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Crazies || Woosan

Chapter 3

Jongho's P.O.V.

"He obviously knows, no point in hiding it." San opened the door, letting me in. "Care to explain why there was a beaten up guy who said YOU beat them up?" "Wooyoung." I said. "He's in a fucking asylum, what the fuck is he gonna do?" "San, he killed five cities in three days, I look up to that, he has people on the outside, you think that shitty asylum us gonna hold on of the most genius people in all of South Korea?" "He's not a genies, he's a goddamn psycho!" San screamed at me. I reached into my pocket and took out a gun. "Oh Sannie Hyung, you know I love you dearly, but if you insult the man who practically raised me, I'll blow your fucking head off." I said with a smile. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" "Life is what's wrong, yes, Wooyoung may be sick and killed innocent people everyday, but he enjoyed it, and I don't kill innocent people at least, though I know you're not innocent, I'll spare you because we have the same blood, now I'm going to leave, and you're never gonna fucking call me again or else I'll kill you, are we clear?" I asked with a smile. San stared at me dumbfounded. "Crystal." He responded. "Great." I said walking out of his apartment.

Nobody's P.O.V.

"NO GOD PLEASE NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! God fucking damnit! I can't fucking believe this, how the fuck?! Why the fuck?! I don't need this shit right now. I need my emotional support human." San said, scrolling through his contacts and landing on a number that had the name 'seonghwa'. The phone rang and someone picked up. "Hi Hyung..." "San? Hi, you sound depressed, what's wrong?" "Could you come over?" I asked. "I wish I could, I'm just, really, really busy...hehe" The other line said. "Busy doing what?" He heard chuckling on the other line, not Seonghwa though. San snickered evilly. "Tell Yeosang I said hi." San said. "Kang Yeosang I am on the phone- a-ah..." "See ya!" San said, hanging up. San tried another. The line rang. "Hi bitch." The other line said. "Nice to speak to you again, hoe." San said with a laugh. "What's up?" "Can you come over?" "Sure, but I'm bringing some shit to get high off of." They said. "Jeong Yunho, you fucking know I hate weed!" "Well do you want me to come over?" Yunho asked. "Yeah, but you don't need to bring weed." "Sigh, fine, guess you want me driving high." Yunho said. "What?! No! No, no, don't you dare get high, fine you can smoke at my house! Just keep that shit away from your mouth till you get here." "You're so giving me a blow job." Yunho said. "Yeah in your dreams." "Well dreams do come true." Yunho said, hanging up.

"Ass." San said, shaking his head. He sat on his couch, unemotionally scrolling through social media when he stopped at a particular notification, it was from the asylum. "San, this is the receptionist with red hair, Mingi, Song Mingi, I need to inform you that there has been an out break in the asylum, Jung Wooyoung escaped along with the deadly cannibal, Kim Hongjoong, as a worker there I have no idea how this could've happened, but be careful because when we saw his room, it had blood on the wall the read 'Warn Choi', take all precautions as we are and I wish you the safest. -Song Mingi'. San couldn't breath, he couldn't move, how could he?" "No...no, no." He soon heard a knock on the door and came running towards it thanking that it was Yunho. He unlocked the door. "Oh my shit, Yunho I have to-" San stopped, he stopped, he froze. He started shaking and clasped his hands over his mouth. He fell to his knees to his his best friend with his guts all over the pavement leading to his front door. San's hands were shaking as he went to touch the lifeless body. "Yunho...no, please no." San sobbed as he held the bloody body in his hands. "You'll fucking pay Jung Wooyoung! You fucking hear me! I swear on Jeong Yunho's life!" San's voice cracked at the last part.

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