Mother Nature

Chapter 3

Santa’s Point of View

“Looks too much like spring, make it red.” I say looking at Alias’s work, which made him shout out in annoyance.

It’s only a few weeks until Christmas and everyone is working very hard. Ever since the defeat of Pitch last year, things have been going better. The children have not lost faith in me or the other Guardians, all thanks to Jack. After taking a closer look at the toys that everyone has been making, I decided to head to the library. My library is the second largest in the world, the first largest library was owned by someone I haven’t heard of in a very long time. I sat in one of the chairs and thought I was alone, until I felt a bunch of books being tossed my way.

“Whoa! Can’t I ever get a moments of peace?!” I shout out and look up to find Jack preparing to through another book behind him.

“Whoops, sorry.” Jack says and stops what he was doing.

“Jack what are you doing here?” I ask the younger Guardian, who destroyed my library, but I wasn’t going to complain... yet.

“I was looking for a book.”

I pick up a book off of the floor and put it back on it's shelf, “Yes I could see that, may I ask why?” I ask.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” He answers, putting the book he had in his hand back on the shelf.

Taking a seat, I reply “Ah, come on Jack, tell me.”

Jack Frost’s Point of View

I decided to tell him everything, I mean if I was to get some answers, I might as well tell someone what I have found. I told him about Raina telling the children about my story, and how I found her secret place, her staff, and how she doesn’t have a clue about her past. When I finished I look at Santa and saw that his face was filled with interest and shock.

“It cannot be.” Santa says and gets up and starts going through his books.

“What?” I ask curious on what he was talking about.

Santa ignores me and continues to look through the book shelf, until he found the book he was looking for. He flips through the pages and I watch him with more curiosity, until he came to the page he was looking for.

“The staff did it look like this?” He asks pointing at a picture of a staff that looked just like Raina’s, except there was a snowflake at the top.

“Yeah... except it's missing the snowflake on top. Santa who’s staff is that?” I ask thinking that Raina wasn’t telling the truth and that she had stolen it.

Rubbing his eyes, he answers “That belonged to the very first Guardian.”

Curious to know more of the history of the Guardians, I ask “Who was the first Guardian?”

“The first Guardian Jack was Mother Nature.” He answers.

“I thought that she was just a myth.” I say, shocked that one of the most legendary figures in the world is real, and then I realized just how stupid I just sounded.

“No Jack, she was very real, until she went missing.”

“What happened to her?” I ask wondering if this story might relate to Raina’s story.

“It was during the Dark Ages when Pitch was still believed in, he ruled the darkness and spread fear amongst everyone, but at the time Mother Nature was the only one who fought him. It was the eve of when, Tooth, Bunny, Sandy and I were chosen as Guardians was the last time Mother Nature was last seen. All we know is that she fought Pitch before we could and Pitch defeated her, and no one has seen her or the staff since then.” North tells the story and I felt a bit of sad at hearing what had happened. “But if this Raina has the staff, then maybe just maybe she is Mother Nature. I would like you to convince Raina to come to the North Pole so I can have her do some tests to see if she is Mother Nature.”

“Alright I’ll try to convince her, but she’s stubborn and so I’m not sure if she will agree to this.”

"Jack, compared to how you were last year, she may be a piece of cake. But take this with you and show it to her, it might convince her to come with you.” Santa replies throwing the book we had been looking through.

“Thanks.” I say and fly back to where I know where Raina would be.

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