The Strongest Magic

Epilogue: Still Seeking

"Fay, total the results of the experiment." Thoth drawled. On a distant world, far from Fantasia and the Human World, the Circle of the Night was regrouping in one of their darkened safe-houses. It was a one room hut with nothing but a fireplace and three chairs around a dirty wooden table. The trip through the rift had been exhausting on all three of them, yet he was loathe to see Fay actually smirking as she swished her black cat's tail back and forth in front of his face. The black silk-bound book with The Neverending Story written on its cover lay on the table between them.

"As we've seen in other worlds, the Strongest Magic can allow the accomplishment of great feats that would otherwise be impossible. But we've gathered even more data from our time in Fantasia. From the ten years that Adair's heart remained dormant, we learned that the Strongest Magic can be sealed indefinitely." She explained. "However, her reawakening proved that destroying it is impossible."

"So it can be sealed, but not destroyed." Nag reiterated from where it crouched near the fire.

"Correct. Furthermore, it cannot be copied or counterfeited. Even with her memories altered by the potion, the connection between Adair and Jason could never be the same as the one she shares with Atreyu. But the most interesting is what we learned by Adair's sacrifice. We had an idea of true love, but now we saw what pure love is capable of."

"So there are more levels of this wretched magic of yours?" Thoth sighed. "What a headache you've brought on us m'dear."

"I think it warrants further study." Fay replied with smug satisfaction. "All in all, I declare this experiment a complete success."

Thoth and Nag exchanged glances which soon became devilish grins. Thoth looked back to Fay from over the rims of his glasses.

"Well, not a complete success for you m'dear. After all, you left there empty handed. And after you made Atreyu such a generous offer."

Fay's smirk faded at once.

"Oh Fay," Nag cackled. "You thought we didn't know about your plan?"

"I was amazed at how quickly he rejected you." Thoth laughed openly. "How our dear little kitten sends the boys running."

They both laughed cruelly together at Fay's expense until she slammed her fists onto the table in front of her. The black fur on her tail stood on end and they were silent. She looked to them both with contempt. She snatched the book from the table and hurled it over her head into the fireplace. She turned back to face the others. She straightened her dark hair.

"Very well. You two can choose the next experiment, and I'll declare this one a draw on one condition. We never speak of this again."

"As you wish M'dear. But I think Nag and I need to release a few more good laughs before we're ready to make that deal."

Because Fay burned the book, she never did read the rest of what had happened at the Ivory Tower: how Jason had stayed behind in Atreyu's stead. Nor did she learn that Atreyu had found his way back to Adair. In accordance with the promise they had made with the Childlike Empress, the Seekers never returned to Fantasia. But Fay would continue seeking the Strongest Magic. Whether she found it or not, none can say for certain. But one thing is certain. Because of her twisted selfish heart, her search would lead her down very dark paths to seek it. For this reason, that is a story that is perhaps best left untold.

There is much left to be said about Adair and Atreyu as well. For one, she had much to say to her teacher in the writing assignment he had asked her for. It was a week late, but because of the merit of her work, he accepted it anyway. Atreyu had much adjusting to do, but a certain dragon saw to it that the necessary arrangements were made. Bastian and Christa welcomed him into their home with open arms. He would have many struggles and trials in this new world just as he had in Fantasia. But those he loved were there to guide him. The work Atreyu and Adair had both promised to do was far from over, and they worked side by side every day to share the truth of Fantasia and the magic they had found there with whoever would listen. In time they would teach their children to carry it on as well, as we all should. For those who believe in Fantasia still look forward to the day that the two worlds will become one. But that is another story and shall be told another time.

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