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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Maura stood outside Doyle's room, foot tapping anxiously. Jane had entered the room not all of thirty seconds ago and things had been quiet since. She couldn't hear a word being said and frankly, it was a bit unnerving. It always was when Jane put herself on the line. She glanced at Frost who had his computer out, recording every word being said through the transmitter attached underneath the Detective's oxford shirt. Maura was a woman of science. She didn't listen to her gut but ever since Jane had bulldozed her way into her life, she had come to rely more and more on it and right now her gut made her feel a sense of foreboding. Feeling eyes on her, she looked down to see Frost give her a tentative smile before holding out a pair of earphones. The tension in her unfurled slightly and she accepted them with a grateful smile. Attaching herself to the conversation taking place only feet from where she was, the sound of Jane's boots hitting the floor, pacing the room intently was a welcome distraction. Those god-awful boots; she'd never felt so thankful for them till now.

Connors looked at Jane expectantly. "Good work detective, where is it?"

"Here, she said, tossing the book to the agent. "Oh, and I found something else? She said, holding up the photograph." It was a photograph of him, his partner, Wally and Doyle. It was incriminating enough to him, never mind to a jury. "It looks like you're the dirty cop. And you killed your partners and Wally. It's a picture of you."He snatched it out of her hands. He glanced over at Paddy lying helpless in the bed.

"I'll see you in hell you sonofabitch," Doyle sneered.

"Looking forward to it, Paddy." He whirled round, taking Jane by the hair and slamming her into the wall behind while his other hand hand grabbed his gun out of his holster. He grinned sadistically. "God, am I gonna enjoy this," he said, putting more pressure on the hold he had on the Detective.

Maura whimpered. Her heart beat rocketed a thousand beats a minute as she heard the words and the preceding thump that followed. Instinct nearly brought her into the room had it not been for Frost's hand on her arm. His eyes showed compassion. He understood and for the moment, that would have to be enough.

"Umpphff…" Connors stuck the gun more firmly under her chin. He looked into Jane's eyes glittering dangerously. "I will scream," she warned.

"Go ahead," he sneered, "My guy's on the door."

"You're smart, but your fingerprints are all over that thing," she said, indicating to gun.

Connor snarled, confidence oozing. "Well I'm lucky like that detective." He took the safety off, moved it down before positioning it over her heart. "Any last words, Detective?"

"Yeah. You feeling lucky right now?" She asked looking at him. He pushed the gun harder against her and she closed her eyes as he pulled the trigger. There was a resounding click but still, she stood there before him, one eye open. His eyes widened at the realisation of what had just happened. Jane smiled cockily. "No firing pin. I took em out of all the guns. That's not luck. That's just covering my bases," she smirked.

Before he could even reply, the door to the room burst open and filled with cops, Korsak screaming, "hands on your head! Get em up!"

Jane was removing the wire from underneath her shirt when she heard the familiar click of heels. She looked up to see Maura entering the room, her Lieutenant close behind.

Cavanaugh cast a cursory glance over her. "You ok?"

She nodded, willing her heart to stop racing. Thank god she'd taken the pin out. "Yeah, I'm ok."

"Good. Get your ass back to the precinct Rizzoli, and back up to homicide."

"They're done?" she asked surprised.

"They're done." He gave a final nod before exiting the room.

The moment Maura laid eyes on the brunette, she wanted to throw herself into her arms and release the building dam of emotion that had gotten caught in her chest. God, was she glad to see her standing there, straight, tall, confident, as if the events that had taken place were but a mere blip of the job she would so often lay down her life for. They had a lot to talk about but right now was neither the time nor the place. An awkwardness settled over the two women.

Jane fiddled with the wire in her hands before clearing her throat and turning to face her fiancé. "I've got something to show you." Maura nodded, turning to follow her, unaware that the next few moments would affect the rest of her life.

The sudden movement in the corner of her eye from Doyle was enough to make Jane whip round and face her adversary, moving towards Maura in two simple strides to cover her.

It was as if time stood still for the ME.

It was the warehouse all over again but this time with repercussions neither woman could foresee. One moment she was following Jane out of the room, the next she saw a desperate Jane barrelling towards her pushing her down, putting her behind her, panic written all over her beautiful features.

Her peripheral vision caught Doyle moving extraordinarily fast for a man who'd just come out of surgery before pulling out a shiny, black .9mil, finger going to the trigger. In her line of vision, Maura watched Jane's hand go for the gun she didn't have, the echoing 'NO!' that would forever haunt her dreams. Two shots were fired. She watched Jane's body brace for impact, watched the subsequent fall of the detective and the resounding thud that followed.

In that moment before all hell broke loose, before chaos entered the room, Jane thought three things, the first and foremost being, protect Maura. The second was shit, she didn't have her gun with her and the third was that Maura was going to kill her...again. The next thing she knew was that she felt searing pain in her chest before she hit the floor.

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