A Eureka Moment In Time

Chapter 2

Jo Lupo filled several jobs in the town of Eureka. Officially she was head of security for G.D., however she still kept her office in the Police department building where she had served as Jack Carter's deputy. Now that Andy served that position, she rarely did patrol around the town, although her security position often required her presence outside of G.D.'s facilities.

Another one of her duties was to oversee the enrollment operations of the town's schools. She performed this job function on demand, today she had a scheduled appointment with Dr. Tenma to enroll his son in school. Eureka was a small town, with a small student population. There were two schools, Albert Einstein Elementary, and Nicoli Tesla High. The Tesla High School was often just referred to as 'Tesla School', as it housed both the Jr. and Sr. high school grades. Tobio Tenma was to be placed in the bottom grade at Tesla, though that could change after some testing.

She was sitting in her office at Tesla School reading over the enrollment papers that had already been prefiled several days before. The town rules required the parent and child to be interviewed.

Dr. Tenma and son arrived exactly on time. This would be her first encounter with him and she looked him over carefully. The man was well dressed in a business suit. He stood somewhat over six feet tall, had a full head of dark hair and a beard that did not dominate his face. Tobio Tenma held onto his father's hand as they entered the office. The boy was about two thirds his father's height. He had dark hair that was neatly combed with two distinctive spikes sticking out the back of his head, that were held at bay by lots of gel and hair spray. It almost made his hair look like 'plastic'. Tobio was dressed in short dark pants, a blue jacket, and a red bow tie. He also wore a pair of red boots that came up about half way on his calves.

Jo motioned for the two of them to sit down. Dr. Tenma gave her his full attention, almost staring directly into her eyes. His son sat next to his father, tapping his foot on the floor with a constant rhythm.

"Good morning Dr. Tenma, and you too Tobio. I understand you plan on enrolling your son in our Tesla school. It seems that all of the papers are in order, and I'll just need some signatures in my presence. I do have some questions for you though. They may be a bit personal, I hope you understand that security in this town is kept rather high due to the nature of Global Dynamics work with the government."

"I quite understand Ms. Lupo. Please ask me what you need to."

"I'm curious why we were so lucky to acquire your services here in Eureka and G.D. Weren't you the head of Japan's institute of Science? Why would you leave such a prestigious position?" Jo asked.

"I left for purely personal reasons. I don't have any regrets, and I'm happy to know that a very qualified colleague has taken over my position. The institute was left in very capable hands." Tema answered.

Jo got up from her desk and walked over to the doctor. She motioned for him to follow her to the back of the room. Tenma took the hint and walked with her, he motioned to his son to stay where he was.

"During the research for your security clearance I uncovered a traffic accident report filed by the Takondanobaba police. It listed a Tobio Tenma as a fatality. How can you explain that?" she said pointing to Tobio.

Tenma maintained a poker face. "Did you also find a coroner's report, or a death warrant for Tobio?"

"You know I didn't."

"Well then. It's obvious isn't it. The police don't always get their facts right, do they?"

Jo wasn't giving up so easily.

"I also was able to reach a certain Dr. Ochanomizu at the Institute of Science. You did give him as a reference, didn't you? He stated that you left following an argument over proceeding with a certain project that your fellow scientists objected to. He also stated that he thought you might have proceeded with it in secret on your own before leaving."

"As I said, I left for personal reasons. So what if I had some differences with my coworkers. I've been told that heated displays of ego are not uncommon even here at Global Dynamics. It's a sign of genius, or so I've been told. I also assume that Dr. Ochanomizu confirmed my qualifications in the field of robotics."

"Yes he did, in spades." Jo admitted.

"Very well then. Now about my son entering your fabulous school. Can we proceed with that?"

Jo Lupo walked back to her desk and sat down. Well she lost that round, but there was one ace left up her sleeve.

"Let's see, you stated Tobio's chronological age as 10 years old. The preliminary tests on his IQ and general learning indicate that we should place him in the 7th or 8th grade at Tesla. We'll start him in the 7th and let his teachers evaluate him. Does that sound reasonable?"

"I think that will be fine, Ms. Lupo"

"Tobio, are you looking forward to starting school?", Jo asked the boy.

"Yes, Ms. Lupo. I can't wait to make some friends here in Eureka."

"I'm sure you will son," she said.

"Well, there is just one other thing. Tobio will need report to Dr. Allison Blake for a physical exam prior to starting school. All new students are required to have a medical exam report on their record."

"I believe I've already submitted a medical report for my son with his application," Dr. Tenma insisted.

"You did, however we'd like our own medical team to have a look at him. We make the same request for all new students," Jo smiled.

"Very well, I'll take Tobio to see your Dr. Blake. Just make us an appointment."

Jo looked carefully at the doctor. He still didn't seem to have cracked. Well, we'll see what Allison comes up with she thought.

Tenma signed the documents that Jo presented to him, and she handed him a contact card for Dr. Allison. The doctor and his son walked out of the office as she scanned and filed the documents.

Global Dynamics, Medical Facilities, Dr. Allison Blake's Office

Dr. Allison Blake was the head of the Global Dynamics Medical Technology division. She was also a licensed physician, and although she didn't make house calls, she did find herself performing routine medical examinations for G.D. employees, and their school children from time to time.

Today was one of those occasions, she was now expecting Dr. Tenma and his son Tobio, for the boy's medical certification requirement to enroll in the Tesla school. Her medical office was located in the main building of G.D.'s campus, not far from Dr. Fargo's office. She didn't have to wait long after entering her office before Dr. Tenma and son appeared.

"Good morning Dr. Blake."

Allison turned to see the tall gentleman standing in the doorway to the office, with his son standing next to him.

"Ms. Lupo told me to expect you Dr. Tenma. So this is Tobio? Welcome to Eureka young man."

"Dr. Blake, Tobio was examined by a doctor in Japan just before we left. I have the medical reports with me. Can't you just approve him fit for school based on the existing files I've already forwarded? It seems like an unnecessary duplication of effort for you to have to waste your time with a medical examination."

Allison reached over to the shelf for a pair of latex gloves.

"Come on Dr. Tenma. This won't take me very long at all, not with the advanced equipment we have here."

The thought suddenly occurred to Dr. Blake that maybe there was something funny going on here and that Dr. Tenma had a good reason to avoid Tobio being examined. She couldn't place her finger on it, but there was something in the doctor's voice.

She turned to face him, only to find a beam of light shinning in her face. Dr. Tenma had what looked like a flashlight in his hand. It emitted a beam of multicolored light that had a dazzling effect. Allison felt confused and dizzy. After an unknown period of time, the effect slowly lifted, and she found herself staring at Dr. Tenma as she snapped out of the trance she had been in.

"Do you feel alright Dr. Blake?" Tenma asked.

"I'm sorry. I suddenly felt dizzy for a moment. Where were we?"

"You just finished Tobio's examination, and were about to sign the report."

"Yes, I think I remember now." Allison babbled. She looked down at the table and saw the clipboard with the examination results filled in, waiting for her signature. She didn't remember writing any of it, but it was in her handwriting. She glanced up at the clock. A full hour had passed since Dr. Tenma had walked in. With a little bit of trepidation, she signed the report.

"I'll file this with the school. Tobio can start class tomorrow." She added.

"Thank you very much Dr. Blake," Tenma smiled.

As they left the medical office, Tobio looked up at his father and asked, "what did you do to her dad?"

Tenma looked down at his son. "You are not to mention my use of the hypnolight, Tobio. It was necessary for your own good. Eventually I will educate the people here about what we have achieved, but for right now, it is best that they do not know the full truth. And you must be very careful not to give yourself away. Remember always that I love you very much, Tobio!

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