Chapter 10 Part II

Chapter 10

Part II

Frost's gaze wandered over to the empty desk in front of him. He sighed. Since Jane's death, cases had been piling up, their closure rate steadily in decline. Between himself and Korsak, they had three open cases and two cold cases.

His eyes flitted to the action figure that stood tall at the side of his desk. He'd bought it from Jane during the sale Angela had had for a bargain but he'd gladly pay top dollar for it if only to see Jane and Doctor Isles again standing side by side, squabbling about how much to charge.

Doctor Isles.

Oh god. The two had barely communicated since that day and apart from cases, they had rarely seen each other outside of work. To be honest, he didn't know what to say. He felt guilty for that and the words that had passed between them and whilst he hadn't appreciated the implication her words held, he understood that they had been said in part, because of her own guilt.

Gently, almost reverently, he picked up the figurine placing it in the bin beside him, the reminder too painful. He lay his head on his desk, exhaustion taking over and before he knew it, he was asleep.

Two hours later he woke, neck and shoulders sore from the uncomfortable position he had adopted earlier on. Slowly, he rolled his neck and shoulders to alleviate some of the tension, his eyes falling to his desk having come full circle. There stood the action figure he had only hours ago thrown away. The word DOLL written on a small post-it next to it. He blinked then blinked again. No. It couldn't be. No. He must be imagining things.

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