All Just For a Scholarship

Terror on 34th Street

I breathed out slowly to relax myself and conversed with Derby, "Ok Harrington, you have my attention, now what do you want, and why should I be in this?"
Derby grinned before opening his hand to me and answering, "Daniels, I'm going to run for class president, and I decided that I need a man in the background shall we say to, pull some strings!"
I listened to Derby's request, I bluntly asked, "What's wrong with Bif? I'm sure he has more than enough muscle to push back any saboteurs."
Derby's glare sharpened, "That is the problem, you see while I have no disrespect for Bif and his capacity to make even the Jocks retreat, I am afraid such methods would harm my credibility more than maintain them."
He then circled around me, as my gaze fixed on the snobby American, his comrades compressed around me, Don Harrington was not going to allow me to retire without the horse's head on my bed it seemed.
I grew frustrated and barked, "Then what do you want, a host for your tea party?"
Derby advanced with his hand bracing to slap me, he the retracted his hand, as if just realising his target, he cleared his throat, "The reason you are needed Daniels, is that I need someone smart to err...provide evidence for my care among the paupers and...Intellectually aid me."
I snorted while folding my arms with a chuckle under my breath, "You need me to think for you? Wow that has to be the first time someone confessed to being an idiot!"
Derby emits a small snarl as Bif's talons buried itself into the nerves in my left shoulder, wriggling away in a bid to make me flinch. I tried tensing the nerve to battle against it, but the sudden smug face that spread across Derby's head proved my efforts were in vain.
"Look pauper, I'm fed up with this nice crap I'm giving you" Derby hissed, a young kid adjacent to myself and the rich boy mob scuffled out the door as he done so. "You are going to help me win the school presidency election on Boxing Day or so help me; my father will sue your father enough to bankrupt the whole of England!"
While I felt tempted to inform him that wouldn't take much due to the economical climate, but why feed the fire of preppie supremacy?
"Alright, I'll help you." I stated, the lynching preps retracting, guess my signature got on the contract over my brains then. "So what do you want me to do then?"
"Well, Daniels" Harrington began, his head hovering to my eye level as opposed to Bif's, "the president debate is to begin next week during the Christmas school dance, I need you to-"
"Write your notes for you? Sorry, I don't do dummy cards!" I hissed with an attitude worthy of a job as a disgruntled fast food employee.
"Derby dismissed my statement, briefly pausing to reinterpret his command "-spin something in my favour, or better still, against Adriana!"
"You want me to spread some dirt about Adriana? The Head Girl of the school? The girl who was as close to getting me booted out as you are to incest? Fine then. I'll do it." I confirmed, Derby clicked his fingers as his pack walked out of the dorm, Derby initially pursued, only to hesitate, saying "If I fail the election, I'll make you suffer Daniels...remember that." the prep then vanished.

Retreating back to my bed, I collapsed, my entire body paralysed by the haunting future of Bullworth. The nadir of soon to be Bullworth history lurked over me like a foul reek, it lingered like a puppeteer's hand over me, waiting to jerk me back to life and drag me through purgatory. The tinsel ropes curled round-
Wait, tinsel? You have got to be kidding me, it's December? How did THAT happen? America must have a screwed up timescale or something because it doesn't even feel like a week passed I thought to myself as I threw myself up from the bed.
Algie waddled into the room, bearing a Santa hat on his head and mittens in his hands, "Hey Daniels, it's nearly Christmas!" he greeted with a wave that probably spawned from some obscure American Sci-Fi flick.
I raised my hand in return, greeting him with a simple hello. As Algie passed, I then noticed a rip behind Algie trousers; it seems he has yet to receive compassion this term, poor fellow.

After several snowballs bounced (that's right, bounced) off the window, I grew bored and walked outside, armed with a duffle coat fresh from my packing back home...with my family.
Christmas time darkened my path, as I sauntered back at the beach where I met Gary, hoping that it was a onetime occasion.
Whoever told me Christmas was the time for miracles was a lying asshole!
"Ahh Daniels, good to see you returned." Scarface announced as he approached me, his apparel barely changing from the times, was Happy Volts that hard up?
I coldly replied "What is it Gary? Haven't you got a school to torture? Or has ridding Jimmy made that a regretful action?"
Gary guffawed with compressed joy, straining to mutter "Ji-james? Him? O-ho-ho-ho, you crack me up Daniels, why would I give a shit about James? With him in Happy Volts, Russell in jail and Petey regressing back to the Femme boy his is, the school's mine for the taking!"
I rebutted, "Wait a minute, how does all that make you ample to taking the school? I mean, Adriana is a smart girl, evil yes but still smart, she wouldn't let you take the school with her in the highest power you know."
Gary's grin grew, gobbling the entirety of his face, "On the contrary" he chuckled, "played chess before Daniels? Because all you talked about was a pawn...getting a promotion for travelling across the board."
My eyes widened, Adriana was comrades with Gary? This couldn't be happening, I turned away and ran from Gary, his hysteric "ha ha"s echoing through my nightmare as I ran, panic guided me from the sand buried under snow, the poorly gritted streets up to the light.

As a horn hollered, citizens screeched with the wheels following suit, my body collapsed as the car struck me down, my head dented off the road, my cranium numbed, slowly...the street lamp's amber glaze flickered, it's light dying away...fading away...blacking out.


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