From a Gift to a Family

A Situation At The Restaurant

What the hell is going on?

"This day is just getting weirder and weirder..." Adam mumbled as he paced back and forth, with Kumajirou watching silently. He scratched the back of his head, a habit he picked up whenever he was nervous. He could see Arissa's wrath burning, especially after what he told her. That was, if he even wished to tell the truth. "What am I going to tell her?"

"E-excuse me? Can you let me out?" That soft voice meekly called out, successfully distracting Adam from his current turmoil.

"Eh? God, I'm so sorry." Mentally shaking his head, the sixteen year old walked towards the crate, unlocking the clasp on the side of the crate. Opening the top of the crate, he stepped back as the unit inside the crate sat up, looking around as he observed quietly.

The man (unit?) before him had wavy blond hair, cutting short just above his shoulders. There was a rebel strand of hair that seemed to curl in front of his face. Behind his round glasses, violet eyes wandered around the tiny apartment. Other than that, the unit was wearing some sort of uniform that seemed to be suited for winter, complete with gloves.

Violet.. What a nice colour..

"No wonder my sister loves you guys." Adam mumbled, catching the attention of the blonde unit. He cleared his throat and smiled, reaching out a hand to help. "Bonjour. Je m'appelle Adam. Let me help you up."

Matthew seemed surprised, probably by the fact that the brunette could see and talking to him. He accepted the hand and the younger man helped him up. "Thank you. You speak French?'

"Yeah. My mother was French." Adam gave a small smirk. "That and my sister tends to speak French when she's tired."

"I-I see."

"Alright. I'm going to make something I can do." He stepped into the kitchen, with Matthew trailing behind him and having Kumajirou in his arms. "You up for some instant noodles?"

"Yes, please." The blonde felt like it was impolite to refuse the offer. Adam smiled and began searching through the cabinets, humming.

Arissa sighed and sat down on one of the empty tables, rolling her shoulders. Her boss gave them a small break since rush hour was over. At the same time, she wanted nothing more than to indulge the sweet world of anime. Sabrina slipped into the seat in front of her as she lay her head on the table, yawning.

"Hey." She asked, shaking her friend's shoulders in an attempt to keep Arissa awake. "You know you're driving, right?"

"Bien sûr que oui!" Arissa snapped, looking up at the Chinese when she went silent. "Quoi?"

"You're slipping into French again." Sabrina stood up, walking over to the black haired woman and started tugging her. "Let's get you back home so you can rest. We got a long day tomorrow."

"It's not closing until nine." She deadpanned in English. "We still have a few hours to go."

"Well.. Hin Yee!"

Just then, a small 'boom!' was heard as a trail of black smoke rose out of the kitchen. A high-pitched voice yelled out curses in Chinese. Both Sabrina and Arissa glanced at each other before they dashed into the kitchen.

"Aiyah! What the hell is this?"

"I was just cooking!"

"Cooking? This is called cooking!? You gila ah? You can't cook for shit!"

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean for it to be like this!"

"Get out of my restaurant!"

The duo entered the cooking area and stepped aside as a man, no older than eighteen, ran out. A petite Chinese followed him out, waving a blackened handkerchief and yelling. "You better not come back ah! Or else you're dead!"

"Oh my." Sabrina mumbled, gasping at the sight of the kitchen. "What happened?"

"Biggest mistake of my life, that's what." She growled out. "That idiot gave in a convincing resume and I ended up making a mistake when I let him cook."

Arissa looked inside and walked towards the site of the disaster. A couple of pots were filled with mysterious liquid which still have smoke rising up. The stoves were burned to black. Honestly, with the right atmosphere and ambience, it could be like a horror movie. She tuned into the conversation when she saw Sabrina trying to calm their manager down.

"Calm down boss!"

"How am I going to calm down huh? I have to pay expenses for this!"

"I'll pay." Arissa blurted out, smiling. The two Chinese looked at her, faces written in disbelief. "I'll pay for the expenses."

"What do you mean by that?" Sabrina said incredulously. "Arissa, you need that money!"

"I'm fine. I can survive a couple of days." She waved a hand in a dismissal motion. "Besides, the costs is not even that high to make a dent in my account."

"That's besides the point!"

"Alright, you two. That's enough!" Hin Yee stepped in between the pair, sensing a long and loud argument about to take place. "Sabrina, get a goddamn mop and start cleaning this place. Arissa, clear the customers out and close the shop. We're going to have to spend the rest of the hours cleaning this place."

"Yes, boss." They muttered together. Sabrina grumpily moved to her destination at the back of the restaurant. Arissa, on the other hand, sighed softly and started to move, though she was stopped by a hand in the shoulder. She looked into the stern gaze of her manager, dark blue meeting chocolate brown.

"You don't have to do it, you know?" She said, her gaze softening. "I know you need it."

"I know." The black haired woman choked out, casting her eyes downwards. "But I'm fine."

Hin Yee looked at the figure of Sabrina, seemingly muttering things to herself, before pulling her employee into the manager's room. "Follow me."

"Y-Yes boss."

She closed the door, and sighed. Arissa looked at her manager, feeling nervous. "Boss? Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing." She stared at her employee. "I just need to know, how's things at home?"

"Quoi?" Arissa tugged on a lock of hair, fiddling with it. "W-Well, things have been ok at home. Adam got into arts stream and decided to take the extra class-"

"I mean you."

"M-me? As for me..." Arissa closed her eyes, unable to truthfully answer the question. Quietly, she answered. "I'm fine, boss. Things.. have been a bit problematic, but I can handle it."

I have to. I can't fail again.

She was well aware of the fact that she was slightly shaking. Her lower lip trembled with anxiety, and she didn't want to open her eyes.

"I see. You can leave now."

"Y-Yes. Thank you." Just as Arissa was about to leave the room, her manager called out.

"One more thing. Sabrina's taking a leave tomorrow, and since we can't operate with two people, we'll have to close the restaurant. But come anyway, understand? I'll need help with the cooking and taking inventory. I seriously hate it when idiots like that come in."

"I understand.."


"Yes?" Arissa gave a tight smile. Just let me leave already. So I can pretend this never happened.

"Just remember, Arissa. That you don't have to do things by yourself."

For a brief moment, her smile faltered and before it could disappear completely, she closed the door.

Calm down.. Calm down..

She took a deep breath, trying to dispel that aching feeling in her chest.



"Come on, you can't give me the silent treatment."

"Damn right I can."

"Look at that, the woman talks!"


Arissa sighed through her nose, tightening her grip on the steering wheel. "Look, I know you're mad. But honestly, this is none of your business."

"None of my business?" Sabrina threw her a look, glaring furiously. That got her to talk. "None of my business? Arissa, I am your friend."


"At least let me have an opinion. You can't just kick out everyone you know."

"In case you didn't know." She gritted out, knuckles whitening. "I was an outcast in school. So I'm sorry if I have a social problem, ok!?"

Arissa didn't mean to yell, but she could not control herself. Sabrina flinched, and the car was filled with uncomfortable silence. It went on until they finally reached the younger's house.


"Aris, about what I said-"

"I said out."

Sabrina gave a guilty look before going out. Arissa clicked her tongue before driving away, loosing her grip on the wheel.

"Honestly.. I was fine being alone. It's her fault that she clings to me."

Slowly, she parked her car and turned the engine off. She sighed again, feeling unintentional tears prickling the corner of her eyes. Leaning back in the car seat and closing her eyes, she took breathed deeply as an attempt to calm herself.

"I.. I'm sorry, Sabrina." The black haired woman whispered. "It's my fault that I turned out this way.."

"Dieu... Quelle nuit.."

Well... Things got a little emotional at the end there.

I originally wanted to put in hints, but... This happened. I'm not kidding when I said I can't do comedy. Normally, this happens when I try.

Look on the bright side, the chapter gets longer. Now, excuse me while I do a bit of research.


French (This is Google translate btw)

"Bonjour. Je m'appelle Adam." - "Hello. My name is Adam."

"Bien sûr que oui!" - "Of course I do!"

"Quoi?" - "What?"

"Dieu... Quelle nuit .." - "God... What a night..."


"You gila ah?" - "You crazy ah?"

Random fact. Malaysia have a lot of tribes, per say. Because of that, there's a lot of cultures; different types of dancing, rituals, food and more. Plus, every state have their own accent, so it's kinda easy to determine where you come from depending on your accent.

See ya next chapter!

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