All Just For a Scholarship

Deep cut, Deeper dirt.

After Ernest and Melvin made their best Benny Hill impression I have even seen (in other words, ran like the clappers), I found myself contemplating what should be done about Gary, along with his slow climb to power. Ideas popped from the woodworks as I walked back towards my dorm, passing under the library arch.

"Well, the most obvious, if not logical thing to do in my position would be nothing." I figured, my shoulders slipping off other people as I leisurely walked by the rather tense populous. "Then again, if I let these ruffians pummel each other, chances are it won't take long before some unlucky people get roped in." I continued to murmur, completely ignoring Algie's passing greeting. "But if I do join in this scuffle, then more likely than not, my grades are going to suffer." One quip from my cranium warned, "Meaning I'll end up in this hellhole for longer than just one year!"

I reached the junction intertwining the two dorms; suddenly a girl in a leather jacket and tight trousers fit to strangle even the thinnest of legs walked towards me, she then asked, "Are you that limey kid John Daniels?"
Suddenly the voice bolted through my ears and up into my memory bank, it was Lola. Why was she here? And why, of all times, is she talking to me instead of doing something like, say, getting her boyfriend to pull out the fight and call a truce?
I nodded and replied, "Yes, my name's John Daniels, what is it?" Lola then slipped a small folded piece of paper from her gloved hands, handing the note to me, she explained:
"A friend of mine has this note for you, I guess she was too scared to, you know, give it to you in person?" I stared at the paper for a moment, Lola then began to turn away from me and walk off, and ceasing my chance I stopped her.
"Lola, wait! Could I first ask you some questions before you go?" I enquired, Lola sighed and nodded, I then continued, "Did you really go out with Ted while you were still dating your boyfriend?" noticing that I wasn't so sure of her boyfriend's name, I really was new to Bullworth after all!
Lola confessed, "Oh you mean Johnny? Well yes, I did have some time with Ted while Johnny wasn't looking." Without much remorse in her tone that wasn't fake, Mandy and Pinky may not be right with several things, but relating Lola to a woman of ill repute wasn't too far off clearly.
I fired more questions, "So how did Johnny find out?"
Lola's right hand slipped onto her hip, indicating her unease over my persistent questioning before she replied, "Well, I was kissing Ted in my dorm room while Angie was out, it was then that someone took a picture of us and must have shown it to Johnny."
I pondered over the possible suspects briefly, I then dismissed Lola, "Thanks for answering my questions."
Lola walked off in seductive manner before blowing a kiss to me, she may cause wars and act like a succubus, but I wasn't planning to join the list of possible names on Johnny's hit list...if it existed!

I returned my attention to the note Lola gave me, without hesitating to guess who the note maybe from, I unfolded the note and read its contents, and I quote:

"Dear John Daniels,

This is difficult and embarrassing for me to admit it but it's been irritating me to the point of insanity. I'm in love with you, I've always have been since we first met, I've tried to confess to you face to face but I seem to chicken out every time I get the chance. Now I've made my feelings clear, I was wondering if we could go down the town say this weekend, just the two of us, if that's ok with you.

Love Erica x"

You know (I assume) that feeling most love sick teens get when they discover that they are in love, well I hate to seem rather trite but I think I had that feeling, that or Edna's cooking can infect you even if you just smell it!

The sound of a thought clapped as my mind brewed a storm, Erica, if Gary is going to cause chaos in the school for pure spite that would mean everyone is victimised, including Erica. I couldn't let that happen to her, of all people in this school who deserved such a fate, Erica was perhaps the last one on the list, and even I would admit to being much higher than her!

As I returned to my dorm to elaborate on a plan to counter Gary's, a small spat began to brew near on the right of the school.
"How did he do it Petey? How the hell did Gary get everyone to hate me again?" I heard one snarl.
"Uh, I don't know, it's like he got a record on everyone and used it against us. B-but that's impossible because I am the only student who has" a smaller voice squealed, slowing down his words as he realised he had just buried his own grave. As they got louder, I crept closer, noticing Jimmy roaring in fury with a timid head boy curling up to defend himself from his predator.
"You gave him the student records! How the hell could you do that Petey?" Jimmy ranted, his arms flailing around to the point I felt tempted to duck for cover despite being too far from his arm span.
"B-b-but Jimmy, I swear I didn't give Gary the records. He couldn't have got them at all!" Petey testified.
Creeping away from the unfolding drama, I began to develop on Petey's excuse. 'I didn't give Gary the records.' Even when one considers Gary's statement of Petey being frightened of him (which isn't impossible, just hard to believe from a guy who escaped from a local mental asylum!) it seemed very unlikely that Petey would willingly go against both Jimmy's wishes, and the rules of the school (or what's left of them!).
"Hey, Limey snoop on Jimmy!" a large thug bellowed as I paused as my backwards walk bumped oneself to Russell Northrop, as if my day hadn't went to all hell already, he comes Russell to toss me into the nurse's office...again!
"Umm...snooping? Me? No, I was just going round the corner for, umm...a quick smoke!" I mumbled, completely forgetting that Petey, a Head Boy, was just a few feet away from me and the fact that I don't actually smoke at all, genius!
Oddly (or not in another manner of thinking), Russell failed to comprehend my glaring flaws, instead snarling, "Russell hate smoking, Russell smash smokers!"
While one could argue that Russell's statement is somewhat ironic when you remember he leads a clique that consists mostly of smokers, I was a little too busy getting out of harm's way to consider that. Guarding my face from what felt like a hail of boulders, I strafed around Russell to either dodge past, or at least rob the pain of his predictable, though painful arm swinging. Fortunately, such torment was short.
"Russell, stop man!" Jimmy hollered, his pet minion lowering its arms. Jimmy then barked at me, "What the hell were you doing, snooping here?"
His tone grated me to biting back, "You don't have the right to order me around James! I can walk around this school whenever and wherever."
Jimmy dismissed the subject by a wave of his hand, followed by, "Whatever, it's not like you'd understand what's going on anyways."
Again, I felt peeved (seriously, did Jimmy just discover how to annoy me or am I just easy to wind up?) and snapped, "Hey, Gary is as much a problem for me as he is for you!"

At that point, Jimmy retaliated, "No, he isn't. He didn't toy with you into believing he was your friend, he didn't backstab you and attempt to humiliate you in front of the whole school, and I bet he didn't talk about how you have something to do with barnyard animals!"
While the latter most certainly moulded a grimace of sheer confusion on my face (come on, could you blame me?), Jimmy clearly had reasons to hate Gary, I guess the deepest scars are the kind you cannot see!
"Anyway, I am going to deal with Gary once and for all, I swear on it!" Jimmy hissed, punching his left hand into his right.

Just then, a certain Russian girl announced, "I doubt you will." I turned to see Adriana, wearing a prefect blazer, on it a gold badge inscribed, "Head Girl" was visible on the lapel.
Jimmy's face was slapped by confusion, "What do you mean Adriana? And what's with the blazer?"
Adriana walked over to us, a small smirk coming from her, "As head girl, I have been told that you are not only excluded for conspiring to bring anarchy to the prestigious halls of Bullworth, but thanks to your mental belief of being "King of the School", Dr. Crabblesnitch has decided that it is best that you are sentenced to Happy Volts until it is seen that you are mentally fit."
A shockwave of, well, shock clapped from Adriana and spread to Jimmy, myself, Petey and even Russell, who instinctively approached Adriana, "You evil girl, you make Jimmy go? Russell Smash!"
Adriana raised her hand as if to hold Russell's raising hammer fists, "As for you Russell, after numerous reports about your escapades with the police last year, Dr. Crabblesnitch has decided that you will do better behind bars, as of now, you too are no longer a pupil of Bullworth Academy!"
Russell's eyes widened, his very habitat was torn away from him, it was like a zoo transfer...from Hell to Hell's prison! Russell lowered his arms and trudged into the boy's dorm, possibly to pack his bags for prison. Adriana's smile widened as she then approached Petey.
"As for you, 'Head Boy', your pathetic excuse of authority and relations to the deviants and the insane has not gone unnoticed; from now are no longer a Head Boy!" She hissed, her fangs brandishing wider towards the quivering mouse of the now, Ex-Head Boy, Pete Kowalski.
Adriana's serpent stare returned to Jimmy, "You have three hours to pack your bags, I hope you enjoy your 'stay' at Happy Volts!" she walked off, resisting the temptation to laugh at the expense of three broken souls, with one schmuck standing beside them.

Jimmy began to steam up like a bull, kicking the dirt behind him with his feet. "Petey, get Russell, because I want to beat that bitch to hell!" he roared, Petey constricting his movement with little avail, the two began arguing with each other as I retreated to the boy's dorm.

Great, the Greasers and Jocks are wanting to throttle each other over Lola and who she went to bed with (metaphorically, though it would make just as much sense literally), Earnest and Melvin are about to be expelled, Jimmy and Russell ARE expelled and face an eternity in a mental asylum and prison respectively, Petey has lost his title as Head Boy, Adriana is now the new psycho Head Girl and to put the cherry on top, Garry is planning to burn the school to the ground (figuratively or literally, you take your pick!)!
Trudging towards my dorm, I spotted Derby blocking my path with Bif and, oh goody for me, Chad. Derby glared at me as if he presumed that staring at me hard enough would cause me to melt or something, Bif was cracking his knuckles and basically saying, with as much subtlety as a train wreck, "I'm going to pound you to the ground" and Chad was resting a wooden baseball bat on his shoulder, perhaps he had plans on pitching a homerun with my head, wouldn't surprise me with the beating I gave him earlier today!
Derby snarled, "We want a word with you pauper. And I am going to have your knees on the ground or your arse on an infirmary bed!"

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