A Eureka Moment In Time

Chapter 3

Dr. Tenma escorted his son out of the building. It was now late morning and he decided that he would check in with Dr. Fargo about getting started working at G.D.

"Why don't you walk home Tobio? I'll meet you there later, I want to get settled into my new office at Global Dynamics."

Tobio walked away from his dad. He looked around to see if anyone was looking at him. Just before he could jump, his father yelled at him.

"I said WALK home Tobio! I don't want you showing off around town!

"Yes father." the boy replied as he shuffled his feet and headed away.

Dr. Henry Deacon was in his garage on the main street, changing the oil in Dr. Fargo's car. Henry didn't actually do that much automotive work in the garage, the part of the building facing the street was sort of a front that hid the REAL important part of the place. Behind the car lift and tool racks was a set of folding doors that led to the rear of the building, where Henry's laboratory shop was.

As Henry finished pouring the last can of motor oil into the engine, Tobio walked by. Henry smiled at him. "Hey, you're new in Eureka, aren't you son?"

"Yes mister, my dad and I just moved in yesterday." Tobio answered.

"Well I'm pleased to meet you. My name is Henry Deacon."

"I'm Tobio Tenma," the boy replied.

"Oh you must be Dr. Tenma's kid. I heard we had a new robot scientist starting at G.D. I'll have to drop in to the main building and say hello later on."

Dr. Deacon was sometimes a bit absent minded and maybe somewhat careless about mixing up his 'real' work with the garage stuff. Then again, some of his best 'inventions' were made out of all sorts of random bits mixed together. Sitting on the workbench in the auto garage was a piece of machinery that clearly didn't belong in an automobile, unless maybe it could fly.

Tobio had already made himself at home in the garage and was eyeing everything. He picked up the small gizmo rolled in over in his hands and twisted some adjustment screws. Henry took it from him carefully.

"I don't know why I left THAT out here. It's a bit too dangerous for you to fool with Tobio, sorry about that." Henry said softly.

"You had it adjusted wrong." The boy said. "I think I got it right for you".

Henry looked at the contraption. He had been trying to regulate the power flow in an ion plasma rocket engine without much success. The rockets had either failed to gain enough altitude, or blew up on the launch pad. The settings of the regulating valves interacted with each other and the right alignment was critical. The boy had just set them in positions that never occurred to Henry before.

"Tobio, would you come out back with me for a minute?" Henry asked.

The boy followed Dr. Deacon into the back of the building. Henry took the power regulator and attached it to the rocket engine that was clamped in a test stand, mounted in an explosion proof test chamber at the back of the room. The chamber was made of steel walls several inches thick, and had a single explosion proof glass window in the door. He closed the door and powered on the test chamber.

"Let's see how smart you are kid," Henry said.

The rocket engine started up in the test stand. Henry increased the power output and watched the thrust indicator. It climbed quickly and reached 'red line'. The engine still ran smoothly with no sign of instability.

"What the hell?" Henry gasped. "Hey kid, what do do? The darn thing is up to 200% power, and it will probably go to 300% at this rate!"

"I'm sorry, mister. I thought that was a puzzle and I saw how to solve it," Tobio sobbed.

Dr. Deacon bent his legs to stoop down so he could look the boy in the eyes.

"I'm not mad at you son. You figured out in a few seconds what I had been trying to get right all week! Are you a rocket scientist or something?"

"No. I'm a r..," Tobio started to say.

"TOBIO!" Dr. Tenma roared. "So there you are! I thought I told you to go home and wait for me"

The tall scientist barged into the garage and grabbed his son by the arm.

"You must be Dr. Tenma." Henry Deacon said. "That's quite a smart boy you have there. He just solved my problem of adjusting a four dimensional flux regulator in about five seconds. I had tried to get it right for over a week."

Tenma extended his free hand. "I'm happy to meet you, er?"

"I'm Dr. Henry Deacon. I do some work here repairing autos, but mostly I'm G.D.'s mechanical genius. I build most of the prototype gizmos for the engineering staffs here."

Henry wiped some oil and grease off his right hand and shook Tenma's in greeting.

"You're sure that Tobio wasn't causing you any trouble?" Tenma asked.

"Like I said, he just walked in here and solved a problem that I was stuck on. He can hang out here anytime he likes as far as I'm concerned."

"Well, we'll see about that. He starts school tomorrow at Tesla, I expect he'll be too busy with schoolwork to hang out in town, but we'll see." Tenma shot back.

Father and son walked out of the garage, hand in hand and headed home.


Later that day Jack Carter returned home to find Dr. Allison Blake and her son Kevin already home.

"Hello Jack how was your day?" Allison greeted her lover with a kiss.

"Rather normal, after yesterday. I mostly handled rather trivial issues around town. And you?"

"Rather strange actually. I meet the Dr. Tenma that you mentioned to me yesterday. He came into my medical office today with his son for an examination. For the life of me, I can't remember how that exam went. I do remember doing the paperwork. I guess it was rather boringly routine."

"What do you think of Tenma's son, Tobio? When I met him yesterday, there was something weird about him that I just couldn't place." Carter asked.

"Now that you mention it... Dr. Tenma tried to talk me out of examining the the boy. He said he had medical records from their previous physician. I told him I was required to exam the boy, and he gave in. Only now, I can't remember a thing about that examination." Allison replied.

"Well anyway, he starts school at Tesla tomorrow." She said looking at Kevin.

"Hey Kevin, you'll probably run into this Tobio Tenma. Do try to make him comfortable at school, won't you." she added.

"Yeah, and if there is anything weird about him, let me know." Jack added.

Tesla School , next day

Dr. Tenma straightened Tobio's bow tie. The boy was dressed in a pair of long slacks and a button down shirt. Most of his red boots were hidden under the legs of his pants. Tenma walked his son up to the school entrance. He bent down to face the boy, and put his hands on the lad's shoulders.

"Now you behave yourself in school Tobio. Remember your place, and don't forget what we discussed about showing off. You are to act like a child your age."

"Yes father," Tobio sighed.

"OK, then. Have a good day in class, and I'll be here when you get out."

"Yes, Dad," The boy smiled.

Tenma waited till his son had walked into the school building before turning around and heading toward Global Dynamics.

Once inside the building, Tobio found himself surrounded by a number of students. Kevin Blake was among them. Kevin was about a half a head taller than Tobio.

"Hi, I'm Kevin Blake, you must be the new kid, Tenma, right?" Kevin said.

"Yes, I'm Tobio Tenma, I'm starting school here today," Tobio replied.

"You'll like it here Tobio. We compete with each other a lot, but we also give each other a hand when necessary. The teachers here are the best in the country. You're really lucky to be here." Kevin told him.

"Will you be my friend?" Tobio asked Kevin.

"Sure! Hey, I live with my mom and Sheriff Carter in S.A.R.R.A.H.. Why don't you come by after school some time and I'll show you some of my inventions." Kevin said.

"Sure, but what's Sarrah?" Tobio asked.

"HA! Kevin laughed. SARRAH is the computer that runs our house. The place used to be a cold war bunker, but it was converted into a residence. Sometimes we call the place SARRAH after the computer that runs it. Sarrah has a mind of her own, she's sorta like a robot, but without a body."

"Really? I'd like to meet her!" Tobio said.

"Well, you will. Right now, let's get you started in school, follow me and we'll find out what classes you're in"

Kevin walked Tobio over to the principle's office where he was given his class room assignments. Principle Edison walked the boy over to his home room, and wished him luck with his first day at the school.

Global Dynamics

As Dr. Tenma walked into his office he was greeted by another man who had been waiting for him at his desk.

"Hello Uma, I've been expecting you."

Tenam stared at the man for a few seconds before recognition set in.

"Zane Donovan, you scoundrel!" Tenma barked.

"Ah, so you DO remember me. And look who's calling the kettle black! You almost got away with that little bit you pulled at the Institute. Clever of you to sweep the affair under the rug and run away to America with the evidence. Or did you think I wouldn't figure it out?" Zane smirked.

"Don't threaten me Zane. You're just an amateur hacker, and a petty thief. If you know what's good for you, you'll keep out of my way. I've planned this way too long to be stopped by the likes of you!" Tenma scowled.

"I'll just bid my time Tenma. Sooner or later you, or your so called son will slip up and I'll have you just where I want you!" Zane Donovan turned his back on Dr. Tenma and walked out of the office.

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