Mother Nature

Chapter 4

Raina’s Point of View

“You think I’m what?!” I shouted, after hearing Jack telling me what happened when he was in the North Pole.

“I told you not to freak out!” Jack shouts back.

“I was thinking that you would find something like I went sky diving or something and lost my memories because of that, but this... this is just crazy!”

“Come on it’s the most logical reason why you would have that staff and that is Mother Nature’s staff.”

“Oh yeah, prove it.” I say crossing my arms stubbornly.

I know that I was acting a little childish, but when someone comes to you and says 'Oh Raina I think that you're an ancient Guardian that disappeared sometime during the Dark Ages', you tend to freak out and disbelieve it.

“Please just look at this.” He says handing me a book that was about staff’s.

I looked through the book, glancing at the different staff’s, some were used for good purposes while others... not so much. When I got to the page Jack wanted me to see, I was in total shock. The picture of the staff looked exactly like mine in every detail, except for the snow flake on top. I looked at the picture then to my staff and then back at the picture again.

“This is not possible.” I say staring at the picture.

“I know it may be hard to believe, but you could be Mother Nature, you just have to believe.” Jack states and I glance at him.

“Look, I’m thankful for you to go through this trouble to find out any information about me and that you think that I’m this ancient Guardian, but I think you found the wrong person, besides I can’t do any magic.” I say handing the book back to him and feeling like I had enough of this weird day.

“Have you ever tried?” He asks, boy this guy can’t take a hint.

Really wanting him to leave, I answer “No.”

“Well then you should come to the North Pole and do the test’s Santa has prepared for you so you can see if you are Mother Nature or not.” he replies and looking at his eyes that had so much hope in them, I had to give in.

“Fine, but don't get your hopes too high because this could end in failure.” I say.

He holds out his hand for me to take and I could hear him mutter "It won't", and taking that hand of his was a mistake, because he started flying with me, screaming, all the way to the North Pole.

Jack Frost’s Point of View

The next time I go flying with Raina, I hope she won’t be screaming like she has been during the flight to the North Pole. Once we landed, she stood on the ground frozen. I waved my hand in front of her eyes a couple of times until she finally blinked.

“You could have warned me you know!” She scowled at me.

“Well that would have taken the fun away.” I say with a grin.

“Jack you're here.” A voice says and I turn to find Santa and my other fellow Guardians standing in the doorway.

“Bunny.” I say, even though we have come to an understanding, we say only a few words to each other a lot.

“Jack.” Bunny replies looking at his boomerang.

“So you must be Raina, I hope you’ve been brushing your teeth!” Tooth says as she flies towards Raina and begins looking at her teeth.

“Ooo they are shiny!” Tooth says admiring Raina’s teeth, which I noticed made her uncomfortable and I couldn’t help grinning, which I was received with a glare by Raina.

“Tooth let the girl be.” North says and realizing what she was doing, Tooth backed off.

Raina looked at the big four and she looked a bit shocked on the fact that she was actually seeing them in person, which she didn’t do that to me unfortunately. Santa looked at her with a warm smile, Tooth looked like she wanted to look at Raina’s teeth again, bunny looked at her for a moment and then back at his boomerang looking like he wanted to sharpen it, and then there was Sandman who looked like he wanted to say something to her, but unfortunately couldn’t.

“I can’t believe that I’m actually meeting all of you in person.” Raina says a bit dazed.

“Ah well, I don’t think you should actually be so surprised, after all you have been helping keep the children's faith in us alive, which we thank you for it.” North replies and Raina gives him a smile and mouths the words ‘Your Welcome’. “So, Jack tells us that he believes that you are Mother Nature. If that’s true, then we should have you perform some tests to see if you are her.” North says and I notice Raina looking a bit uncomfortable about the subject.

“I don’t know if I can, I mean I don’t know any magic.”

“Well have you ever tried?”


“Well how do you not know if you don’t try? Come on I made the tests not that difficult.” Santa replies trying to reassure her.

Sighing, Raina put on a face to let us know that she was ready.

“Alright let’s get the show on the road.” Raina says and we follow her inside.

Raina’s Point of View

I looked at Santa’s workshop, which was busy, and found it amazing on how everything was run. The yetis worked on the toys, while the elves were trying to help the best they could. I saw an elf plugging in christmas lights, which were around him, and it started to make him spin around and I found myself laughing at that. I admired Santa’s workshop and I began to enjoy myself, an elf came up to me and offered me a cookie and I took it while smiling at him. Then Santa led me to a room where it was more quiet. In the center of the room stood a globe that was glowing and I found myself grinning.

“What so funny?” Jack asks as he saw my reaction.

“I was right about Santa having a globe to know which child still believes in him.” I answer and he laughed at my comment. “What?” I ask.

“You sure do know everything.” He answers grinning and I grin back.

We came to one side of the room where four tables were set up, each having something representing a season. The table that represented spring had seeds, dirt, and water. The summer table had seeds of plants that grow in that season, dirt, water, and somehow there was a ball of light floating in a jar. The fall table had seeds of plants that grew in the fall, dirt, water, and leaves that looked ready to change to a different color. Then there was the the table that represented winter, which just held snow. For some reason I had a nagging feeling that I was forgetting something, when I came close to the winter table, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out why.

“Are you trying to see if I can grow a garden, because if that’s what your implying, then I think we should take these where there is more room to grow the plants.” I say to Santa and was returned with a laugh from Jack.

“No, we just want to see if you can control any of the different seasons, after all Mother Nature controls all four.” North replies as we walked over to the spring table.

“So what am I supposed to?” I ask looking at the tables.

Giving me a hint, North replies “Well during the spring, it’s a time for new life and so you're supposed to see if you can grow plants by using your magic without having to wait for weeks for them to grow.”

“I guess I should get started.” I say and the others gave me some space to get to work.

At the spring table, I began planting the seeds in the dirt and added water, I then began subconsciously hovering my hands over the dirt and I began imagining the plant to grow. Nothing happened. I tried again, still nothing. The third time the most amazing thing happened, the plant began to grow until it grew into a rose. I gasped and looked at the others and found Jack nodding his head to tell me to go on. I then went to the summer table and did the same thing, except nothing grew. Glancing around, I then remembered the ball of light in the jar. I went over to it, removed the lid and the ball of light began floating upwards until I caught it and surprisingly it stayed in my hands.

I walked slowly to the dirt and hovered the light over the plant, the light began to glow stronger and the plant grew into a sunflower and then the light disappear. Moving over to the fall table, I did the same thing like how I did with the other two tables. The plant grew into a ripe pumpkin and I then moved over to the leaves. I stared at it and pictured the leaves changing and they did, they changed into shades of red and yellow. Then I walked over to the winter table. Feeling somehow confident, I hovered my hands over the pile of snow, but nothing happened. I pictured the snow changing into a snowman and still nothing happened. I continued trying until I felt exhausted.

“Well that was unexpected.” I heard Jack say.

“So is she Mother Nature or not?” Bunny asks.

“She certainly can control three of the seasons of nature, but I don’t understand why she can’t control winter.” North replies and I felt a little overwhelmed from the experience, I then looked at Jack who appeared to look a bit disappointed.

“I’m sorry that I’m not who you all were hoping I was.” I say sadly, feeling everyone’s disappointment.

“Don’t be Raina, you certainly have shown to have characteristics of Mother Nature, but it appears that you aren’t her since you can’t control all the seasons.” North says placing a hand on my shoulder.

Tooth replies, “There must be a reason why she can’t control winter.”

“Yes, but what? She can't tell us, because she doesn’t remember anything.” Bunny replies, looking a bit annoyed.

The Guardians began to have a conversation between them and feeling frustrated with everything, I decided to go take a walk and sit outside for a while.

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