Mother Nature

Chapter 6

Raina’s Point of View

We flew far away from the North Pole and went into a woods, that had tell tale signs of autumn. Once down on the ground, I followed Jack into a clearing where a small lake stood waiting for us. I had to admit, it was a pretty sight and I started to feel calmer now that we were somewhere far away from a large amount of people. The moonlight and the fog made the lake mysterious as if it was waiting for us to see what made it so.

“Alright now the fun begins.” Jack says walking over to the lake, making me look at him with suspicion.

Once he was out on the center of the lake, he placed his staff in the water and the lake turned to ice. I won’t admit this to Jack, but the way he made the lake look was breathtaking. There were beautiful patterns the ice made and I couldn’t help but stare in awe when Jack wasn’t looking.

“Do you know how to skate?” Jack asked, bringing me out of my reverie.

“Of course I know how to skate.” I answer and he flies over to me.

“Good, because I don’t really think it’s a good idea if I taught you.” He says sarcastically and then freezes my shoes until they were made to look like skates.

Getting on the ice, “I have to admit that is pretty cool.”

“Is that a compliment that I hear?”

“Don’t get too excited, that may be the last compliment I’ll give you.”

“Ouchh that hurts.” He says, sarcastically placing a hand on his chest.

Rolling my eyes, I reply “Uh huh, sure it does.”

We spent hours skating around and it was the most fun I had in a while. It was also nice being around someone who looks like my age, even if he really isn’t. Then a thought came into my head and I decided to make our time together more interesting. When Jack wasn’t looking, I got a handful of snow and made it into a snowball and hid it behind my back. I threw it at him and at the same time, he threw one at me, mine hit him in the chest and his missed me.

“Ha missed!” I say.

“Oh really.” He says and then throws another one at me and this time it hits me in the face, making me fall on my butt.

“Hey that was uncalled for!” I shout, wiping the snow from my eyes.

When I got up, he was nowhere in sight, and it almost made me nervous, almost.

“Jack where are you?” I ask looking around and was met with silence. “Come on Jack this is not funny!” I shout and still was met with silence.

I kept on turning and glancing around, trying to figure out where he could be. Then I caught a glimpse of a shadow in the darkest part of the woods. It looked like a shadow of a man, which looked somehow familiar. I suddenly felt afraid and was staring at it for who knows how long and I didn’t realize that someone was sneaking up behind me.

“Boo!” Someone shouts right behind me, and I scream and turn around to face Jack.

“Hahaha you should have seen your face!” Jack laughed, I frowned at him and then looked back to the spot where I saw the shadow.

I rubbed my arms, suddenly feeling cold and the fear didn’t leave me. Jack saw this and started to apologize.

“Raina I’m sorry for scaring you.” He says to my surprise, I turn to look back at him to find out that he meant it and then just turned back. “Hey you ok?” He asks looking at me with a worried expression.

“Yeah, it’s just... I thought I saw something. No matter, um I think we should go back.” I answer, putting on a fake smile, and was ready to get out of here.

Jack merely nodded and held out his hand for me to take. I took it, and then we flew back to the North Pole.

Jack Frost’s Point of View

It was funny scaring Raina at first, until I noticed how nervous she was. I thought it was because what I did, but when she said that she thought she saw something, my guilt eased a little. I didn’t want to go back, but looking at her, I realized that she really wanted to get out of here. I held out my hand and we flew back to the North Pole. She was silent the rest of the way and when we got there, she looked like she was going to pass out. Santa prepared a room for her to sleep in while we were out, and she instantly fell asleep once she was in the bed. I laid her staff against the wall next to her bed and left.

“So what had gotten her all shooken up?” Santa asks once I was outside her room.

“I don’t know. I scared her and I thought that she was freaking out because of that, but then she kept on looking behind her like there was something out to get her.” I answer and Santa just strokes his beard.

“Hmm well I’m sure we’ll find out tomorrow, good night Jack.” Santa replies, not wanting to stay on the topic for the rest of the night, and he headed off to bed.

“Good night.” I reply and walked around not caring where I was going.

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