From a Gift to a Family

And So It Arrives

"Look, kakak. I think it's fine." He stammered out, speaking quickly. "You don't have to come home early, okay? Bye."

"Wait, wait adi-" A long beep told Arissa that he hung up. She clicked her tongue in annoyance, tapping on her phone in an attempt to call him again. "Typical kids these days. Got no respect."

"Aris, apa terjadi?" A voice behind her made her turn her attention. It was her friend and colleague, Sabrina. "You sound worried."

"Worried? Well I am worried." The beep continued on, making the black haired woman sigh and hung up, placing the phone in her pocket. "Worried about what he brought this time."

"Tak apa, kan nanti boleh jual..."

"You think I'm that kind of a person is it? I'm not going to sell my brother's stuff!"

Sabrina shrugged, shaking her head almost disappointingly. "Your loss. I'm only saying because you need the money, ok?"

Arissa stared at her Chinese friend, frowning. "You're a bad influence, you know that?"

"It's a gift."

"More like a curse.." Just then, one of their customers raised their hands. Arissa faked a smile, calling. "Just a moment!"

"Do you think I can take an early leave?" She said in a hushed tone, grabbing the menu from the receipt table.

Sabrina shook her head. "Probably not. We're already understaffed. I don't think we can handle another leave."

"I see." She sighed. "I need to get back to work. All these overtime are driving me crazy.."

"Be sure to release your inner French!" The Chinese called as she walked away. The black haired woman merely rolled her eyes.

MATTHEW WILLIAMS: User Guide and Manual

CONGRATULATIONS! You've just purchased a MATTHEW WILLIAMS unit of your very own! To ensure that you use your new buy to the very best of his abilities and that you avoid painful, unexpected brushes with death, we've provided you with this manual.

"What the hell?" Adam leaned back on the chair he sat on. After the previous call had ended, he received another from his sister, though he didn't answer. It would be best to leave her alone with her busy job.

Name: Matthew Williams. Will respond to "Canada" – actually, to practically anything. He'll be overjoyed that you remembered him.

"So he's Canada, huh?" He frowned as he remembered the last sentence of the previous paragraph. "I thought Canadians are supposed to be peaceful. 'He'll be overjoyed that you remembered him'. Does that meant that he was ignored? Poor guy."

Age: 20

Place of Manufacture: Ottawa, Canada

Height: 5'10"

Weight: N/A

Length: Canada's not a big country for no reason…

"…Let's just skip this." Frowning deeper, he flipped a few pages. "No wonder sis likes anime. Who the hell wrote this? Ah, here we go."

Removal of your MATTHEW WILLIAMS from Packaging:

MATTHEW WILLIAMS is one of our kindest, most stable units, but anyone can have a bad morning! We urge you to take extreme caution when trying to reprogram or unpack him; to avoid any unfortunate injuries, we have complied a list of ways to wake your unit up.

"So I can choose? Sweet. Let's see.."

1. Play the Canadian anthem, or speak any dialect loudly by the box. He will wake up happily, and after you insist that you can see him, he will be so ecstatic that you can reprogram him directly.

2. Cook French or Canadian food (poutine is a suggestion). While he eats, you can reprogram him.

3. For more modern musics. If you blare American pop music, MATTHEW WILLIAMS will shout for ALFRED F. JONES to turn down that horrible screeching (especially if the singer in question is Miley Cyrus), and he will be a bit grumpy when he gets up; you can also play Justin Bieber, to which MATTHEW WILLIAMS will apologize profusely as you reprogram him; a third option is to play Lady Gaga, to which MATTHEW WILLIAMS will insist that they are not dating.

4. Turn on an ice hockey game and put the volume loud enough for you to hear it down the street – which is where MATTHEW WILLIAMS' box should preferably be, to avoid any injuries caused by the box breaking open as MATTHEW WILLIAMS dashes to watch the game.

5. Start your KUMAJIROU unit up. MATTHEW WILLIAMS will get up immediately.

"So three is a big no." He murmured. "That leaves- Wait what's this?"


After successfully waking up your unit, you may reprogram him to any of the following settings:

Quiet (default)

Snarky (default)



MANADA (locked)

WWII-Era (locked)

MATTHEW WILLIAMS comes, by default, in Quiet and Snarky. These modes entail that you will ignore or simply not catch several witty comments which would have you bursting with laughter; MATTHEW WILLIAMS' meek nature and soft voice have made him used to being overlooked, and he will not do anything if you ask him to repeat his statement five times.

Hipster is unlocked by either giving him weed or giving him money to buy weed. He'll throw out his wardrobe and probably whore himself out to buy low-riding jeans, v-neck shirts, baggy jackets, and emo frame glasses.

Another unlockable mode is French, which is really little else than a seductive MATTHEW WILLIAMS unit who purrs sweet nothings (and sometimes curse words, depending on the victim) in French and wears fashionably revealing clothes, instead of comfortably kid-friendly ones. This unit is unlocked at random – sometimes leaving him with an IVAN BRAGINSKI or ALFRED F. JONES unit does the trick, but other times it doesn't. It depends on how MATTHEW WILLIAMS feels, and be warned that laspes into this mode can be extremely frightening. Growing up with FRANCIS BONNEFOIS had to leave a mark, after all.

One of the-

"Alright." Adam snapped the book shut, sighing. "Enough reading for today."

He rubbed his temple, feeling a migraine rising. Why the hell did he choose that website?

Oh yeah. It was because that stupid contest that caught his attention. Free Prizes, yay. Honestly, he should've known better. Perhaps next time he should surf on Amazon instead.

If there was a next time.

He shook his head. Arissa was already suffering enough, he knew that. With Mama and Papa gone, she was the only one working to get income, to pay the bills as well as sending it over to Abang, who need the money more than anything, especially if he was to come back from Europe.

His heart twisted at that thought.

"Abang! Janganlah pergi!"

"Minta maaf. Abang janji nanti aku balik, ok?"

Adam sighed, mentally shaking the memory out of his head. Momentarily, he pondered which will be the best choice. Three is out of the question, that's for sure. As for four, they didn't have any hockey airing in the country.

Well, there's we do have hockey, He mused, Except it's not on ice.

Number two.. Well.. They did have the ingredients in the refrigerator, but… Well..

It's best if Arissa was the one to cook.

That leaves one and five. He could speak the language, after all, his mother was French. Number five though..

"What's a Kumajirou unit?"

The blue-eyed brunette decided to find out by looking through the extra crate that deliveryman so kindly delivered. He stood up, walking to the left of the large crate, where the smaller crate was located. Opening the top of the crate by merely unlocking the clasp on the side, he was faced with a pleasant surprise.

"It's a... Polar bear?"

A bear was sleeping inside, it's fur white like snow. Adam paused, staring. He had never seen a polar bear in real life before, only on the television the siblings had. Slowly, almost hesitantly, he reached out a hand and gently stroke the fur.

"So soft.." Murmuring, he almost didn't realised the bear waking up. "Ah!"

He retracted his hand, dropping to his sides as he knelt next to the crate. A smile appeared on his lips.

"Hey there, big guy." Again, he reached out a hand, though this time it was for the bear to sniff. Kumajirou did so and looked around it, before looking up at the brunette.

"Who are you?"

Time seemed to paused and resumed again. Adam froze, unable to process the information. Did... Did the bear just talked?

It did, didn't it? My God, what kind of anime-

Before he could think any further, a quiet, almost whispery voice answered.

"I'm Canada."

I felt that I'm giving the reactions correctly. Remember that I'm dealing with a fangirl who got caught up with life and her brother who had heard the anime before but don't really know anything. We'll see how this goes.

I didn't really want to use Canada as the first unit because I know that another, more like recent, also use Canada. My mind gave me two options though. It's either Canada... or Romano...

After a bit of thinking, more like a day of thinking, I finally decided to go with Canada because I felt like he would be easier to work with. Don't get me wrong, I love Romano just as much as you guys.

Also, I kinda like slow stories. To me, it gives me a chance to connect more with the characters, build a slow and steady relationship. So... This might go on longer than expected.

What do you think guys? Do give me a suggestion so that I can have a goal in mind for the future chapters.


"Aris, apa terjadi?" - Aris, what happened?

"Tak apa, kan nanti boleh jual..." - It's alright, you can sell it later...

"Abang! Janganlah pergi!" - Big brother! Please don't go!

"Minta maaf. Abang janji nanti aku balik, ok?" - I'm sorry. I promise I'll be back, ok?

See ya next chapter!

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