Mother Nature

Chapter 8

Jack Frost’s Point of View

After hearing Raina’s nightmare and her wanting to go to the home of Mother Nature, I was a little worried for her. I know it was me who started off thinking that she was Mother Nature herself, but I’m confused about that now. I mean she does something that makes her look like she’s Mother Nature one minute and then the next, she does something that would be completely unlike the ancient guardian. So now we’re going to get some answers on this whole confusion by going to a place that has been abandoned for a thousand years and is in ruins. Just Great.

Raina’s Point of View

I know that I sounded like I didn’t want anything to do with all of this before, but the truth is that I do want to find out who I am. Learning that the person in my nightmares may be Pitch, then I need to know why he keeps appearing and if he was the cause to my memory loss. So now we’re following Santa into another room and then out comes the sleigh.

“Woah.” I say looking at the big thing with amazement.

“Everyone loves the sleigh.” Santa says and we all got on, except for Bunny.

“Come on Bunny, you’ve ridden this thing before.” Jack says with a smirk.

“I know, but I think I’ll just use my own transport.” Bunny replies.

“Uh uh, you're getting in.” Santa says picking Bunny up and putting him on the Sleigh. “Alright everyone hold on tight, it’s going to get bumpy.” He went on and we all took his advice.

We slid down into a tunnel made entirely of ice, which was a pretty fun experience if I might add. Sandman raised his hands up in the air and I decided to do the same. Then we were up in the air and I saw Santa throw a snow globe into the air and then we flew through a portal that the snow globe made. Next thing I knew, we were looking down, what appeared to be a castle, that was in ruins.

“Welcome to the home of Mother Nature.” Santa says.

I could feel the dark force, that destroyed this place, still lingers. Around the castle, trees were bent over, the ground was no more than dust and the air smelled like smoke. Once we landed, we all hopped off the sleigh and cautiously made our way up the steps that led to the front door of the castle. Once inside, I saw the destruction. There was broken statues, pillars, pots and burnt books littering the floor. What once might have a beautiful place was reduced to this.

It sure does seem familiar.′ I thought to myself, crossing my arms due to the sense of de ja vu.

While everyone was looking around, I noticed a door that was open and went in. Once inside, I realized that the room was once a library, but now it too lay in ruins. Bending down, I picked up a charred book. I began to feel hollow inside and didn’t know why I felt like I was about to cry. Then, as if something was calling me, I look up and noticed a pattern on the floor. I moved some of the debris and saw what looked to be a painting of the moon. Moving some more debris, I got a clear picture of the moon shining on a girl.

“That’s during the time when Manny chose Mother Nature as a Guardian.” Santa says behind me.

“It feels as if there was a lot more to that during this.” I say standing up and wiping the dust on my pants.

“Yes it does, but it’s hard to know what happened during that time without Mother Nature here to tell us.” Santa replies.

“Do you think that I’m her?” I ask wanting to know someone else’s opinion.

“It’s hard to say, you do have the gift, but I think it’s best we find out, so that way we don’t get our hopes up.” Santa answers.

“Good idea.” I reply.

“So this is where the party is.” A voice says behind us and we turn to find Jack and the others come in the room.

Shaking my head as I tried not to smile at his comment, I noticed something else. Walking over to the spot, I saw a small hole in the ground, wide enough for a staff. Wait a minute. Looking at my staff, I placed it in the hole and a hologram of a globe came into view. I heard the gasps of my friends and was about to touch it, when I saw something coming toward us with incredible speed.

“Everybody duck!” I shout and we all fell to the floor.

Then the thing circled the globe and it disappeared. I quickly picked up my staff and then I could hear evil laughter. The dark thing started looking like a person and then the next thing I know, I was staring at Pitch Black.

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