Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Maura entered her home, having finally gotten rid of Addison who had returned to Los Angeles two days ago unable to sit idle any longer.

Today, she's devoid of feeling anything. It's been five months since Jane's death, three since Doyle's trial had started, and less than three hours since the 'Guilty' verdict had been delivered. Maura hadn't been there to watch the gavel strike, to see Doyle be led away. She didn't have to be. Hearing those words wouldn't have made it any more satisfying but most of all it wouldn't have brought Jane back.

Maura sighed, pushing back her tears before making her way through the empty house. She stopped to grab a glass of wine before heading upstairs to her room. All she wanted to do was sleep. Walking over to her dresser, she put the glass down, a hand going to one ear to take off her earrings as she glanced in the mirror. There, stuck in the middle of it was a post-it. The note simply read:

'I love you.

Marry Me.

Be Mine'.

Feeling a presence behind her, she whirled round, eyes befalling on a tall, lanky figure, with dark raven curls and smoldering chocolate orbs staring back at her.

"Jane," she breathed, hardly wanting to believe it. She blinked once, twice, three times, convinced she was hallucinating. But no matter how many times she did so, the mirage wouldn't go away.

Tentatively, she took a step closer. Then another, then another, till she was merely inches away from the person before her. She reached out hesitantly placing a hand over the chest of her fantasy gasping when she felt the strong heartbeat bringing life to the body before her.

This was no illusion.

This was Jane.

Real, tall and proud Jane.

Her Jane.

"Yes," she whispered, before she was enveloped in a bone crushing embrace. Jane held Maura tighter to her understanding Maura's words. There would be time for questions later. For now, all they wanted was each other.

- The End -

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