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A Reaper's Angel


I do not own SOA or any of its characters! Just a huge fan Jax and OC. after almost running jax and a few of the boys off the road, Jax didnt expect to meet a girl that had been through hell. I suck at summaries but I hope you read and enjoy. I love feed back :) hope you guys enjoy.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It was a late summer night, the moon full in desert sky as Evelyn had been driving for hours it seemed. Her eyes felt heavy and her body seemed to hurt from head to toe from the beating she had received him. Her heart raced in her chest as she kept checking the mirror, a thousand thoughts raced through her mind as she couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that she finally escaped him. A small smile crept across her busted lips for just a moment of peace.

Not sure where she was or even where she was headed she yawned listening to her jaw crack from the deep yawn allowing her eyes to close for just a moment. A sudden roar of motorcycle engine jolted her eyes open to be met with headlights of bikes. She swerved to miss the on coming bikes she figured she drifted into the other lane. The tires screamed in protest as the tail broke loose and slid from side to side. Evelyn fought to correct the car but failed as the car went off the side of a bank slid down the bank.

She had a death grip on the wheel as the car slammed into a big rock at the bottom of the bank. Time seemed to slow down as dust engulfed the car, the horn blared as smoke rolled from under the now smashed hood. Evelyn groaned as she slowly picked herself off the steering wheel, making the horn finally stop. Everything seemed to be spinning and foggy as she coughed from the dust. A warm liquid ran down between her eyes catching her attention as she tried to focus.

The sound of rocks falling down the now dusty back mad Evelyn freeze, at the point she was trying to stay awake. She could hear voices coming closer but didnt recognize any of voices. The sound of boots on the loose stones could be heard as they closed in on her. She couldn't help as she panicked, she coughs as she pulled on the seat belt trying to get free. Her eyes grew heavier with every moment passing. A flash light shined through her open window causing her to squint looking up to the light.

Jax looked down into the open car window as he shown the light in. He was met with a pair of green eyes that had pure fear in them. The girl before him had fresh blood running down from somewhere in her brown hair and down between her green eyes. He looked to the smoke rolling from under the hood and back to her.

"P-please...I'm sorry..I closed my eyes for just a moment ....," her voiced dry and cracking from exhaustion and dust.

Jax and the boys exchanged looks between one and another, "we're fine darlin' " he replied pausing for a moment as juice spoke up,

"Hey I see sparks under here we gotta get movin" he said to jax as he looked up from under the busted hood. Jax nods and turns his attention back to the girl.

Evelyn eyes were heavy as she watched the men outside of her car. Opie came over to jax and held the light for him. Jax opened the driver door and kneeled beside the girl.

"Darlin' we gotta get you out of here ok?" He watched her reaction as he pulled his knife out.

"D-dont hurt me.....please" , her voices trembles never taking her eyes on jax.

Jax had no idea who she was but he felt bad for her, "I'm not gonna hurt you I'm going to cut this belt so I can get you out ok?" Her only reply was nodding, her eyes closing as she barely kept them open.

Jax noticed this as he leans in cutting the belt, once the belt was cut he quickly put his knife away and gently as he could picked evelyn up bridal style. Jax and opie noticed she seemed to whimper in pain as jax pulled her from the car. The men made their way back of the bank as jax carried Evelyn. Once up on the road side, they now seen the car was starting to catch fire.

Jax looked down to the girl barely conscious in his arms, "we're gonna get you some help..."

"No...hospitals...I cant...." she quickly cut him off as she faded out. Opie stood beside jax, "Why not?" Opie asked. They all ad a confused expression on the face.

"He'll.....find.....me," was the last thing she said before she was out cold.

Jax looked to juice, "call the doctor to come to the club house and go ahead to meet her there" juice nodded and quickly went to his bike making the call before he left the club house.

Opie looked to jax who was looking down at the unconscious girl in his arms, "come on man we need to get moving, should I call the truck?"

Jax shook his head making his way to his bike, he through his leg over the bike still with the girl in his arms, he knew it was awkward but he put each of her legs on ether side of him leaning her against him, he looked to opie who had mounted his bike and nodded. The bikes roared the life as the left for the club house.

Once back at the club house, his mom Gemma was waiting it seemed juice had filled her in cause he was standing beside her. Jax parked the bike and carefully got off the bike and carried the girl bridal style again. He quickly made his way to the club house not even caring about the odd looks he was getting.

"Jax..." Gemma started as he quickly came by her

"Not now mom" he replied as he passed her and went for his room, opie right on his heels. Once in the room he carefully laid her down on the bed as the lights of his room hit her.

Both him and open froze looking at the girl, her light blue tshirt had dried blood on her left side. Her lip was busted along with bruises on her neck and face. Her left arm had red Mark's down it along with dried blood, her right arm had bruises. They exchanged looks not speaking both wondering what could have happen to her.

A knock interrupted their thoughts as the doctor came in, "you know these late night calls are insane," stated the doctor as she sat her bag down on the side table she hadn't noticed the girl on the bed yet.

"Thanks for coming tara" stated opie, jax hadn't spoken yet.

Tara smiled softly nodding as she up to the boys, her smile soon faded as she seen the unconscious girl on the bed.

At first she wasnt she what to say before her doctor side kicked in, taking a deep breath and straightening her back, " ok both of you out, I'll call if I need help." The boys nodded and went to leave before she added "and see if gemma can get some clean clothes for her."

They both nodded again and shut the door on the way out. Jax and opie made the way back outside, to find gemma still waiting now with her arms crossed.

Jax and opie filled in the peices of the story that juice had left out. While talking to gemma jax mentioned to her that the girl needed clean clothes. After a while of talking gemma left just leaving opie and jax standing at by the burn barrel that was set up near the club house. The small fire that was simmering in the bottom was left by earlier members hanging out. Jax dung in his pocket and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it he took a long drag before blowing the smoke up into the night air.

Opie was the first to finally break the silence, "that girl looked like she been through hell, "

Jax was looking at the simmering ashes, " she looked like she been beat, she looked terrified of us"

Opie nodded agreeing with him, "I wonder what happen"

Jax shrugged "I dont know, but it was clear she was running from someone."

Opie yawned had she stretched above his head, he pulled out his phone, he seen it was now 1 in morning. "Well I'm gonna head home, I'll see you in the morning, call me if you need anything brother"

Jax nodded, "thanks man, I'm just going to crash here tonight, I'll crash in your room" opie nodded as he walked away. He mounted his bike and pulled out leaving Jax alone with his cigarette and his thoughts.

He took one last drag from his cigarette before he put it out, he made his way to his room opening the door. Tara was still working, she didnt even turn to face him as she spoke "this is gonna take a while jax, I'll let you know in the morning. " he sighed shutting the door back as he went to opie's room. Shutting the door behind him he pulled off his cut hanging it on the desk chair. It was then he noticed the dried blood on his shirt, sighing again he took it off as he mad his way to the bed. Kicking off his shoes and stretching out on his back as he stared up at the ceiling, he watched the fan go round as his mind wondered eventually leading him to sleep.

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