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its bakudeku

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

(Author-Chan) : so i don’t know if this a fanfic site but here’s my story also this is a one-shots

(Deku) *walking not looking were he’s going and bumps into some one and falls down* ow!

(Todo)oh! midoriya are you alright

(Deku)TODOROKI i’m so sorry i wasn’t looking were i was going although i should be the one asking you if-*starts muttering*

(Todo) midoriya your um .. muttering

(Deku)oh i’m sorry again

(Todo) izuku it’s fine i-

(Deku) wait Todoroki what did you call me

(Todo) midoriya ..i ..* leans in closer*

(Deku) [uncomfortable] heheh todoroki wha-

(Todo) * kisses deku*

(Deku) * pushes todo away * what the hell *slap’s todo* luckily that wasn’t my first kiss, todoroki why the hell would you kiss me, you didn’t even ask if i was dating someone!!!

(Todo) well are you ?

(Deku) of course i am dum ass anyone with eye’s can see that me and kacchan are dating!!!

(Todo) well i can be better than bakugo I know I can treat you better Than he can And any boy like you deserves a gentleman Tell me why are we wasting time
On all your wasted cryi’n When you should be with me instead I know I can treat you better Better than he can I’ll stop time for you The second you say you’d like me to I just wanna give you the loving that you’re missing Baby, just to wake up with you Would be everything I need and this could be so different Tell me what you want to do ’Cause I know I can treat you better Than he can

(Author-Chan): i know i know and i’m sorry but i couldn’t help it

(Deku) boy stop quoting treat you better shawn mendes i’m sorry todoroki but i think that we cant be friends anymore i mean kacchan never rely liked you and after this it’s going to be awkward an-

(Todo) well everyone is going to be in a awkward situation a one point in there life so there’s no reason we should stop being friends

(Deku) and i found 100 books filled to the brim with naked picture of me and i don’t even want to know when , where or how you got them , you should be glad i didn’t reported it to the cop’s or all might or my dad!!!

(Author-Chan): in this wold deku’s dad is the most powerful mob boss there is and he has a twin sitters(Himari) that is next in line so deku can be a hero and this gang is a good one so the hero’s don’t mess with them sometimes they help each other out these gang are like anti hero’s they want to do hero stuff but don’t have or want a hero license or want to comet small crimes like robing a convenes store but they can only take half of the money and 5 products but still want to save people but if you betray them they can take your life with out conscious and once your part of the cult i mean gang you cant back out you have to get a mandatory tattoo so yeah a cult

(Todo)[snaps]* pin’s deku to the wall*NO NOW YOUR GOING TO LISTEN TO ME

(mari) *is close by and see every thing * pfft i almost feel bad for him

(Deku) [mad] .... * grab’s todo arm twists it and push him on to the wall then knees todo in the balls then lets go*

(Todo)ugh!!! *falls to the ground in pain*

(Deku) don’t ever come near me again or your dead

(Todo) W-wait *grabs deku leg *

(Deku)*kicks him in the face* DON’T touch me *walk to school and see bakugo* KACCHAN

(Baku) oh hey deku where were you

(Deku) you don’t need to know anyway so i figured out why i haven’t been feeling so well lately

(Baku)what do you have covid-19 stay away from me with your grem

(Deku) what no do you remember last week

(Baku) yeah why ... wait don’t tell me your--

(Deku) yep i’m pregnant

(Author-Chan) : don’t ask me how a boy can get prego i-i don’t know magic ?

(Baku) wait


(Baku) what are we going to tell your dad

(Deku) what are we going to tell your mom

(Both) oh no!


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