Chapter 4 - Blame

Chapter 4 - Blame

She whirled round. "How the hell did Doyle get his hands on a gun?" she hissed, "someone was supposed to be watching him! A cop no less!"

"Maura..."Korsak began, looking helplessly at Frost who stood to the side of him, fists clenched. He had no answers.

Barry stepped forward. "IA had their eye on him," he said, a piteous excuse for the resulting pandemonium and mess that had broken out.

"That's no excuse! You both knew that someone within IA was dirty! How could you take that chance?"

"The room was checked. Thoroughly, might I remind you. You. Were. There," he bit out.

"Yes, well, not thoroughly enough given what's just happened."

Standing between the two, Korsak felt like his head was playing ping-pong as they both went for each others throats. There was no one to blame and this was hardly the time to start turning against each other, to have each others' support but they both seemed to have a visceral need to hold someone responsible, to lay culpability on someone's shoulders.

The older Detective went to step in, noticing Frost's jugular working overtime but before he could even open his mouth, Frost went in for the kill shot.

Frost snapped at the implication that he hadn't done his job properly. He'd done his damnedest. Hell, he'd even tried to persuade Jane to not be a part of the foolhardy plan but Jane was stubborn like that.

"I wasn't the one who didn't say anything when Jane said she'd go in there unarmed!" he hissed condemnation rolling in his tone, "I was the one who tried to talk her out of it. Or don't you remember?" he asked, eyes glittering as he stepped dangerously close to the blonde, ignoring the tears, the hurt and the pained expression that flickered across her face, "No, Doctor Isles is right, Doyle's not armed. There's no reason for me to be," he mimicked, "I begged you, pleaded with you cos you're the only one who could get through to her, you were the only one who could change the course of events as they stand now."

He pointed a finger at her, trying his hardest not to shove it into her chest as the fury took hold. "You want to look for someone to blame, look at yourself." Abruptly, he turned on his heel and swept through the doors, leaving only silence in his wake.

Maura blinked furiously to hold on to the tears that threatened to overwhelm. Frost was right. This was her doing; this was her fault. "You should go after him," she whispered.

"What about you?"

"I'm not going anywhere."

I'm staying for Jane.

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