Mother Nature

Chapter 7

Raina’s Point of View

That night I kept on tossing and turning in the room Santa provided me, and my body was feeling like it was on fire. I was having a nightmare that I’ve been having for as long as I could remember. As usual, I see myself at an edge of a chasm and someone coming towards me. However this person is always in a blur, but I could always hear him speaking to me.

“Going somewhere?” The person would ask.

“Stay back!” I would always shout.

“Oh dear me, look who’s trying to be brave.” The person would taunt me, which would send chills down my spine.

“You won’t win!” I would say, looking down at the chasm behind me to see if there was any way I could escape.

“Oh that’s where your wrong, I will win and I will get rid of these new so called heroes, but first, I will get rid of you.” The person says before picking me up by the throat and then he would say something, but I couldn’t hear it because by that time, I would be falling down the chasm.

I would then wake up feeling light headed and sweaty. No matter how used to them I was, it seems as if I would never be less afraid. Waking up, I almost forgot that I was in Santa’s workshop instead of being back in my bed in the middle of my tree. I got up, picked up my staff, and walked out. I came out, walked down the hallway to find out where everyone was. I kept walking until I found a sitting area and accidentally walked in on a quiet discussion the Guardians were having amongst themselves. Without them noticing, I silently started walking away, but was stopped when I heard someone calling my name.

“Ah Raina you're finally awake, we were just talking about you.” Santa says, and I started walking back towards them.

“Seems like you’ve been doing that a lot.” I reply.

“Well we were talking about what happened last night, do you want to talk about it?” Santa asks and I shook my head.

“You know talking about what’s troubling you helps.” Tooth says.

“Look guys whatever I saw last night was nothing. It was probably just my imagination, there’s no need to worry about me.” I reply, shrugging my shoulders trying to do my best at making them not worried about me.

“On the contrary, after you went to sleep, we heard you shouting in your sleep, definitely kept me up all night.” Bunny says tiredly and Sandman nods in agreement.

Annoyed with this conversation, I reply “Look it was just a nightmare... no big deal.”

“Well if it’s not a big deal, then I guess do you want to tell us about it?” This time it was Jack.

With these older Guardians asking me the questions, I almost forgotten about Jack. Seeing their expressions, I decide to give in.

“Fine, it seems that no matter what answer I give you, you guys won’t take no for an answer.” I say sitting down on a couch and they came closer to hear about my nightmare.

I told them about my nightmare and most of them all had shocked expressions, which made me confused. The only person who looked like the dream doesn’t have a meaning was Jack.

“What?” I ask the older Guardians and they all look at each other for a moment and then looked back at me.

“What you just described, the person coming after you sounds a lot like Pitch during the Dark Ages.” Santa says slowly.

I looked at him with a confused expression and was about to ask him what he meant, but someone beat me to it.

“Wait hold on... are you saying that she was there during the Dark Ages?” Jack asks my question.

“We’re not sure, but it does sound like it was when Pitch was fighting Mother Nature before we got there, after all the whole 'I will get rid of these new heroes' sounds like he meant us when Manny had chosen us as Guardians.” Santa answers.

“That doesn’t prove that I’m Mother Nature, does it?” I ask, looking at everybody hoping that this couldn’t be just a coincidence.

“Well let’s see, you have a staff that looks like Mother Nature’s staff, you control spring, summer, and fall, and you’ve been having nightmare’s or I’m starting to think memories about something that happened a thousand years ago! Oh and let's not forget that you created your own hidden world that only you or a mystical being can enter.” Bunny says a little bit in a rude manner.

“Bunny.” Santa says in a warning tone.

“What? Why can’t I say what everyone is thinking?” Bunny asks annoyed.

“He’s right. This can't be a coincidence.” Tooth agrees, and I started to feel a little freaked out by Sandy, because he kept on looking at me as if he knew something I didn’t.

“Well we can’t just jump to conclusions. We need to figure out all the pieces of this puzzle, which we can and will, because I can feel it in my belly.” Santa says and I was glad that what he said didn’t make me feel more lightheaded.

“Well where are we going to find the answers?” Bunny asks and we all look at Santa for the answer, but it was Tooth who must have picked up what Santa was going to say.

“Oh no Santa, you can’t mean-!” Tooth began before I cut her off.

“Wait, what were you going to suggest?” I ask looking at Santa.

“I was going to suggest that we start our search at the home of Mother Nature.” Santa answers, stroking his beard, and I wondered why Tooth got a bad vibe when it came to this suggestion.

“Santa that place has been abandoned for a thousand years and let's not forget that it was Pitch who destroyed the place.” Bunny states.

“I know, but we’re not going to get answers here or anywhere else in the world.” Santa also states, making the other two Guardians begin to protest, but I beat them to it.

“I’ll go.” I say and everyone looks at me with a startled expression. “If you think that we’ll find answers to all of this, then I’ll go to find out why.” I reply, with stubbornness in my tone and it looked like Jack was going to say something, but then he decided not to.

“Well if that’s what you want to do then, I guess we’re off.” Santa says and walks away into another room and we all followed.

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