Mother Nature

Chapter 5

Jack Frost’s Point of View

“So is she Mother Nature or not?” Bunny asks a little loudly, but that's just how he usually talks when he gets tense.

“She sure does have the ability of Mother Nature, but why can’t she create snow?” Tooth asks and Sandy creates a question mark over his head to show that he too was clueless.

“Everyone settle down, now I’m not sure why she doesn’t have the ability of winter, but my belly’s telling me that she’s something special and we must help guide her.” Santa says and Tooth and Sandy nod in agreement.

“Speaking of which, where is that girl?” Bunny asks noticing what we did not.

Raina was indeed gone and for some reason, it made me nervous.

“Jack can you go find her and see if she’s alright?” Santa asks.

“Sure.” I answer and head off to find Raina.

I checked everywhere and was getting a little frustrated on where she could be until I looked out the window and saw her sitting outside. I decided to sneak up behind her to see if I can scare her, since being mischievous is one of my hobbies.

Raina’s Point of View

I sat outside and looked out at the horizon, wishing that I was back at my hideout. I then started getting the feeling to immediately turn around and when I did I found Jack looking at me in surprise, I’m guessing he was trying to scare me.

“Scaring is rude you know.” I say with a grin at his surprised reaction.

“Aren’t you cold?” He asks, changing the subject, obviously since I ruined his fun.

“Surprisingly, no.”

Sitting beside me, he asks “Why are you out here anyway?”

“You certainly ask a lot of questions.” I point out and he just grins.

“Trust me, if you know me long enough you’ll realize how many questions I do ask, but you still haven’t answered my question.” He states and I just roll my eyes.

“When I feel like I’m not needed, I go off on my own to find a spot to think, if you know me long enough you’ll realize I do that a lot.” I say using some of his words, which made him grin more.

I turn back to look at the horizon and we were quiet for what seemed like forever until he spoke up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still help you figure out who you are.” He says which caught me off guard, I thought that once he was right that I did have powers he would leave me alone, but I guess not.

“I keep having this feeling that I do want to find out, but I also get the feeling that once I do... it will only bring more danger into my life.” I say and I look at him to see if he would laugh at me, but he didn’t.

“I had that feeling too when I lost my memories. So don’t worry, whatever the danger is, we’ll be there to protect you.”

Saying this sarcastically, “Oh yeah? I have a feeling that instead of protecting me, you’ll be sitting on that staff of yours and not do anything to help me.”

With a wink and the same amount of sarcasm “It’s as if she reads my mind.”

“Oh you're trouble aren’t you?”

“Yes I am, and I prefer to be that way.”

Jack was trying to cheer me up and it was working. As if he had an even better way to do it, he jumped up in the air with an 'I got an idea' expression on his face.

“Hey, I’ve found a place a while back that I’m sure you would enjoy!”

I reply, “I’m a little nervous to find out what that place is.”

“Oh come on trust me you’ll love it.” He says holding out his hand.

The last time I flew with him, wasn’t a great experience and I was debating on whether I should go with him or stay here and not take a risk. Finally I decided. I took his hand and we went up in the air. This time it wasn’t as terrifying as last time and I watched everything that was below me. I didn’t know where we were going, but deep down inside, I was excited to find out.

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