Then she waved her scepter and everyone disappeared.

“We’re here thank you for flying Solaria Air.” Stella said.

Everyone ignored the joke knowing that when Stella was worried she cracked jokes.

“Let’s split up and look.” Bloom said.

Bloom and Skye went one way, Stella and Brandon another, Timmy went with Tecna, Aisha with Roy, and Musa with Helia.

“I never realized how big the glen is.” Musa said, “Where do you think the happy lily rose is?” Musa asked Helia.

“I’m not sure let’s just keep our eyes open.” He told her, “Hang on do you smell smoke?”

“I think I see smoke.” She said, “Over there.” She pointed.

“Let’s go” Helia said.

The two started running towards the smoke. Horrified at the sight of the scorched bushes and burned trees. Hearing pounding steps behind them they quickly turned around Musa ready to transform in an instant and Helia taking up a fighting stance.

“Whoa it’s just us.” Skye said holding up his hands in defense.

“We all saw the smoke.” Bloom told them, then gasped at the sight before her.

“This must be the place they were attacked.” Roy said coming up.

“Thank you Captain obvious.” Stella said walking past him doing her best to ignore the charred trees and squash the uneasy feeling inside her.

“Let’s look for clues.” Timmy said.

“This must be the happy lily rose.” Musa said picking up a flower that had what looked like a lily pad coming off the top of the stem a red lotus flower in the center with a budding purple rose coming out of the middle of the lotus.

“Chattta!” Aisha exclaimed and ran over to a small bush. She scooped up the pixie carefully.

Chatta moaned and slowly opened her eyes. “Aisha.” She said groggily, “Flora…they took Flora.” Then she passed out again.

For a moment nobody spoke shocked by the pixies statement.

“Let’s get back to Alfea.” Aisha said coming back to her senses, “Chatta needs help.”

Everyone nodded and Stella pulled off her ring.

“Wait.” Musa said. Then she conjured up a vase and a pot picked up some of the stray happy lily roses and placed them in the vase. Then magically uprooted a small bush of the flower and placed it in the pot.

“Okay lets go.” She said picking up the flowers.

Stella waved her scepter and Teleported everyone back to Alfea.

“Why’d you grab some of the flowers?” Tecna asked Musa as everyone was rushing Chatta to the infirmary.

“Flo wanted some of these for her greenhouse plus she said that they have medicinal purposes. I figured we could give some to Professor Palladium and he could make some kind of healing potion.”

Barging into the infirmary scaring the daylights out of Ofelia once again. “What on earth?” Ofelia said alarmed.

“Please you have to help Chatta.” Aisha said rushing to her.

“My goodness what happened to the poor dear?” She inquired.

“I don’t know we found her this way I think she was attacked but I don’t know by who?”

Gently taking the pixie from Aisha Ofelia brought the pixie to one of the beds clearly meant for someone of a fairy’s size but it would have to do given the fact that they didn’t get many sick or injured pixies at Alfea. Waving her hands over Chatta a soft glow emitted from the pixie and she began to stir a bit.

“I healed all of her injuries but she’s still very weak and will need lots of rest.” Ofelia told them, “When she comes around in a moment if you have to ask questions ask them but don’t push her too much.”

“Thank you Ofelia.” Aisha said.

Nodding Ofelia went back to her desk as the others gathered around Chatta. Everyone waited with bated breath for the little pixie to regain consciousness so they could find out what happened to her and Flora. Finally she moaned and began to slowly wake up.

“Chatta are you awake sweetie?” Aisha asked softly.

“Aisha” Chatta said as she sat up, “Flora they took Flora.” Then she covered her eyes and began to cry.

“Do you know who took her?” Bloom gently inquired

Sniffing Chatta wiped her eyes “It was a group of soldiers.” She said through sobs. “I tried to help but they zapped me and before Flora could transform they lit the forest on fire. She was screaming in pain. I tried to help her. I tried she was in trouble and I couldn’t do anything to help her.” Then she burst into tears once again.

“Don’t blame yourself Chatta.” Musa told her quietly yet firmly, “It’s not your fault.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Can you remember anything about the soldiers what they were wearing or anything that they said. It could help us figure out who took Flora.” Tecna asked once Chatta had calmed down.

Wiping her eyes again she said “They were wearing masks some of them had shields with a willow tree on it. One of them called me a pest, but before that I heard one say to Flora that she wouldn’t get away again. Does that help at all?”

“Yes that helps a lot sweetie.” Aisha said rubbing her head gently “You should lay down and get some rest now okay.”

Chatta didn’t want to but she was too tired to argue so she just nodded and laid back down.

“I don’t get it. I thought they were after Aisha” Stella said as everyone left the infirmary.

“We all did.” Musa said.

“But if they were after Flora why attack me?” Aisha wondered.

“Because you were there.” Skye told her.

“Because I was there. I’m not following you.”

“Just as Flora got in the way when you were attacked-, they figured you’d do the same, so from a strategic point it would be best to take you out first.” Skye told her, “They just underestimated Flora’s strength and the two of you got away.”

“I see.” She said.

Timmy looked over to Helia as they were walking his body was tense and fists clenched the pacifist hadn’t spoken a word since they found Chatta and he was worried about his best friend.

“Helia you okay?’ He asked.

“Oh yeah Timmy I’m just great.” Helia said sarcastically. “My girlfriends been abducted and I wasn’t there to stop it.” He yelled.

Everyone stopped and stared not used to Helia having such an outburst but completely understanding where he was coming from.

Skye sighed he knew how Helia felt he was a complete mess and sick with worry when Bloom was kidnapped by Darkar. “We’re going to find her.” He said placing a hand on his shoulder “We just have to keep a clear head.”

“Skye’s right we will find her.” Bloom said confidently.

Flora opened her eyes slowly looking around taking in her surroundings she knew instantly that she was in a ship due to the metal interior and the two large chairs in front of her with a man sitting in each of them. Why was she in ship? And who were these men? Then it all came back to her picking the happy lily rose with Chatta and getting attacked by soldiers and the pain she was in when the forest was on fire. Her mind quickly went back to Chatta her little pixie was hurt trying to help her. Was she okay? Did someone hopefully find her? She knew Bloom could sense if anything was wrong with the pixies but normally Lockette was there so was it just Lockette in danger that she sensed? Flora hoped not.

Her captures hadn’t noticed she was awake yet. Looking down she saw that she was buckled in to her seat. Going to undue the buckle she realized her hands were tied behind her back tightly feeling dumb for not realizing it sooner. “Duh Flora they’re not just going to strap you in without restraints so you could escape later” She thought to herself. Where would she go and if she was able to get free and take out her abductors it’s not like she knew how to pilot a ship. And why did they take her? These guys were after Aisha weren’t they?

“Oh look she’s finally awake.” A deep voice chimed as a masked soldier turned towards her.

“It’s about time we’ll be landing in a few minutes.” Another voice replied.

Unbuckling from his seat the soldier leaned forward and took his mask off. He had blonde spikey hair the tips were a dark green. His cheek bones were high and well chiseled with ocean blue eyes. Flora might’ve even called him attractive if he hadn’t kidnapped her.

Reaching out his hand he placed it under her chin forcing her to look at him. “You have beautiful eyes. Green like emeralds.” He said as his hand started to trace her face moving along her jaw his movements slowing once he reached her lip his finger lingered.

Repulsed by his cold touch Flora wanted to move away but she was already strapped tightly to the chair. She endured his touch but once he reached her lip she couldn’t contain herself anymore she lunged forward and tried to bite him. Surprised by her action. More surprising was her ability to keep the shock off her face.

He pulled back sharply before she got his finger his eyes turning a dark blue “You’re a feisty one I like that.” Reaching into his pocket her pulled out a small black circular object pressed a button and it opened wider.

“What is that?” Flora asked finding her voice

“This?” He said smiling looking at the object, “This he waved it in front of her quickly. “Well this is for you.”

“What’s it for.”

“For?” he asked innocently, “Oh right now I remember. This is to protect you.”

“Protect me.” She said skeptically

“Yes little fairy because where you’re going is a place of complete darkness, a place where no life lives. Because of these facts you will be severely weakened, and this little thing will prevent that at least for a little while. It will let you keep your strength and magic.” He paused “But alas.” He said sadly you will not be able to use your magic.”

She didn’t bother to ask why she was unable to use magic already realizing that they wouldn’t want her to escape.

“It also…” he went on, “Can be used as punishment.” He said threateningly.

“Xandar that’s enough just put the thing on her so I can land this thing.” The other said turning around. He had short brown hair green eyes and a frown on his face.

Sighing dramatically he said “You never let me have any fun Luke haven’t you seen her she’s beautiful.”

“Yes she is beautiful but not my type.”

“Oh yeah I forgot you’re into men so I guess I’m more your type.” He said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Yeah I’m into guys and I won’t deny you’re attractive but your personality leaves something to be desired. Now put the damn collar on her so this is over with I’ve got somewhere to be.” Then he turned his chair around.

“Fine.” He huffed taking the collar he placed it around Flora’s neck from back to front locking it with a small key in the center and put the key in pocket. “Ready lets land.”

Luke didn’t say a word but in seconds the ship shook and came to a complete stop.

“Let’s go fairy.” Xandar said unbuckling Flora from her seat then grabbing her arm pulling her to feet. Luke came to her other side and the two men lead Flora off the ship through poorly lit dark stone corridors. Stopping at a door they knocked twice.

“Enter.” Came a booming voice from behind the door.

Opening the door Luke shoved Flora inside.

“Your Majesty we’ve brought the fairy you requested.” Luke said bowing to a man sitting at a stone throne whose face was obscured by shadows.

“Bring her to me.” The king said.

Pushing Flora closer and once they were near the throne he forced her to her knees and raised her head towards the king. Rising from his seat the king descended the small set of stairs stepping into the light. The king he was tall muscular with broad shoulders, blonde hair that reached his shoulders and dark blue eyes. Looking into his eyes Flora saw sadness, anger, and guilt in those dark depths. Stooping down to her level he looked her in the eyes.

“You have beautiful eyes like emeralds filled with strength you’ll need that to survive here.” He said, and emotions flashed in his eyes that Flora couldn’t describe but they were gone as soon as they came.

“What do you want with me?” She asked, “I hold know political value so why take me?”

“I don’t care about politics. I haven’t for years.” He told her, “As to why you’re here you’ll know in due time.” Then he stood up, “You’re sure this is the correct one?”

“Yes sir I’ve seen her abilities first hand.” Xandar replied

“Good then take her to her cell.” He said and returned to his throne.

“Yes sir.” The soldiers said

Hoisting Flora to her feet the three left the room.

“I’ll take it from here Luke since you’ve got somewhere to be.” Xandar said.

“Fine by me. I leave her to you then.” Then he left in the opposite direction.

“You know…” Xandar began as he directed Flora through the halls “I would have taken you weeks ago stolen you in the night but when I went you were always protected by that boyfriend of yours. What was his name…Helia, he was always there.”

Flora was shocked she knew Helia was there last night but she had no idea he’d been there every night.

“How do you know my boyfriend’s name?”

“I’ve been watching you for a long time. I know all of your friends names would you like to hear?” He asked. Not waiting for a reply he began “Bloom the princess of Domino guardian fairy of said planet also the keeper of the dragon flame, Stella fairy of the shining sun also Princess of Solaria and guardian fairy, Tecna fairy of technology and guardian fairy, Musa fairy of music she’s a guardian fairy as well, Oh and let’s not forget Aisha fairy of waves and guardian fairy of Andros and the princess of that world. She’s also your best friend.”

“Why did you attack her if you wanted me?”

“She would have gotten in the way.” He said simply, “So logically I’d have to take her out first.”

Flora said nothing as they turned another corner.

“Here we are.”

They stopped and Xandar placed his hand over a switch on the wall and the electrical bars next to it faded away. Leading her in.

Xandar stepped behind her and said “Adonis was right there is a strength in you.”

Then he pulled a loose strand of hair back behind her ear. She tried to step away but he pulled her back roughly against him.

“And there it is.” He whispered in her ear, “But there is nothing more fun than breaking that strength and I will break it.” He placed one of his hands on the collar around her neck. “Adonis may rule here but know this I hold the key to your freedom.” He said tapping the collar. “Helia called you his flower but you’re not his anymore. Now you’re mine, my emerald. An emerald that I’m going to enjoy breaking bit by bit.” He growled at the end of bit. He pulled out a dagger cut her bindings and shoved her roughly to the floor. Then left putting the bars back in place.

A tiny glimmer of a reflection caught her eye. It was the crane necklace Helia got her reaching for it she held it to her chest “Helia.” She whispered curling into a ball and the tears finally started to fall.

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